Undergraduate Marketing and Logistics Programs

The Marketing and Logistics Department offers two majors in the Undergraduate Program – one in Marketing and the second in Logistics. Currently, both the Marketing and the Logistics Majors are two of the most sought after at Fisher. Both majors have also been ranked in the top twenty in the country consistently.

U.S. News and World Report Rankings, 2016
3rd - Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Marketing Major

An Undergraduate student majoring in Marketing will have to complete four required courses. The courses are:

  • BUS M & L 4201: Consumer Behavior
  • BUS M & L 4202: Marketing Research
  • BUS M & L 4203: Marketing Strategy
  • BUS M & L 4204: Marketing Projects

In addition, students will complete four electives from a set of varied offerings covering the areas of distribution, services, global marketing, and retailing.

  • BUS M & L 4210: Advanced Marketing Research 
  • BUS M & L 4211: Marketing Analysis & Forecasting 
  • BUS M & L 4212: Customer Relationship Management
  • BUS M & L 4220: Sales Management
  • BUS M & L 4221: Professional Selling
  • BUS M & L 4222: Service Marketing
  • BUS M & L 4230: Advertising Management
  • BUS M & L 4231: Promotional Strategy 
  • BUS M & L 4232: Digital Marketing
  • BUS M & L 4240: New Product Management
  • BUS M & L 4241: Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • BUS M & L 4251: Retail Management
  • BUS M & L 4252: Social Marketing & Public Policy
  • BUS M & L 4253: Global Marketing
  • BUS M & L 4383: Supply Chain Management

Marketing Major Concentrations

Through collaboration between faculty, alumni, and industry leaders, the Marketing department has created four tracks within the Marketing major: Research Analyst, Client Management, Marketing Communications Specialist, and Marketing Innovation Specialist. Students pursing one of the four tracks are expected to have more intellectual experience in their respective areas of interest and be more competitive job seekers.

While pursuing a track is optional, it is highly recommended. Students choosing to pursue a track will have the same degree and major credit hour requirements as students not pursuing a track. 

  Research Analyst
   Marketing Electives
  • Advanced Marketing Research
  • Market Analysis & Forecasting
  • Customer Relationship Management

Suggested Free Electives & GECs: Intro to Mathematical Statistics I & II (STAT 4201 & 4202), Data Analysis I & II (STAT 5301 & 5302), Survey Research (STAT 5510). A minor in Statistics is also strongly suggested. 

 Client Management
   Marketing Electives
  • Sales Management
  • Professional Selling
  • Services Marketing
  • Retail Management

Suggested Free Electives & GECs:  General Psychology (PSYCH 1100), Social Psychology (PSYCH 2367) Persuasion (COMM 3628), Communications & Conflict Management (COMM 3330), Conflict & Negotiations (BUSMHR 4220), Supply Chain Management (BUSML 4383), Purchasing Strategy (BUSMGT 4262)

 Marketing Communications
   Marketing Electives
  • Advertising Management
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

Suggested Free Electives & GECs:  General Psychology (PSYCH 1100), Social Psychology (Psych 2367) Persuasion (COMM 3628), Media Planning (COMM 3345), Public Relations (COMM 4337), Crisis Communication (COMM 3333)

 Product Development
   Marketing Electives
  • New Product Management
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Market Analysis

Suggested Free Electives & GECs:  Current Economic Issues in the US (ECON 2367.02), Entrepreneurship (BUSMHR 2500), New Venture Creation (BUSMHR 3510.01), Entrepreneurial Finance (BUSFIN 4215), Leading High Performance Ventures (BUSMHR 3250). Students in this track are urged to pursue the Entrepreneurship Minor 

Logistics Management Major

Students intending to major in Logistics Management should complete four required courses. These courses are:

  • M & L 4380: Advanced Logistics Management
  • M & L 5381: Transportation Management
  • M & L 4382: Logistics Analytics
  • M & L 4383: Supply Chain Management 

In addition, 6 electives credits are required and will be chosen from a diverse set of electives offered by the department.

  • M & L 4384: Supply Chain Management Tools
  • M & L 4385: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • M & L 4386: Logistics Technology and Application
  • M & L 4387: Lean Logistics
  • M & L 4388: Warehouse Operations
  • M & L 5389: Logistics Decision Making
  • M & L 4201: Consumer Behavior*
  • BUSFIN 4210: Corporate Finance*
  • ACCTMIS 3300: Cost Accounting*
  • BUSMHR 4221: Concepts and Competencies for Managing People*
  • BUSMGT 4232: Operations Planning & Control*

no more than 3 hours may come from courses marked with an *

Students intending to dual major in Marketing and Logistics will be able to count a few of the elective courses in Marketing toward a major in Logistics and vice-versa. Please see you academic counselor for information on this issue.

For more information on Undergraduate Programs at Fisher, please visit fisher.osu.edu/undergraduate.