D. Terry Paul

Professor Paul was born May 18, 1943, and he is now married with one child.

Terry Paul won the Marketing Professor of the Year award in 2001, 2005, and 2009, based on voting by undergraduate students in the Fisher College of Business.

He received an Undergraduate Program Teaching Award from Fisher College of Business in 2010.

Professor Paul has published articles in the Journal of Health Care Marketing, the Journal of Hospital Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Education. He has presented papers and chaired sessions at several professional meetings and has co-authored A Primer in Economics with Belton Fleisher and Kenneth Kopecky. In addition to reviewing manuscripts for publishing houses such as Prentice-Hall and McGraw-Hill, He has served as book review editor and marketing abstracts editor for the Journal of Health Care Marketing.

Areas of expertise

  • Marketing of health care services
  • Retailing
  • Qualitative Marketing Research


  • DA, The Ohio State University
  • MA, The Ohio State University
  • MBA, University of Cincinnati
  • BA, University of Cincinnati

Publications in Refereed Journals

  • "Misconceptions and Recommendations Re Hospital Advertising," Journal of Health Care Marketing, p. 2 4, Vol. 9 4 (1989).
  • "Industrial Marketing Perspectives for Health Care Providers," Journal of Hospital Marketing, p. 49 60, Vol. 8 1 (1988)
  • "Relationship Marketing for Health Services Providers," in the Journal of Health Care Marketing, p. 20 25, Vol. 7 4, (1988).
  • "Emerging Employee Health Care Concerns," in the Journal of Health Care Marketing, p. 2 6, Vol. 6 3, (1987).
  • "The Retailing of Health Care," with John Wong, in the Journal of Health Care Marketing, p. 33 44, Vol. 4 1, (1984).
  • "A New Exam Policy for Large Lecture Courses: The Win-Win Solution," p. 49 50 in the Journal of Marketing Education, Spring 1983.

Papers and Participation in Proceedings

  • “Mass Marketing: the Challenges of Teaching Marketing Megasections,” The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Proceedings, May 2007. Chaired the conference section in which my own paper was included.
  • "Issues in Health Care Marketing," invited panelist at 1987 Annual Conference of Academy of Marketing Science.
  • Chair for Session "Research in Progress: Services Potpourri" at 1987 Annual Conference of Academy of Marketing Science.
  • "Emerging Health Care Consumer Concerns" presented at the 1985 Atlantic Marketing Association Annual Conference and published in Proceedings.
  • "The Image of Pharmaceutical Representatives as Perceived By Physicians. Some Implications for Missionary Selling," with John Wong. Presented at the Southern Marketing Association Annual Conference, 1983 and published in Proceedings.
  • "The Research-Thought-Practice Triangle: The Case of Health Care Marketing," with John Wong, presented at 1983 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference.
  • "Health Care Marketing As Perceived By Psychiatric Hospital Administrators: A Field Study," with John Wong, presented at 1983 Health Care Services Conferences sponsored by the Association for Consumer Research and published in Proceedings.
  • "The Channels of Distribution of Non-Institutional Health Care Services for Elderly Consumers," with John Wong, in Advances in Health Care Research, 1982 Proceedings of the conference sponsored by the Association for Consumer Research.

Under Review

  • “The Marketing of MKTG (Case Study),” under consideration by Cengage and Harvard Business School Publishing.

Other Publications

  • "Building Marketing Effectiveness in Health Care" (editor), Proceedings Series of American Marketing Association, 1985.
  • "Texas and Iowa Demonstrate Range and State of Health Care Marketing in the United States," in Marketing News, December 9, 1983.
  • A Primer in Economics, with Belton Fleisher and Kenneth Kopecky, 1976, Glencoe Press.
  • Author of Teacher's Manual to accompany A Primer in Economics, 1976, Glencoe Press.

Book Reviews - All published in the Journal of Health Care Marketing

  • "Marketing in Small and Rural Hospitals," Carolyn C. Roberts and Eugene C. Beck (Fall, 1989).
  • "The Practical Handbook and Guide to Focus Group Research," Thomas L. Greenbaum, Summer 1989.
  • "A Preface to Marketing Management," J. Paul Peter and James H. Donnelly, Summer 1988.
  • "Health Care Consumers- A Handbook of Trends, Techniques, and Information Sources for Health Care Executives," Peter Franease and Brad Edmondson, Winter 1988.
  • "Marketing for Health Care Organizations," Philip Kotler and Roberta Clarke, Summer 1987.
  • "Marketing Strategies for Physicians - A Guide to Practice Growth," Stephen W. Brown and Andrew P. Morley, Spring 1987.
  • "Practice Enhancement - The Physician's Guide to Success in Private Practice," Greg N. Korneluk, Spring 1987.
  • "Hospital Marketing," Jennifer Conaway (editor), Winter 1987.
  • "Is Prevention Better Than Cure?" Louise B. Russell, Fall 1986.
  • "Corporate Health Management," Jonathan Fielding, Spring 1986.
  • "Health Care Marketing Plans: From Strategy to Action," Stephen G. Hillestad and Eric N. Berkowitz, Winter 1986.
  • HMO Development: Patterns of Prospects -- A Comparative Analyses of HMOs -- Odin Anderson, et al, Fall 1985.
  • "Service Marketing," Christopher Lovelock, Prentice-Hall, Summer 1985.
  • "Health Care Cost Management-Private Sector Initiatives," Peter D. Fox, et al, Health Administration Press, Spring 1985.
  • "The Painful Prescription: Rationing Hospital Care," Henry J. Arron and William B. Schwartz, Fall 1984.
  • "Market Reforms in Health Care," Jack A. Meyer (editor), American Enterprise Institute, Summer 1984.
  • "The Economics and Politics of Health," Rita Ricardo-Campbell, University of North Carolina Press, Spring 1984.
  • "The Social Transformation of American Medicine," Paul Starr, Basic Books, Winter 1984.
  • "Entrepreneurial Trends in Health Care Delivery," Federal Trade Commission report prepared by the Institute for Health Policy Studies of the University of California, Fall 1983.


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    Department of Marketing & Logistics
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