Mike Tanner

Mike Tanner is a senior lecturer in the Department of Management Sciences. He teaches undergraduate operations classes that include Introduction to Operations as well as Process Improvement for Operations. In addition, he has been teaching graduate-level Management of Lean Enterprise classes and operations management sessions in Fisher’s Executive Education program.

Tanner spent 35 years in operations management in a variety of roles, including 16 years at Rockwell International, where he started as a production supervisor and moved through a variety of positions to eventually lead its largest automotive division facility as a plant manager. Tanner then moved to TI Automotive as a multiple plant manager before taking responsibility for all thirteen fabrication plants of the brake and fuel division in North America. During this time he went through extensive training in lean tools and traveled internationally teaching lean within his organization.

While at TI, two of his plants were honored with the Shingo Prize, an award given annually to facilities that excel in continuous improvement.

After leaving TI, Tanner worked for MetoKote Corp. as a general manager with responsibility for the company’s 10 northern North American operations. During this time, he led the launch of a continuous improvement program throughout North America.

Areas of Expertise

  • Turnaround of Manufacturing operations for quality and productivity
  • Implementation of Lean tools in an Operation
  • Training of Operations Managers


  • MA, The Ohio State University College of Business
  • BS, The Ohio State University

3230 - Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in Organizations

Effective operations and supply chain management contributes to the competitiveness and survival of an organization.  This course helps students to understand how concepts, principles, and techniques from operations and supply chain management can be leveraged to analyze, control, and improve critical processes responsible for efficiently making and delivering goods and services to the right customer, at the right cost, in the right quantity, with the right quality, and at the right place and right time (i.e., RIGHT6).  These critical processes reside in manufacturing, as well as service, organizations; these critical processes are evident in for-profit, as well as non-profit, organizations.  Students are introduced to key operational and supply chain challenges having strategic and tactical implications, as well as various conceptual aids and quantitative techniques to cope with these challenges.  While quantitative techniques are discussed, the focus is on using these techniques to help make informed decisions to overcome operational and supply chain challenges.

7233 - Global Sourcing I: Organizing for Effective Global Sourcing

Focus on major decisions related to Global Sourcing. Discuss ownership and location, then study fundamental trade-offs in sourcing, including whether a buyer should employ relational or transactional arrangements with suppliers and vendors.


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