Aravind Chandrasekaran

Aravind Chandrasekaran is an associate professor in the Department of Management Sciences. He came to Fisher in 2009 after earning his PhD in business administration from the University of Minnesota. His research investigates innovation, learning and knowledge creation issues, with particular attention given to understanding how organizations manage the productivity dilemma and minimize tensions between competing learning mechanisms. Dr. Chandrasekaran teaches the MBA core operations management course for both the full-time and working professional students at Fisher along with an MBA elective on operations and technology strategy.

Dr. Chandrasekaran’s award-winning research spans areas including high-tech R&D, manufacturing and health-care delivery. His work has been published, or is forthcoming, in Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management (POMS), Decision Sciences and the International Journal of Production Research.

In terms of service, Dr. Chandrasekaran has served as the track chair for innovation and knowledge creation tracks in 2013 POMS and 2011 & 2014 Decision Sciences Institute annual meetings. In 2013, he designed and developed a new track on learning and knowledge management with Michael Lapre at the 2013 annual POMS meeting. He serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management, IEEE Transactions for Engineering and Management and is an ad-hoc reviewer for Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Management Science, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Journal of Marketing, and the Academy of Management journal. He also has presented his research with several organizations including 3M, Motorola, Medtronic, Cleveland Clinic, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and University of California-Irvine Hospitals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Product and process innovation
  • Managing exploration a exploitation tensions and ambidexterity
  • Knowledge management
  • Learning issues in health-care delivery
  • Multilevel issues in operations management


  • PhD in Business Administration, University of Minnesota
  • MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Minnesota
  • BS, College of Engineering, Anna University India


  • Pace Setters Research Award (2015)
  • Carol J. Latta Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar (awarded by DSI), 2013
  • Winner of INFORMS – ISA Best Paper Award, 2013
  • Daniel Westerbeck Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, 2013      
  • Chan-Hahn Best Paper Award Finalist, 2013
  • Outstanding Reviewer for Decision Sciences Journal, 2012
  • Outstanding Core Professor in WPMBA Program, 2012


MBA 6231 - Operations Management I

How the operations function contributes to ensuring effective and efficient flow of materials and information within and outside the organization.

MBA 6232 - Operations Management II

How the operations function contributes to ensuring effective and efficient flow of materials and information within and outside the organization. Continuation of 6231.

7251 - Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

Strategic management of operations is viewed by organizations as a means of building a competitive edge. Focus on how a well-defined operations strategy leads to a set of decisions regarding operations resulting in improved financial performance.

Published Articles

  • Mishra, A., Chandrasekaran A., MacCormack, A., 2015. Collaboration in Multi-Partner R&D Projects: The Impact of Partnering Scale and Scope.  Journal of Operations Management 33-34, 1-14. Lead Article
  • Chandrasekaran, A., Linderman, K., Schroeder, R.G.2015. The Role of Project and Organizational Context in Managing High-Tech R&D Projects. Production and Operations Management 24(4)560-586
  • Chandrasekaran, A., Linderman, K., 2015. Managing Knowledge Creation in High-Tech R&D Projects: A Multi-method Study. Decision Sciences 46(2), 267-300.
  • F. Salvador, A. Chandrasekaran, and T. Sohail, "Product Configuration, Ambidexterity and Firm Performance in the Context of Industrial Equipment Manufacturing," Journal of Operations Management 32, no. 4 (2014): 138-153.
  • K. Boyer, A. Chandrasekaran, and J. Gray, "R&D and Manufacturing: Where Do They Belong in Young Organization?," National Center for the Middle Market (2013)
  • M. Gadkari, A. Chandrasekaran, "The Emergency Department (ED) at the Burton Group of Hospitals - Application of Lean and Value Stream Mapping," Operations Management Education Review 6 (2012): 59-78. 
  • A. Chandrasekaran, C. Senot, K. Boyer, "Process Management Impact on Clinical and Experiential Quality: Managing Tensions Between Safe and Patient-Centered Healthcare," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 14, no. 4 (2012): 548-566.
  • A. Chandrasekaran and A. Mishra, "Task Design, Team Context and Psychological Safety: An Empirical Analysis of R&D Projects in High Technology Organizations," Production and Operations Management 21, no. 6 (2012): 977-996.
  • A. Chandrasekaran, K. Linderman, and R.G. Schroeder, "Antecedents to Ambidexterity Competency in High-Technology Organizations," Journal of Operations Management 30, nos. 1-2 (2012): 134-151.
  • K. Linderman, and A. Chandrasekaran, "The Scholarly Exchange of Knowledge in Operations Management," Journal of Operations Management28, no. 4 (2010): 357-366. 
  • R. Shah, A. Chandrasekaran, and K. Linderman, "In Pursuit of Implementation Patterns: The Context of Lean and Six Sigma," International Journal of Production Research 46, no. 23 (2008): 6679-6699.


  • R.G. Schroeder and A. Chandrasekaran, "Instructors Test Bank and Students' Online Quizzes," in Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases, 3rd edition (McGraw-Hill/ Irwin, 2005).

In Press

  • C. Senot, A. Chandrasekaran, P. Ward, A. Tucker, and S. Moffat-Bruce, “The Impact of Combining Conformance Quality and Experiential Quality on Readmissions and Cost Performance,” Management Science (2015).
  • Chandrasekaran, A., Linderman, K., Sting, F., Benner, M., Managing Exploration – Exploitation Project Shifts in High-Tech Organizations: Multi-Method Study. Forthcoming at Production and Operations Management
  • Senot, C., Chandrasekaran, A., Ward, P. Combining Routines in Health Care Delivery: An Investigation of Hospitals’ Performance Path. Forthcoming at  Production and Operations Management 
  • E. Anderson, A. Chandrasekaran, G. Parker, and A. Davis-Blake, “Managing Distributed Product Development Projects: Integration Strategies for Language and Time-Zone Barriers,” Invited for revision at Information Systems Research.
  • L. Sharma, A. Chandrasekaran, K. Boyer, and C. McDermott, “The Impact of Health Information Technology Bundles on Performance: An Econometric Study,” Invited for revision at Journal of Operations Management.
  • C. Senot, A. Chandrasekaran, and P. Ward, “Pursuing Conformance and Experiential Quality During the Delivery of Healthcare: Evidence from Multiple-Case Studies in U.S. Hospitals,” Invited for revision at Journal of Operations Management.
  • Sharma, L., Chandrasekaran, A., The Impact of Electronic Medical Record Technology Adoption Process on Patient Experience and Cost Under Review, Management Science 


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