Paul Weinstock

Paul Weinstock teaches undergraduate courses in personal finance, real estate finance, and real estate law.  He is an experienced commercial real estate sales agent, and was a training consultant for a firm engaged in Affordable Housing.  In 2009 he was the Alpha Kappa Psi Professor of the Year, as well as the 2007 “Teacher of the Year” at Fisher College of Business as determined by Business Week Magazine.  In his spare time, Paul enjoys singing and tutoring students for the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial Real Estate


  • M.A. in Real Estate, The Ohio State University
  • J.D. Boston University School of Law
  • B.S. Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania



FIN 3220 - Business Finance

Introductory finance class which allows students develop the skills to understand how financial managers make value-maximizing decisions for their firms.

FIN 3400 - Introduction to Real Estate

Examine the economics of property rights, the fundamental theories in urban economics, and selected applications.

FIN 3500 - Legal Environment of Business

An introduction to American legal institutions, sources of law, and an analysis of basic concepts of public and private law related to business decisions.

FIN 4410 - Real Estate Finance

Basics of the mortgage markets and related finance investments and models of real estate valuation.

FIN 4412 - Real Estate Law

Basic legal aspects of property contracts, transactions, and environmental law.




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    Department of Finance
    Fisher College of Business
    The Ohio State University
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