Academic Programs

The Finance Department covers a broad range of specializations and programs. Each academic program features a rigorous and competitive curriculum designed to lead the field and prepare students for success.

In addition, students have a unique opportunity to manage part of The Ohio State University endowment through the Student Investment Management course.

Undergraduate Programs

The Finance Department offers undergraduate students the opportunity specialize the following specializations and tracks:


Graduate Programs

The Finance Department offers an array of opportunity across the college's graduate programs.


Service Courses

The Finance Department offers courses that are required or elective courses in majors in other departments at Fisher and elsewhere around the university.  The semester version of these courses are all 3 hours or units, unless otherwise noted.

  • Personal Finance
    (FIN 220 under quarters, 1200 under semesters)
    This course is an introduction to the field of personal financial management and planning, focusing on the tools individuals and families employ to manage their financial affairs.
  • Foundations of Finance
    (FIN 420 under quarters, 3120 under semesters)
    This course develops skills related to time value of money, risk and return with applications in business and personal finance.
  • Foundations of Investments
    (FIN 522 under quarters, 3222 under semesters)
    This course covers basic principles and methods of investment for non-business majors.
  • Foundations of International Finance
    (FIN 3250 under semesters)
    This course covers management of financial risk inherent with international business; problems of implementing corporate finance principles; International Capital Markets.  For non-finance majors.
  • Foundations of Enterpreneurial Finance
    (FIN 3290 under semesters)
    This course considers financial challenges facing entrepreneurs, framing the issues, business plans, developing financial strategies, and structuring deals.  For non-finance majors.
  • Introduction to Insurance and Risk
    (FIN 640 under quarters, 3300 under semesters)
    This course covers basic principles and main characteristics of the insurance industry and the fundamentals of risk identification, insurance contracts, and annuities.
  • Introduction to Real Estate
    (FIN 670 under quarters, 3400 under semesters)
    This course examines the economics of property rights the fundamental theories in urban economics and selected applications.
  • Law for Accountants
    (FIN 4512 under semesters)
    This course covers the fundamentals of Uniform Commercial Code.  For business majors in accounting.
  • Legal Environment of Business
    (FIN 510 under quarters, 3500 under semesters, 1.5 hours or units)

    This course is an introduction to American legal institution and sources of law and an analysis of basic concepts of public and private law related to business decisions.  

In Their Words

  • "The finance curriculum at Fisher is in line with the best programs in the country. I entered the program with a minimal exposure to the subject matter and walked away with tools that very few financial practitioners are comfortable with (Real Options, Stochastic/Monte Carlo methods, etc.).

    After comparing my skill sets with MBAs from other programs, I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge I acquired during my tenure at Fisher."

    Daniel Gray, MBA 2010
    Senior Financial Analyst/CFA Level II Candidate
    Ford Motor Company