Accounting Honors Program Structure

The structure of the Accounting Honors program follows a sequence designed to prepare each student for making an impact in any organization upon graduation.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Freshman Year

Math 1151 or 1161

MATH 1152 or 1162                        (highly recommended)

STAT 1430

Sophomore Year

AMIS 2200H
Honors Introduction to Accounting I

AMIS 2300H
Honors Introduction to Accounting II

Junior Year

AMIS 3200H
Honors Intermidiate Accounting I

AMIS 3300H
Honors Cost Accounting

AMIS 2700H
Accounting Research & Practice
(highly recommended)

AMIS 3201H
Honors Intermediate Accounting II


AMIS 3400H
Honors Tax Accounting

AMIS 3600H
Honors Accounting Information Systems

Senior Year

AMIS 5200H
Honors Advanced Accounting



AMIS 5500H
Honors Auditing Principles & Procedures



Program Details and Requirements

  • Applicants’ chances of admission are enhanced by taking MATH 1151-2 or 1161-2 (rather than 1131) and ECON 2001H and 2002H. Some students will be asked to do a short interview with the program director. Note only MATH 1151 is required for Business majors.
  • Students are encouraged to take additional Mathematics (especially MATH 2568) and to pursue minors or second majors in Economics or Statistics.
  •  Bus MHR 2292 is waived for students who complete the Accounting Honors program.
  • Bus Mgt 2321 is waived for students who either take ACCTMIS 2700H or complete the Accounting Honors program. It is highly recommended that ACCTMIS 2700H be taken concurrently with 3201H (or for students who are confident in their mathematics background, their sophomore year).
  •  Students who take STAT 4201 and 4202 for the Statistics Minor may substitute those classes for STAT 1430 and BUSMGT 2320.
  •  The Accounting Honors program structure does not allow for winter internships, but the majority of Accounting Honors students  complete summer internships in accounting, business, or government. Some students do an internship as early as summer of the sophomore year (25%); the majority of Accounting Honors students do internships in summer of the junior year (90%).
  •  View the requirements to graduate with "Honors in Accounting”.
  •  Accounting Honors students who enter the Combined BSBA/Master of Accounting Program may substitute: (1) AMIS 7230 and  7250 for AMIS 5200H, (2) AMIS 7400 and 7410 for 3400H, and (3) AMIS 7500 and 7510 for AMIS 5500H. Each of these option substitutes two 7-week graduate courses for one semester undergraduate honors course. They also do not need to take BUSMHR 4490. Please consult with Rob Chabot or Professor Arya as early as possible, if you are interested in this program.
  •  For more information about the Accounting Honors program, contact Professor Rick Young (Faculty Director of the Accounting  Honors program).