HAVI Global Solutions

At HAVI Global Solutions we play a key role, together with other HAVI companies, in managing what may be the largest and most complex outsourced retail supply chain in the world.

This unprecedented relationship of trust is built upon the innovation, quality and daily excellence we have brought to our client's business in packaging sourcing, promotional execution, and supply chain analytics and integration. Thanks to those strengths, we can offer the same kind of help to you.

Without giving up overall managerial control, you can rely on us to work together with your supply chain leadership team, developing world-class sourcing strategies that align with your company objectives. Then, you can confidently delegate the day-to-day execution of various supply chain planning, program execution and analytics to us in our role as your supply chain integrator.

This strategic partnership improves your supply chain operations in both performance and cost efficiency. At the same time, it provides you with better integration and coordination of supply chain partners. If you want to focus on the big picture of steering your business and making smarter decisions, it can set you free from the detail oversight of supply chain operations to do so.

Every company faces a variety of supply chain challenges. If you're like most, the key challenge you face in managing and improving your overall supply chain is the development of sophisticated planning and analytic skills, as well as foundational processes and technologies that are up to the task. There's also a myriad of details, suppliers and agencies that need to be aligned to maximize the impact of promotions and initiatives as they move through your supply chain. When you choose HAVI Global Solutions as your supply chain integrator, challenges like these that may pose obstacles to others instead become competitive strengths for you.