Rooted in research

The Risk Institute is committed to conducting relevant research to advance the latest trends and future developments in risk management; and sharing this knowledge with current and future risk management professionals.

Research Funding

The Risk Institute funds several area-specific and inter-disciplinary research projects each year addressing identification, measurement, and management of various risks to the firm; the incorporation of risk management into business decisions throughout the firm; and the implications of risk management strategies for firm’s value, stakeholders of the firm, a firm’s competitive environment, and capital markets.

For more information please read the 2015 Request for Proposals.

Research Conference

The annual Risk Management Research Conference aims to bring together academic researchers from various disciplines to share their risk-related research and to encourage interdisciplinary approaches to risk management research. The inaugural conference will take place on April 24, 2015 at the Blackwell Inn on OSU's campus in Columbus, OH.

For more information please read the 2015 Call for Papers.

Research Translations

The Risk Institute aims to bring academic research to the business community through our translation of the most compelling risk related research. These brief summaries highlight the current academic findings and make them applicable to the current challenges facing risk management professionals.

Research Hub

The Risk Institute research hub is designed to make the most up-to-date academic research accessible to our business partners. The Research Hub encompasses a listing of risk-related academic and practitioner journals, as well as a collection of the latest academic research working papers on various topics related to risk management. Coming in January 2015!