About the Ohio State Center for Real Estate

Welcome to the Ohio State Center for Real Estate housed in the Fisher College of Business. The mission of the Center is to engage today’s and tomorrow’s leaders through interdisciplinary education, innovative research and industry-wide conversation addressing the multifaceted nature of real estate.

The Center has three primary objectives:

  • To strengthen our partnerships with real estate industry and across campus to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of our Center.
  • To provide students with a multi-disciplinary education and experiential learning opportunities.

  • To create new knowledge and provide expert analysis through academic and applied research in all aspects of real estate.

The Center’s main goal is to facilitate interaction and learning among our students, university faculty, alumni, policymakers, and professionals from the various parts of the real estate industry, creating a vibrant community touching all aspects of real estate. By providing programs and opportunities that expand students understanding of real estate, we help attract the best students to Fisher College of Business and attract prospective employers to Ohio State.