Project Focus Areas

Fisher Professional Services offers nine lines of service or areas of expertise that organizations can leverage.


Brand Management / Re-branding

By increasing the perceived value of products and services to the customer, we increase brand equity.

Business Case Development

Financial and operational justification for approval of a new or extended business project.

Business Performance Management (BPM)

By developing management analytic processes, we enable businesses to define and measure performance against set goals. Processes include planning, reporting, and monitoring of key performance indicators linked to strategy.

Change Management

We identify the ‘human element’ and processes needed to successfully implement change within an organization, facilitating a smoother transition process.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By examining your current and planned business model, we identify potential areas for improved CSR. Additionally, plans for implementation are addressed.

Cost Management / Internal Pricing Models

By evaluating current cost drivers, internal pricing models, budget allocations and overhead expenses we identify areas of future improvement.

Economic Impact Assessments

Total financial effect on a defined geographic area from an event or occurrence.


By breaking from traditional silo-oriented practices and reaching across disciplines we allow your business to adapt to shifts in the marketplace. This new approach differentiates products, services and brand perception, ensuring ongoing business viability.

Market Analysis

We analyze current positioning in order to discover business opportunities. Comparing key aspects of products and services across organizations enables potential for growth.


Process Improvement / Value Stream Mapping

Identifying current and future state maps regarding both physical and informational processes, we help improve efficiency and reduce non-value added procedures.


Strategic Planning & Implementation

Developing a strategic plan for long-term initiatives is critical to future growth. We can advise how to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage within the marketplace.