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Our Consultants

Fisher Professional Services consultants provides experience and expertise in six general business categories:

Many of our projects are multi-dimensional and require responsibility from two or more of these subject matters.


Finance professionals have more responsibilities than ever before: planning, budgeting, reporting, risk assessment, M&A, and strategy to name a few. The impact of these responsibilities can be lasting and impact the entire organization.  In this complex environment, it can be hard to accomplish all of the important projects with internal resources.

That’s where we can help. We bring a team of high performing students, supported by the faculty of a leading University, to help overcome key obstacles. It’s an approach that can have a significant impact on value creation both internally and externally.


Human Capital

It is not a secret that your people are your most valuable asset. However, structuring your business to maximize the value creation of that asset is difficult even for the most seasoned executives.

We work with clients to address the critical components of organizational effectiveness, including workforce planning and analytics, talent management, organizational structure, and organizational change. We also help with leadership development, technology and process adoption, learning and development, culture, knowledge management and capability transfer and communications.



In the world of operations, it’s all about finding the right balance to achieve efficiency. You need the right processes and infrastructure combined with insights to make good decisions. Achieving optimal results requires steadfast discipline combined with the nimbleness to adapt. We work with clients to examine every aspect of their operations to identify opportunities to create value. Whether it is value stream mapping a back office process, reengineering a sales process, or assisting with sourcing for a new product, our consultants can help structure your operation to effect positive change.

Sales and Marketing

In today’s crowded market spaces, company’s face stiff competition in marketing and selling their goods and services. Determining the right marketing approach, price point, or sales methodology is a challenge for all businesses.

That’s where we can assist. We bring a team of high performing students, supported by the faculty of a leading University, to help overcome key obstacles. Whether it is determining how to position a product in the market, understanding the competitive landscape, setting the price for a product release, or developing a sales training methodology, our consultants can help.



It’s hard to determine what the right direction is for the future. With change happening so rapidly, leaders frequently find themselves in unfamiliar situations. Knowing how to proceed in unknown situations is difficult.

Making important decisions in a state of constant change is challenging even for the most seasoned leaders whether setting a direction for the future, determining how to enter a new market, or introducing a new product. These strategic decisions have a lasting impact.

We help organizations in their efforts to understand important decisions from all perspectives so that they can make practical decisions that will deliver lasting business performance.



Most technology executives will admit that if they had to start from scratch, their technology strategy and architecture would probably look a lot different than it does today. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have the resources to effect the change necessary to have the greatest impact on their business.

That’s where we can help. Our Technology consultants can help IT professionals develop a roadmap to transform their IT operations to better support value creation. Whether it is developing better tools for business performance management, developing a strategy for the future, reengineering underlying processes, or augmenting existing project teams, our consultants can provide the solution.