Stephen A. Buser Colloquium Series in Financial Economics

Seminars showcase research by colleagues from around the world focusing on financial economics. The seminar series is named after Dr. Stephen A. Buser, Professor Emeritus at Fisher College of Business.

Seminar Schedule

Wednesday Seminars

Location is Fisher Hall room 800 from Noon to 1:00pm. [map and directions]

Friday Seminars

Location is Fisher Hall room 800 from 10:30am to 12:00pm. [map and directions]

The schedule is subject to change.

03/09/2016Professor Zhi Li

The Ohio State University

"Outsiders in Family Firms: Contracting Environment and Incentive Design"

03/23/2016Professor Zhan Shi

The Ohio State University

"Understanding Term Permia on Real Bonds"

03/25/2016Professor Gary Gorton

Yale University

"Good Booms, Bad Booms"

03/29/2016Professor Mila Getmansky Sherman

University Massachusetts, Amherst

"Portfolio Similarity and Asset Liquidation in the Insurance Industry"

04/06/2016Professor Xue Wang

The Ohio State University

"An Examination of Whether and How Management of the Tax Function Influences the Careers of CFOs"

04/13/2016Professor Karen Wruck

The Ohio State University

"Relative Performance Evaluation and CEO Risk-Taking"

04/15/2016Professor Kent Daniel

Columbia University

"Liquidity and Return Reversals"

04/20/2016Professor John Gray

The Ohio State University

"Organizational Non-Compliance: A Study of FDA-Regulated Industries"

04/22/2016Professor Michael Faulkender

University of Maryland

"Understanding Precautionary Cash at Home and Abroad"

04/27/2016Shan Ge

The Ohio State University

“How Do Hurricanes Affect Life Insurance Premiums?”

04/29/2016Professor Jonathan Karpoff

University of Washington

"The Lifecycle of Firm Takeover Defenses"

05/11/2016Sehoon Kim

The Ohio State University

"Financial Flexibility and Product Prices: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in the Airline Industry"

05/27/2016Professor Michael Weisbach

The Ohio State University

"Measuring Institutional Investors’ Skill from Their Investments in Private Equity"

08/24/2015Brian Baugh

The Ohio State University

"What Happens when Payday Borrowers are Cut Off from Payday Lending? A Natural Experiment"


08/28/2015Professor Rajkamal Iyer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Financial Accelerator at Work: Evidence from Corn Fields"


09/02/2015Hang Bai

The Ohio State University

"Unemployment and Credit Risk"


09/11/2015Professor S.P. Kothari

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The Behavior of Aggregate Corporate Investment"


09/18/2015Professor Oguzhan Karakas

Boston College

"Staggered Boards and Private Benefits of Control"


09/25/2015Professor Tyler Muir

Yale University

"When is the price of risk high?"


10/2/2015Professor Shai Bernstein

Stanford University

"Asset Reallocation in Bankruptcy"


10/7/2015Professor Sergey Chernenko

The Ohio State University

"Liquidity Transformation in Asset Management: Evidence from the Cash Holdings of Mutual Funds"


10/21/2015Professor Itzhak Ben-David

The Ohio State University

"The Granular Nature of Large Institutional Investors"


10/23/15Professor Nick Barberis

Yale University

"Extrapolation and Bubbles"


11/4/2015Andrea Rossi

The Ohio State University

"Trading Skill: Evidence from Trader of Corporate Insiders in their Personal Portfolios."


11/13/2015Professor Jay Shanken

Emory University

"Comparing Asset Pricing Models"


11/18/2015Professor Michael Weisbach

The Ohio State University

“The Liquidity Cost of Private Equity Investments: Evidence from Secondary Market Transactions”


11/20/2015Professor Jennifer Juergens

Drexel University

"Why Hire Your Rival? The Case of Bank Debt Underwriting"


12/4/2015Professor René M. Stulz

The Ohio State University

"The U.S. Listing Gap"


12/9/2015Professor Justin Birru

The Ohio State University

"Day of the Week and the Cross-Section of Returns"

02/04/15Professor Sergey Chernenko

The Ohio State University

"The Dark Side of Specialization: The Case of CDO Collateral Managers"


03/06/15Professor Kenneth Ahern

University of Southern California

"Information Networks: Evidence from Illegal Insider Trading Tips"


03/27/15Professor Jeff Wurgler

New York University

"The Risk Anomaly Tradeoff of Leverage"


04/03/15Professor Andrea Eisfeldt

University of California- Los Angeles

"Risk and Return in Segmented Markets with Expertise"


04/8/15Professor Stefano Giglio

University of Chicago

"The Price of Variance Risk"


04/17/15Professor Alp Simsek




04/24/15Professor Alexander Ljungqvist

New York University

"State Capitalism vs. Private Enterprise"


04/29/15Professor Demitri Vayanos

London School of Economics

"Liquidity Risk and the Dynamics of Arbitrage Capital"


05/01/15Professor Ravi Jagannathan

Northwestern University

"Stock Market Liquidity: Role of Short-term and Long-term Traders"


05/06/15Hang Bai

The Ohio State University


08/13/14Sophia Longman

The Ohio State University



09/03/14Professor Mike Weisbach

The Ohio State University

“Does Uncertainty about Management affect Firms’ Costs of Borrowing?”


09/05/14Professor Neng Wang

Columbia University

"Corporate Finance and Risky Inalienable Human Capital: A Theory of Liquidity and Risk Management"


09/10/14Woo Hwa Koh

The Ohio State University

"The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the Cross-Section of Returns"


09/19/14Professor Vyacheslav Fos

University of Illinois

"Out-of-the-Money CEOs: How Do Proxy Contests Affect Insider Option Exercises"


09/26/14Professor Justin Murfin

Yale University

"Captive Finance and the Coase Conjecture"


10/03/14Professor Jarrad Harford

University of Washington

"Foreign Cash: Taxes, Internal Capital Markest and Agency Problems"


10/08/14   Professor Lu Zhang

The Ohio State University

"A Duel of New Factors"


10/10/14Professor Amit Seru

University of Chicago

"Regional Redistribution through the U.S. Mortgage Market"


10/22/14   Professor Itzhak Ben-David

The Ohio State University



10/24/14Professor Amir Yaron

University of Pennsylvania

"Good and Bad Uncertainty: Microeconomic and Financial Market Implications"


11/12/14     Professor René M. Stulz

The Ohio State University

"Insider ownership and firm value: Predicting the past or the future?"


11/20/14    Professor Veronica Guerrieri

University of Chicago

"Markets with Multidimensional Private Information"


12/03/14    Francesco Consonni

 Bocconi University 

"Mind the Gap: the Inflexibility Mechanism and Expected Equity Returns"


12/05/14Professor Vincent Glode

University of Pennsylvania

"Adverse Selection and Intermediation Chains"


12/10/14     Professor Justin Birru

The Ohio State University


03/7/14Professor John Graham

Duke University

"A Century of Capital Structure: The Leveraging of Corporate America"

03/21/14Professor Russ Wermers

University of Maryland

"Institutional Trading around Corporate News: Evidence from Textual Analysis"

03/28/14Professor Christopher Parsons

University of California - San Diego

"Worrying about the stock market: Evidence from hospital admissions"

04/4/14Professor Max Croce

University of North Carolina

"BKK the EZ Way: An International Production Economy with Recursive Preferences"

04/9/14Professor Fousseni Chabi-Yo

The Ohio State University

"The Term Structures of Co-Entropy in International Financial Markets"

04/18/14Professor Gerard Hoberg

University of Maryland

"O shore Activities and Global Consumption Risk"

04/25/14Professor Mark Westerfield

University of Washington

"Looking for Someone to Blame: Delegation, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Disposition E ffect"

08/21/13Mark Carey

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Risk Choices and Compensation Design

09/18/13Prof. Jing Wang

The Ohio State University

Debt Covenant Design and Creditor Control Rights:Evidence from Covenant Restrictiveness and Loan Outcomes

09/20/13Prof. Phil Strahan

Boston College

Exporting Liquidity: Branch Banking and Financial Integration

09/25/13Prof. Mike Weisbach

The Ohio State University

CEO Investment Cycles

09/27/13Prof. David Denis

University of Pittsburgh

Corporate Payout, Cash Retention, and the Supply of Credit: Evidence from the 2008-09 Credit Crisis

10/4/13Prof. Mark Westerfield

University of Washington

Looking for Someone to Blame: Delegation, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Disposition  E ffect

10/11/13Prof. Bruce Carlin

University of California, Los Angeles

Disagreement and Asset Prices

10/18/13Prof. Viral Acharya

New York University

The "Greatest" Carry Trade Ever?  Understanding Eurozone Bank Risks

10/23/13Prof. Kenneth Singleton

Stanford University

Risk Premiums in Dynamic Term Structure Models with Unspanned Macro Risks

10/30/13Rawley Heimer

Federal Reserve Bank - Cleveland

Leverage Constraints, Profitability, and Risk -Shifting: Evidence from the Introduction of Doss-Frank

11/6/13Prof. Rene Stulz

The Ohio State University

Limited Managerial Attention and Corporate Aging

11/13/13Prof. Michael Albert

The Ohio State University

Executive Compensation and Firm Leverage

11/22/13Prof. Andrey Malenko

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Auctions with Endogenous Initiation

12/4/13Prof. David Scharfstein

Harvard University

Concentration in Mortgage Lending, Refinancing Activity, and Mortgage Rates

12/11/13Prof. Itzhak Ben-David

The Ohio State University

Banks’ Internal Capital Markets and Deposit Rates

01/09/13Prof. Jan Jindra

Menlo College and The Ohio State University

"Crises, Liquidity Shocks, and Fire Sales at Hedge Funds"

01/11/13Marina Niessner

University of Chicago

"Strategic Disclosure Timing and Insider Trading"

01/16/13Alexander Chinco

New York University

"Trading on Coincidences"

01/18/13Benjamin Iverson

Harvard University

"Get in Line: Chapter 11 Restructuring in Crowded Bankruptcy Courts"

01/25/13Michael Hasler

Swiss Finance Institute

"Fluctuating Attention to News and Financial Contagion"

01/30/13Erik Gilje

Boston College


02/01/13Adam Clark-Joseph

Harvard University


02/06/13Jinfin Zhang

Yale University


02/08/13Erik Loualiche

Northwestern University


02/22/13Jean-Noel Barrot

HEC Paris


03/01/13Prof. Harrison Hong

Princeton University

Speculative Betas

03/20/13Prof. Berk Sensoy

The Ohio State University

"Limited Partner Performance and the Maturing of the Private Equity Industry"

03/29/13Prof. Oguzhan Ozbas

University of Southern California

"Managerial Accomodation, Proxy Access, and the Cost of Shareholder Empowerment"

04/03/13Prof. Asaf Manela

Washington University in St. Louis

"News Implied Volatility and Disaster Concerns"

04/05/13Prof. Wei Xiong

Princeton University

"Is R² a Measure of Market Inefficiency?"

04/24/13Prof. Michael Weisbach

The Ohio State University

"Learning about CEO ability and Stock Return Volatility"

04/26/13Prof. Monika Piazzesi

Stanford University

"Banks' Risk Exposures"

05/08/13Fernando Duarte

Federal Reserve Bank

"Aggregate Investment and Stock Returns"

05/10/13Prof. Jan Jindra

Menlo College and The Ohio State University

"CEO Compensation and the Sale of Private Firms"

05/15/13Prof. Fousseni Chabi-Yo

The Ohio State University

"New Entropy Restrictions and the Quest for Better Specified Asset Pricing Models"

05/24/13Prof. Berk Sensoy

The Ohio State University

"Indirect Incentives of Hedge Fund Managers"

8/01/12Prof. Scott Yonker

Indiana University

"The People in Your Neighborhood: Social Interactions and Mutual Fund Portfolio Choice"

8/08/12Prof. Jerome Taillard

Boston College

"Do Private Firms Invest Differently from Public Firms? Taking Cues from the Natural Gas Industry"

9/05/12Prof. Philippe Mueller

London School of Economics

International Correlation Risk

9/07/12Prof. Arthur Korteweg

Stanford University

An (S, s) Model of Capital Structure:Theory and Evidence

9/21/12Prof. Urban Jermann

University of Pennsylvania

Interest Rate Swaps and Corporate Default

9/26/12Prof. Jack Bao

The Ohio State University

"Comovement of Corporate Bonds and Equities"

9/28/12Prof. Dong Lou

London School of Economics

Industry Window Dressing

10/03/12Prof. Alvaro Taboada

University of Tennessee, The Ohio State University 

"The role of regulation in cross-border bank acquisitions: Is it really a ‘race to the bottom?"

10/05/12Prof. Adrien Verdelhan


The Share of Systematic Variation in Bilateral Exchange Rates

10/10/12Prof. Xiaoji Lin

Ohio State University

"Wage Rigidity: A Solution to Several Asset Pricing Puzzles"

10/12/12Prof. Martijn Cremers

University of Notre Dame

Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Liability Discount Rates: Camouflage and Reckless Risk Taking by U.S. Public Plans?

10/17/12Prof. Lu Zhang

The Ohio State University

"Digesting Anomalies: An Investment Approach"

10/24/12René M. Stulz

The Ohio State University

"Acquisitions and CEO Conflicts of Interests: Is the Problem Greater when Private Equity Is Involved?"

10/26/12Prof. John Griffin

University of Texas, Austin

"Complex Securities and Underwriter Reputation: Do Reputable Underwriters Produce Better Securities?"

10/31/12PhD. Students

The Ohio State University


11/9/12Prof. Stefan Nagel

Stanford University

"Sizing Up Repo"

11/28/12Prof. Roger Loh

Singapore Management University

"Have we solved the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle?"

11/30/12Prof. Nancy Wallace

University of California Berkeley

Behavioral Factors in the Valuation of Employee Stock Options

12/5/12Andrew Chen, PhD Student

The Ohio State University


12/12/12Prof. Dong Lee

Korea University and The Ohio State University


3/28/12René M. Stulz

The Ohio State University

Do U.S. Firms Have Abnormally High Cash Holdings?

4/6/12Lars Lochstoer

Columbia University

Parameter Learning in General Equilibrium: The Asset Pricing Implications

4/20/12Morten Sorensen

Columbia University

Valuing Private Equity

4/25/12Sergey Chernenko

The Ohio State University

The Quiet Run of 2011: Money Market Funds and the European Debt Crisis

4/27/12Mitchell Petersen

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Investment and Capital Constraints: Repatriations Under the American Jobs Creation Act

5/11/12Jay Ritter

University of Florida

Where Have All the IPOs Gone?

5/18/12Victoria Ivashina

Harvard Business School

Reaching For Yield in the Bond Market

5/25/12Gustavo Manso

UC Berkeley

Feedback Effects of Credit Ratings

1/11/12Bernadette Minton

The Ohio State University

Do Equity Holders Receive Better Terms When they Lend to their Firms?

01/18/12Or Shachar

New York University

Exposing the Exposed: Intermediation Capacity in the Credit Default Swap Market

01/20/12Howard Kung

Duke University

Equilibrium Growth, Inflation, and Bond Yields

01/27/12Priyank Gandhi


The Relationship between Credit Growth and the Expected Returns of Bank Stocks

02/01/12Justin Birru

New York University

Inefficient Markets, Efficient Investment

02/10/12Martin Schmalz

Princeton University

Managing Human Capital Risk

2/22/12Isil Erel

The Ohio State University

Financing-Motivated Acquisitions

3/9/12Stuart Rosenthal

Syracuse University

Are Private Markets and Filtering a Viable Source of Low-Income Housing? Estimates from a "Repeat Income" Model

3/14/12Lu Zhang

The Ohio State University

An Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Labor Market Search

09/07/11René M. Stulz

The Ohio State University

Why did U.S. banks invest in highly-rated securitization tranches?

09/23/11Claudia Moise

Case Western Reserve University


09/28/11Fousseni Chabi-Yo

The Ohio State University

Riskier Times and Asset Returns

09/30/11Hanno Lustig

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Too-Systemic-To-Fail: What Option Markets Imply About Sector-wide Government Guarantees

10/07/11Ilya A. Strebulaev

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Investment Busts, Reputation, and the Temptation to Blend in with the Crowd

10/12/11Lu Zhang

The Ohio State University

Cross-Sectional Tobin’s Q

10/14/11Jialin Yu

Columbia Business School

A glass half full: Contrarian trading in the flash crash

10/19/11Jack Favilukis

London Business School

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Safe Assets: Good or Bad?


10/21/11Igor Makarov

London Business School

CDS Auctions


10/26/11Zahi Ben-David

The Ohio State University

The Effects of Loan Officers' Compensation on Loan Approval and Performance: Direct Evidence from a Corporate Experiment


10/28/11Richmond Mathews

University of Maryland

Innovation, Capital Structure, and the Boundaries of the Firm


11/02/11Ph.D. Students: Sophia Longman, Jongisk Park and Woo Hwa Koh

The Ohio State University

Sophia Longman, "Investor Expectation in Peer-to-Peer Lending"

Jongisk Park, "Product Market Competitions and Managerial Incentives"

Woo Hwa Koh, "Hedging Covenants as a Device for Controlling Agency Costs"

11/30/11Erasmo Giambona

University of Amsterdam

Financial Flexibility and Growth Opportunities: The Role of Unsecured Debt

12/02/11Kelly Shue

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Executive Networks and Firm Policies: Evidence from the Random Assignment of MBA Peers


07/25/11John Sedunov

The Ohio State University

What Is The Systemic Risk Exposure of Financial Institutions?

Seminar time: 2:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.
07/27/11Robert Prilmeier

The Ohio State University

This Time Is the Same: Using Bank Performance in 1998 to Explain Bank Performance During the Recent Financial Crisis

Seminar time: 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
08/03/11Peter Wong

The Ohio State University

Earnings Shocks and the Idiosyncratic Volatility Anomaly in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

Seminar time: 10:30 a.m.- Noon
04/01/11Ulrike Malmendier

University of California, Berkeley

 Bidding Wars and Bidding Failure - New Approaches to Evaluating Merges

"Winning by Losing: Evidence on Overbidding in Mergers" (Paper 1)

"Cash is King: What the Market Learns about Target through Merger Bids" (Paper 2) 



05/06/11Ran Duchin

University of Michigan

Divisional Managers and Internal Capital Markets


05/13/11Vikrant Vig

London Business School

Labor and Capital: Is Debt a Bargaining Tool?


05/18/11Robert Prilmeier

The Ohio State University




05/20/11Robin Greenwood

Harvard Business School

A Comparative-Advantage Approach to Government Debt Maturity


05/27/11Carola Frydman

MIT Sloan School of Management

Predators or Watchdogs? Bankers on Corporate Boards in the Age of Finance Capitalism


06/10/11Steven M. Davidoff and Matthew D. Cain

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and University of Notre Dame





01/14/11Vikrant Vig

London Business School


01/19/11Jonathan A. Brogaard

Northwestern University

High Frequency Trading and Its Impact on Market Quality

01/21/11Xavier Giroud

Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Soft Information and Investment: Evidence from Plant-level Data

01/26/11Michael Nowotny

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Disaster Begets Crisis: The Role of Contagion in Financial Markets

01/28/11Andres Donangelo

University of California, Berkeley

Labor Mobility and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns

02/04/11Joan Farre-Mensa

New York University

Why Are Most Firms Privately-held?

02/09/11Mary Tian


Tradability of Output, Business Cycles, and Asset Prices

02/11/11Nina Boyarchenko

University of Chicago

Ambiguity Shifts and the 2007 Crisis

02/18/11Xing Hu

Princeton University

Rollover Risk and Credit Spreads in the Financial Crisis of 2008

02/25/11Adi Sunderam

Harvard University

Are There Too Many Safe Securities? Securitization and the Incentives for Information Production

03/02/11Samuel G. Hanson

Harvard University

Issuer Quality and Corporate Bond Returns

03/18/11Andrew Ang

Columbia University

Testing Conditional Factor Models

03/28/11Jim Musumeci

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Choosing Between (X1/X2) and (X2/X1) as a Variable

03/30/11Claudia Custodio

Arizona State University

Generalists versus Specialists: Managerial Skills and CEO Pay

07/07/10Fousseni Chabi-Yo

The Ohio State University

Using Asset Prices to Improve the Variance Bounds on the Permanent and Transitory Components of Stochastic Discount Factors

06/11/10Andrea L. Eisfeldt

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

CEO Turnover in a Competitive Assignment Framework

06/09/10Jongha Lim

The Ohio State University

The Role of Hedge Funds in Distressed Firms

06/04/10Wayne Ferson

USC Marshall School of Business

The "Out-of-Sample" Performance of Long-Run Risk Models

06/02/10Mike Anderson

The Ohio State University

Contagion and Excess Correlation in Credit Default Swaps

05/19/10Stephen A. Buser

The Ohio State University

Is There a State-Contingent Version of the Pure Theory of Public Expenditure?

05/07/10Amir Sufi

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Explaining Corporate Capital Structure: Product Markets, Leases, and Asset Similarity

05/05/10Wei Jiang

Columbia University

Do Institutional Investors Have an Ace up Their Sleeves? Evidence from Confidential Filings of Portfolio Holdings

04/30/10Dimitris Papanikolaou

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Organization Capital and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns

04/28/10Isil Erel

The Ohio State University

Does Governance Travel Around the World? Evidence from Institutional Investors

04/16/10Serdar Dinç

MIT Sloan School of Management

Economic Nationalism in Mergers & Acquisitions

04/14/10Rohan Williamson

McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Do Firms Set Free Cash Free? Misallocation vs. Opportunism in Acquisitions

04/09/10Laura Starks

McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

Behind the Scenes: The Corporate Governance Preferences of Institutional Investors

04/07/10Alex Edmans

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Short-Term Termination Without Deterring Long-Term Investment: A Theory of Debt and Buyouts

04/02/10Zhiguo He

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

A Theory of Debt Maturity: The Long and Short of Debt Overhang

03/12/10 Gurdip Bakshi

Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

What do Returns of VIX Puts Reveal about the Volatility Market?

03/10/10Bernadette Minton

The Ohio State University

Investors Clienteles and Industry Factor-Price Exposure

03/05/10Motohiro Yogo

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Commodity Market Capital Flow and Asset Return

02/26/10Martin Oehmke

Columbia University

Credit Default Swaps and The Empty Creditor Problem

02/19/10Tarun Chordia

Goizueta Business School, Emory University

Sell-Side Liquidity and the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns

02/17/10Alberto Plazzi

UCLA Anderson School of Management

International Stock Return Correlation: real or financial integration? A structural present-value approach

02/12/10Michael Weisbach, Berk Sensoy

The Ohio State University

Incentives of Private Equity General Partners from Future Fundraising

02/10/10Sergey Chernenko

Harvard University

The Real Consequences of Market Segmentation

01/29/10Ulrike Malmendier

University of California, Berkeley

Success and Failure in Post-Business School Entrepreneurship

01/27/10Wesley Gray

Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago

Do Hedge Fund Managers Identify and Share Profitable Ideas?

1/22/10Nickolay Gantchev

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The Costs of Shareholder Activism: Evidence from a Sequential Decision Model

1/13/10Manuel Adelino


Do Investors Rely Only on Ratings? The Case of Mortgage-Backed Securities