Working Papers

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Creating Value in Closed Loop Supply Chains: Drivers and Operational Requirements
By: A.M. Prud’homme and D. Mollenkopf
Citation: In preparation for submission

The Last Mile Challenge: Evaluating the Effects of Customer Density and Delivery Window Patterns
By: K.K. Boyer, A.M. Prud’homme, and W-M Chung
Citation: Forthcoming Journal of Business Logistics

The Influence of Psychological Safety and Confidence on Employee Knowledge Sharing
By: E. Siemsen, A.V. Roth, S. Balasubramanian, and G. Anand
Citation: Forthcoming Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Evolution of Continuous Improvement Programs and Six Sigma
By: G. Anand, R. Shah, P.T. Ward, and M.V. Tatikonda
Citation: Manuscript in preparation

Lean Operations Practices: Performance Implications and Patterns of Adoption
By: Rachna Shah, Gopesh Anand and Peter T. Ward
Citation: Manuscript in preparation

Predictors of Service Quality in the Retail Industry
By: M. Stodnick and G. Anand
Citation: Manuscript in preparation

The Role of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge in Process Improvement
By Gopesh Anand, Peter T. Ward, and Mohan V. Tatikonda
Citation: Working Paper (November 2007)
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Optimal Production and the Value of Forecast Accuracy in Supply Chains
By: James Hill and L. LeBlanc
Citation: Working Paper

The Effect of Promotions on Manufacturing Performance: Evidence from the Beverage Industry
By: James Hill
Citation: Working Paper

Uncovering the Determinants of Process Mobility: Evidence from the Beverage Industry
By: James Hill
Citation: Working Paper

Ethics, Trust, and Psychological Contracts: Implications for Supplier Relationship Management
By: James Hill, B. Greer, and D. Wilson
Citation: Working Paper

Information Sources, Ethics, and Supplier Commitment: Influencing Supplier Relationship Satisfaction
By: B. Greer and James Hill
Citation: Working Paper

Outsourcing to Contract Manufacturers: The Effects of Power and Path-Dependent Costs
By: John V. Gray, B. Tomlin, and A.V. Roth
Citation: (Working Paper) Production and Operations Management

Antecedents of Decisions to Outsource Production: A Manufacturing Strategy Perspective
By: John V. Gray, B. Tomlin, and A.V. Roth
Citation: (Working Paper) Decision Sciences

Quality Risk in Outsourcing to Contract Manufacturers: Evidence from the U.S. Drug Industry
By: John V. Gray, B. Tomlin, and A.V. Roth
Citation: (Working Paper) Management Science

Internal Performance Measurement System Characteristics: A Typology
By: Eric Olsen
Citation: Working Paper (2003)
Measures are important to organizational effectiveness; however there is little research on what constitutes an effective performance measurement (PM) system. A typology of PM systems characteristics is presented based on a review of existing operations management literature. The typology's ability to explain observed characteristics of operational performance is illustrated.
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Cost Management with a Strategic Emphasis
By: Edward Blocher and William Berry
Citation: Working Paper (October 1998)
The competitive pressures faced by many manufacturers are forcing them to change their strategic direction in markets and to reinvest in their production processes. As a result, these companies are experiencing important changes in the behavior of their manufacturing costs and margins (i.e., their production economics). This paper uses case analysis of several manufacturers to show that activity analysis provides a useful basis for understanding the effects of strategic initiatives on costs, productivity, and profits.
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