What are the benefits of standards? 

  • Provides a measure for evaluating all aspects of the training by allowing students and coaches to evaluate their progress towards the standard.
  • Public written statement of expectations.
  • All coaches and all students across the organization are working towards the same criteria.
  • Helps to focus the effort of what needs to be achieved.
  • Provides better opportunities for continuous improvement.


What’s different about the Fisher COE standard than other certifications? 

  • Customer-driven process with the primary generators of the certification standard employers of belts.
  • Supervised by an Advisory Council made up of industry experts.
  • Capability certified through knowledge and application
    • Body of Knowledge (Test)
      • Assessment Relevance (Use software, not tables)
  • Body of Practice (Experience + Projects)
    • Technical Mastery + Practical Results
    • Any organization can certify against the standard