Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Standards

The Fisher College of Business has been educating students in the area of Lean and Six Sigma for over 10 years.  As we continue to develop and revise our curriculum one of the questions I frequently get from my MBA students is, why won’t Fisher certify them as Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, especially if they went through the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge and passed the Black Belt exam.   My typical response is that great technical competency does not necessary translate to project leadership.   So that begs the question, what is a Black Belt? 

A quick review on the internet will demonstrate that there are many Black Belt certifications now available for some exchange of money.   These certifications are becoming effortless demonstrations where there is no technical competency or project work being evaluated.  Indeed, you can pay for and receive a Black Belt certificate without ever doing a project.        

At the Center for Operational Excellence we would like to reverse that trend.   Our goal is to develop and maintain a standard of certification that reflects both practice and theory.    We have posted Black Belt and Green Belt standards on the COE website.   That’s where you, the community of Operational Excellence leaders, comes in.    I invite you to review the standard and provide feedback.  From this rich community of users we can grow a certification standard that any company could use in their own development process.   I will look forward to hearing from you on this.

Lean on me,

Peg Pennington

Executive Director, COE



Please email questions and/or comments to Peg Pennington at pennington.84@fisher.osu.edu