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Sessions feature leading research and practitioner experts - the researcher highlights how theory and the latest research findings can be used in business applications, while the practitioner expert provides insights into emerging risk management strategies and practices. Participants engage with experts through activities including case studies and simulations or panel-led discussions. These components provide executives with hands-on opportunities to apply the insights they gained during the session. 

Weathering the storm: building business resilience to climate change

PART I | Weather & Climate Risk | March 20, 2018 | Register

According to a recent report, economic damages from weather-related disasters continue to climb towards and sometimes surpass record levels, with more than 800 major events worldwide cause an estimated $130 billion in losses in 2012 alone.

But while many companies are concerned about the cost of such events, they tend to plan for the future based on past trends. In the face of global climate change, 500-year and 1,000-year flood events are becoming more like 10-20-year events.

Join us for a two-part series as we dive deep into ERM strategies in the face of weather and climate risk and how businesses can build resilience to thrive rather than just survive.


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PART II | Natural Catastrophic Losses & Resilience | April 12, 2018 

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Embracing Digital Risk: AI, Robotics, Data & Drones | June 14, 2018  

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