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Startup Grind Columbus logoAttend events at Startup Grind Columbus

Steve BlankSteve Blank's Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs

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FinTech 71 logoOhio's Fintech Startup Accelerator

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Lumos Innovation, Startup Accelerator

Rev 1 Ventures logo startup resources

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Mason Hall

Innovation Practice Executive Education
Fisher College of Business

Books and Toolkits

  • Design thinking, creativity and ideation
IDEO logoIDEO Design Thinking Toolkit Creative ConfidenceCreative Confidence, by Tom Kelley and David Kelly Creating Great ChoicesCreating Great Choices, by Roger Martin
  • Innovation Process, Culture and Execution

Innovator's MethodThe Innovator's Method, Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer

The Startup WayThe Startup Way, Eric Ries

The Other Side of InnovationThe Other Side of Innovation, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble

Fisher Forefront: Business-Ready Insights 

Fisher Forefront, a new research-specific resource, is connecting the university community, Ohio State alumni, partners and friends with business-ready insights from Fisher College of Business faculty. Forefront provides access to a comprehensive collection of research translations and media and news items highlighting the world-class academic work being conducted across Fisher’s academic departments and its centers of excellence.

Access Fisher Forefront