The Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports academic research, education and community engagement in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The center strives to advance both the science and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to stimulate economic growth and development through new company formation, technology commercialization, new product and service creation and improved competitive performance of entrepreneurial and innovation based ventures.

Our mission: To provide educational training and application of innovation and entrepreneurship-based theory, tools and practices through the delivery of immersive curricular and extracurricular learning experiences for students, sponsored research for faculty and outreach and collaboration with community partners.
Our vision: To be a recognized leader in innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration between students, faculty and corporate partners on problems of global dimension.

As a global leader in the development and dissemination of entrepreneurship and innovation theory and practice, The Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will:

  • Advance scientific research and development in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Provide the highest quality instruction in innovation and entrepreneurship, including grounded experiential learning opportunities
  • Stimulate economic growth by accelerating new company formation and further development of new products and services within existing enterprises while improving the strategic and financial performance of high-potential ventures

Defining Innovation

Innovation spans multiple departments and disciplines with companies and industries.

The practice of top-line growth and value creation through the development of new products and services, including new branded concepts, patents, and intellectual property.

  • Begins with target consumer’s articulated and unarticulated wants and needs
  • Employs multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Incorporates networked, “open innovation” based partnerships
  • Engages middle-brained skills – combines strategic rigor and creative intuition in decision making

Infusing an Innovation Competency

A holistic, horizontal and enterprise-wide approach to top-line value creation, capture, and delivery

Differs from traditional approaches to R&D

Consumer-centric VS. Core competency/operationally-based

Acknowledges customer control over purchase VS. Presumes company control

Highly-related to entrepreneurship

"Intra-preneurial" development in existing organizations VS. Start-up companies