Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program

The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provide you with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through FisherConnect.

PDF iconQUIC Prep Packet
Review this document to prepare for your QUIC interview.

How can you become QUIC?

  • STEP 1: Get admitted to your major with the Fisher College of Business

    Current Ohio State students are either directly admitted to a Business major or may apply to the Business major program by submitting an online application through the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office.

  • STEP 2: Polish your resume

    There is a lot of good information on resumes on the resources webpage on the Office of Career Management website.  If you would like additional assistance, come to 150 Gerlach Hall and meet with a Peer Career Coach during walk-in hours, or visit http://go.osu.edu/ocmscheduleappt to make an appointment with a Career Consultant. You must bring two hard copies of your final resume to your QUIC interview. Make sure your most current resume is uploaded into FisherConnect.

  • STEP 3: Complete your profile and upload your resume on FisherConnect

    Go to Fisher Career Management website and click on Access FisherConnect.  Go to the Student Login section.  Log in using your OSU name.# and OSU password. Complete your FisherConnect profile and upload your resume.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO COMPLETE THIS STEP BEFORE GOING TO STEP #4.

  • STEP 4: Complete the online QUIC modules on Carmen

    On CARMEN, under “My Courses” you should see the “Office of Career Management QUIC modules.”  If for any reason you don’t see this listed, click the check box next to “Other” on the right side of the screen under “Filter.” There are 5 modules with a quiz at the end of each.  When you have completed all five modules [which will take one hour, on average, to complete,] you will have a better understanding of the services we provide, know how the FisherConnect system works, and understand the FisherConnect policies.
    *NOTE: International Students on an F-1 Visa are also required to complete the International Student Workshop through the Office of Career Management.  The workshop requirement can be completed either online via Carmen OR by attending a 1-hour in-person workshop.  Workshop times are listed on FisherConnect under “Events.” To access the online version of the workshop on CARMEN, under “My Courses” you should see the “Office of Career Management – Undergraduate International Student Workshop”. 

  • STEP 5: Schedule, Prepare for, and Pass a QUIC interview

    Within 24-48 hours after you pass your QUIC modules, you will be able to sign up for a QUIC interview in FisherConnect. When you sign up for the interview, a company name will be assigned to the schedule. You will be expected to research the company. QUIC interviews will be 1 hour long, and will be conducted by a staff member of the Career Management team.  More information on preparing for QUIC interviews is provided in QUIC Module 5 on Carmen and in the Career Management Interview Guide .

  • STEP 6: Start using FisherConnect to search for a job or internship!

    Resume submission deadlines for on-campus interviews typically end 3 to 4 weeks before the interviews. There is no on-campus recruiting during Summer term. Again, please see the QUIC modules for further details on using FisherConnect to your advantage.

    After completing the QUIC modules in Carmen you can continue to access them in the Student Resource Library on FisherConnect.  Good Luck!

What if i need to cancel my QUIC Interview?

First, consider how delaying your progress to become QUIC by cancelling your interview will impact your search for an internship or full-time position.

Second, are you cancelling more the 24 hours prior to you QUIC Interview?  A last minute cancellation is a violation of our policies under “Interviewing” and then “When you need to CANCEL or Request and Interview”.

How to cancel:

  1. Login to FisherConnect
  2. Click “I want to…” on the left hand side
  3. Click “View My Activity”
  4. Click the 4 digit Schedule ID number of the interview you would like to cancel
  5. Click the date of your interview
  6. Scroll down and click “Cancel” for your interview timeslot

If you need to cancel because of an emergency, call 614-292-6024 as soon as possible