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WP MBA website – seeking your opinions!

We recently launched a new and improved website for the FT MBA program and are in the process of doing some benchmarking so we can do the same for WP MBA.  The new WP MBA site will have a very similar look and feel as the FT MBA site.  Here is your opportunity to provide some comments and/or suggestions for features or information that you think would be really helpful when we launch the new site.

Example from Prospective Candidate/Blog Reader “A”: It would be really helpful to see a graphical depiction of the curriculum on a semester calendar for the WP MBA program.

What a great idea “A.”  As a matter of fact, this will most definitely be a feature on the academics section of the new site, just like it is here for FT MBA.

If you have other comments/suggestions, feel free to provide them here!  I can’t promise they will be implemented, but we will certainly take them into consideration.  For your reference, the current WP MBA website can be found here.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!