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OSU Library ranks 5th in nation

As you are thinking about returning to school to pursue your MBA, I am guessing that you probably aren’t thinking back fondly about the days spent studying at the library into the wee hours of the night just before a final exam.  Perhaps the library isn’t the number #1 place you look forward to visiting (unless, of course, you mean The Library on N. High Street – not exactly a place intended for studying or conducting research, at least not in the traditional sense).  The library may rank #2 or #3, right after The Shoe or The RPAC – maybe #4 if you add in the Union.  It should definitely make your top 5 list, however.

Here’s why:  The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Investment Index ranks the OSU Libraries (OSUL) fifth among public university libraries, a jump from 12th place just one year ago.

Thompson Library