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Application for Autumn 2015 now live

The Autumn 2015 application is now live with one major change this year – a brief video essay.

In an effort to get to know you a little bit better through the application process, we are asking you to record a two minute video response to the following prompt:

Share something interesting about yourself that we would not otherwise learn from your application.

The online application includes a link to the video essay platform.  You will be given specific, step-by-step instructions for completing the video essay.  While you do not have to complete the essay the first time you log-in to the video platform, we do request that you complete the essay prior to submitting your final application to the WP MBA program.

Have fun with this – it is an opportunity to showcase your personality in a way that doesn’t always come through your written personal statement.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Good luck!


Thinking about applying for the fall? Plan ahead!

1) Who will write your letters of recommendation?  Give them plenty of time and direction.  The majority of our applicants ask their references to utilize the online recommendation form.  By the time your recommender receives the link to complete the reference form and upload the letter of support, he/she should already know what to expect and be prepared to complete the process.  Fisher prefers professional references over academic references, unless you are a recent graduate from an undergraduate or graduate program and have a strong relationship with a professor who can speak to your potential for success in the MBA program.  Current supervisors are our first choice for a reference, followed by previous supervisors, colleagues, clients, or individuals with whom you work in the community or in a professional organization outside of your primary place of employment.

2) Start thinking about your personal statement.  Our guidelines for writing the personal statement are posted online so you can review them before you even begin an application.  Start to put together your thoughts and communicate your rationale for pursuing the MBA degree from Ohio State.

3) Prepare for the GMAT exam.  Visit for all of the information you could possibly want to learn about the test and test preparation, including  free, downloadable, full length practice tests.  Most schools will look at your highest score, but ideally you only have to take the test once at $250 per attempt!  Click here to find out whether you might qualify for a GMAT waiver. 

4) Request transcripts from your undergraduate institution(s) early.  Sometimes it takes awhile for those transcripts to arrive, so don’t wait until the last minute.  Fisher is now able to accept scanned or electronic copies of transcripts for academic review during the application process.  Official hardcopies will be requested after you are offered admission and prior to enrollment, unless the electronic transcript is sent directly to OSU from the granting institution and is considered official.  If you already have an undergraduate or graduate degree from Ohio State, you will not need to request a formal transcript for courses taken here, as we already have access to it. 

The next WP MBA information session will be held Tuesday, June 14 at 6:30 in Gerlach Hall.  Register here.

The application deadline for September 2011 is July 27, 2011.

Make your personal statement count!

They are just going to love my personal statement!

When you apply to the MBA program, we receive your application form, your transcripts, your resume, and your test scores, but these items really don’t help us get to know all that much about YOU.  The letters of recommendation and the personal statement are usually the application materials that give us the most insight into who you really are.   While you can coach your references on writing a good letter of recommendation, you can’t ultimately control what is said about you.  So, really, the personal statement provides you with the best opportunity to convince the Admissions Committee as to why you should be offered a spot in the  Fisher MBA program for Working Professionals at The Ohio State University.

A few things that you should include in your personal statement:

  • Rationale for pursuing the MBA degree at this stage of your personal/professional development
    • include an explanation of your career path to date and how your past experiences have informed your decision
    • include a discussion of your goals – both personal and professional – and how the MBA program will help you achieve them
  • Rationale for pursuing the Fisher MBA degree specifically (there are numerous MBA program out there offering a variety of delivery formats – why ours?)
  • Explanation for any red flags or issues that the application may reveal (e.g. sub-par undergraduate grades, big employment gaps, etc.)
  • Be honest and write from your heart – don’t try to write what you think we want to hear.  It is okay to reveal some shortcomings – we all have them!
  • Be mindful of the length – we set requirements for a reason.  We read hundreds of personal statements and we don’t have time to read novels.  If you are a few words over the limit, no big deal – a few pages  over?  We will begin to question your ability to follow directions and your attention to detail.

Good luck!

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