Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts

We have been getting a lot of questions about transcripts, so I thought this was an opportune time to clarify what we need from you.

Domestic Applicants (U.S.):

You are required to send two official copies of your transcripts to The Ohio State University.

An official transcript is:

  • A ”physical” transcript that is mailed directly to the Graduate Programs Office from the Registrar of your former or current University.
  • Remember to send transcripts from each and every post secondary institution that you attended.
    • This includes universities attended during high school, study abroad work, and transcripts previously submitted to Ohio State University as part of a freshman or undergraduate application.
  • You do not need to submit a transcript for any coursework you have completed at The Ohio State University.

International Applicants:

You are required to send in two official copies of your transcripts in order to receive an official and final admissions decision from The Ohio State University.  The Fisher College of Business will review an unofficial copy of your transcript and make a recommended admission decision.  You must provide the official copies of your transcripts prior to enrolling at Ohio State/Fisher if you receive a provisional admission decision.

You do not need to submit a transcript for any coursework you have completed at The Ohio State University. If you did attend Ohio State, we DO need transcripts from institutions that you attended prior or during your enrollment at Ohio State.

What constitutes an unofficial copy of your transcripts?

  • A PAPER copy of your transcripts sent to us via surface mail.
  • Scanned or emailed copies of transcripts cannot be used for a preliminary review of the application.

International applicants can apply for the WPMBA program!

Sometimes we get questions from international applicants who are wondering whether they can qualify for admission to the MBA program for Working Professionals.  Yes, you can!

If you are currently employed: We have many international students who are employed in Columbus/Central Ohio and enroll in the program with the H1-B visa classification. 

If you wish to study full-time: You can study in the Working Professionals program as a full-time status student.  This means that you would enroll in at least 10 credit hours per quarter, which would qualify you for a student visa. Even though you would be pursuing the Working Professional track, you would be a full-time student.  This option is attractive for international students who wish to improve their English proficiency during the day or take daytime electives to complement their evening core courses.

TOEFL: Unless you have recieved an undergraduate or master’s degree from a U.S. institution or you are from a country whose native language is English, you are required to take the TOEFL (or MELAB).  I know this is frustrating for individuals who have been living and working in the United States for some time, but unfortunately it is the policy at The Ohio State University.  As it is, if you have been living here for awhile, you should be able to ace that TOEFL exam, right?

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Good luck!