Checking on the status of your submitted application

Although the next application deadline is not until May 15, many of you may be getting ready to submit applications for the Autumn 2013 start term.   We often get questions about the status of your submitted application and whether we have received all of your materials.  A few things to remember:

  • Before contacting us to inquire about the pieces of your application that are missing, please check your application status by logging in to your application account.  Keep in mind that it will take several days for us to match your application with any other materials sent to our office, so please do not contact us the day after you submit the application to ask why it is still showing as incomplete.
  • GMAT and TOEFL scores take about 3 weeks to arrive at our office.  If you have copies of your score reports for either of these tests, you may email them to us so we know the exact date you completed the exam and can look out for your official scores.
  • Make sure you have provided us with every possible name you would have used on any of your application materials – are your undergraduate transcripts under your maiden name vs. your married name? Did you use a nickname or middle name instead of your birth name? Could your first name and last name be reversed (common for international students)? These are all issues that delay the process of matching your application with any of your supplemental materials.
  • If you have submitted your application and you have not received any communication from us after 3 or more weeks, please do feel free to contact us at to inquire about your application status.
Good luck!