Unsure of what to expect? Visit a class!

We know that the prospect of returning to school can be somewhat daunting, especially if you haven’t stepped foot in a classroom for 8 years.  As a first step, I would recommend that you attend one of our monthly information sessions, as this will alleviate some of your concerns and provide answers to many of your questions.  If you have already taken that step, set up a time to sit in on a MBA class with a current student.  Classes are currently held at 6pm and 8pm Monday through Thursday.  If you attend a class on Thursday evening, you can head to a friendly local establishment across the street to socialize with future classmates when class lets out. 

To indicate your interest in observing a MBA class, contact the student ambassadors at mba@fisher.osu.edu.  They will help coordinate your visit and ensure that someone will meet you to escort you to class. 

Class is fun! (Ok, maybe not THAT much fun, but you never know!)