We’re busy, but we still want to hear from you!

This time of the year is VERY hectic for the Fisher Graduate Programs Office. In addition to being the office through which you will submit your MBA application, this office also organizes all of the “beginning of year” activities for admitted students. First day of classes is September 22 and all of the graduate programs have orientation activities occurring right now and through September 21.  The orientation for Working Professional students beginning class this quarter is actually this evening!

So, yes, we’re very busy … but do not let this dissuade you from contacting us if you have any questions – just note it might take us an extra day or so to get back to you. Our contact information is in the upper right corner on this page and every page of this blog. We want to hear from you – so remember, please contact us if you have any questions! 

You can always sign up for one of our upcoming information sessions – this Wednesday’s session is just about full, so if you haven’t signed up, act quickly or join us on October 13!