You can become a CEO, too!

This weekend we held another successful pre-commencement ceremony for our summer WP MBA graduates.  Our keynote speaker, DeWight Wallace, attributed his career success to his MBA from Fisher.  He worked full-time while earning the degree in the evening, accumulating experience from leading organizations like General Electric and Texas Instruments.  DeWight  now claims the aspirational title of CEO for a billion dollar wholesale distribution business, Johnstone Supply.  In his remarks, he indicated that “The school where you earn your degree really does matter.”

If you have attended one of our information sessions, you have probably heard us say the same thing.  We often talk about the importance of a degree that is nationally recognized and portable, as you never know where your career may take you.  DeWight’s career took him to Portland, Oregon – quite a ways from Columbus, Ohio!  The Ohio State and Fisher names helped DeWight take his career all the way up the corporate ladder and all the way to the Pacific Northwest.  Lest you think this could never happen to you, pay attention to what he shared with our recent graduating class,

I am no different than any of you.  We are all Fisher MBAs now, only I am just a little bit older.

Join the Fisher MBA program and one day you can become a CEO, too!