Meet the newest member of the MBA Recruiting and Admissions Team

Meet Rebecca Zurek, Assistant Director of Recruiting and Admissions!

BS Psychology – SUNY College at Cortland, 2010

Master of Labor and Human Resources- The Ohio State University, 2012

Prior to joining the Admissions team at Fisher, Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science from SUNY College at Cortland and a Master of Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University. While working at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in their Global Training & Development department following graduation, Rebecca found herself drawn back to the Ohio State campus for recruiting events. She soon realized that her passion was to help recruit for the very programs that made an impact on her while she was at the university!

Prior to moving to Ohio, Rebecca grew up living on opposite sides of the country in both central New York and the lower part of Alaska. While completing her undergraduate degree she worked in a Psychophysiology Research Laboratory and ran intercollegiate Track & Field as a multi-event heptathlete. As a runner who is from small towns, Rebecca now enjoys jogging around town and exploring all of the wonderful things that Columbus city has to offer!

A few of her favorite things:

Place in Columbus: The Ohio State University Oval, The Short North District, Goodale Park

Restaurant: Ray Ray’s Barbeque Pit, Wildflower Café, Skillet

TV Show: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Skins

Food: Both coffee and cheese play large roles in her diet

Book: City of Glass by Paul Austere, 1984 by George Orwell, and anything written by William Shakespeare


New this year – upload your own transcripts

As an enhancement to this year’s online application, you now have the ability to scan and upload your own unofficial copies of your academic transcripts.  This will expedite your application review process, as the admissions team will not have to wait for official transcripts to arrive in the mail before reviewing your candidacy for the MBA program.  A few key things to keep in mind:

  • Unofficial transcripts are scanned copies of both sides of your official transcripts.  They are NOT web-generated advising reports or advising reports.
  • If you are offered admission to The Ohio State University, you will then need to submit official hard copy versions of your transcripts prior to enrollment.  The only exception to this is if your undergraduate institution sends “official” electronic transcripts directly to The Ohio State University.

Good luck with the application process!  The deadline for January 2014 enrollment is rapidly approaching – October 15, 2013!

Apply now!


New this year – GRE or GMAT

Beginning this year, the MBA program is accepting either the GRE or the GMAT to be considered for admission to the Working Professional MBA program.  That being said, the GMAT is the only standardized test that was specifically designed to help predict success in core MBA classes.  If you have not taken either test and you are debating about which one to take, we do prefer the GMAT.  If, on the other hand, you have already taken the GRE, by all means feel free to submit those scores with your MBA application.

Since we have not been accepting the GRE for a long time, we do not have historic data to provide with respect to class averages or score ranges.  What I can tell you is that the average GMAT of the class that entered in 2012 was a 621.  If you take a quick look at the comparison tool below, you can get an idea of how GRE scores compare to GMAT scores.  This is obviously just a rough guide, but may help to give you some insight into the score ranges we will be looking for.  For additional information on Fisher’s test score requirements, click here.

Fisher’s WP Program Ranks Top Ten Again

Columbus Business First featured an article last week on Ohio State’s latest gradaute business rankings.  The MBA program for Working Professionals moved up a notch to 8th in the U.S. News & World Report’s latest ranking of Part-Time MBA programs.  Click on snippit below to read the whole article!

Checking on the status of your submitted application

Although the next application deadline is not until May 15, many of you may be getting ready to submit applications for the Autumn 2013 start term.   We often get questions about the status of your submitted application and whether we have received all of your materials.  A few things to remember:

  • Before contacting us to inquire about the pieces of your application that are missing, please check your application status by logging in to your application account.  Keep in mind that it will take several days for us to match your application with any other materials sent to our office, so please do not contact us the day after you submit the application to ask why it is still showing as incomplete.
  • GMAT and TOEFL scores take about 3 weeks to arrive at our office.  If you have copies of your score reports for either of these tests, you may email them to us so we know the exact date you completed the exam and can look out for your official scores.
  • Make sure you have provided us with every possible name you would have used on any of your application materials – are your undergraduate transcripts under your maiden name vs. your married name? Did you use a nickname or middle name instead of your birth name? Could your first name and last name be reversed (common for international students)? These are all issues that delay the process of matching your application with any of your supplemental materials.
  • If you have submitted your application and you have not received any communication from us after 3 or more weeks, please do feel free to contact us at to inquire about your application status.
Good luck!


Applying with a previous OSU graduate degree

If you have already received a graduate degree from The Ohio State University, your application process is a bit different than that of new applicants to the graduate school at Ohio State.  Once you have enrolled as a graduate student at Ohio State in any academic discipline, you technically cannot apply again as a new student.  You are what we fondly refer to as a TGP – a “Transfer of Graduate Program” applicant.

Here is what you need to do to apply:

1) Fill out a TGP form and have it sent to the Graduate Programs Office.

2) Ask your previous academic program for copies of your undergraduate transcripts.  We can access your graduate level coursework.

2) Email your supplemental materials (resume, personal statement, scanned transcripts) to

3) Request to have your GMAT scores to Ohio State (TOEFL scores are not necessary for international applicants who have already completed a graduate degree at Ohio State)

4) Ask your references to email or mail their letters of recommendation to the Graduate Programs Office at 2108 Neil Avenue, 100 Gerlach Hall, Columbus, OH 43210.

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye!!


Meet your Career Consultant, Allison Jones

I decided to invite a guest to blog on the site for this week!  Allison Jones recently joined the Office of Career Management as a dedicated resource for Working Professional MBA students.

I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself to you.  My name is Allison Jones and I am a new member of the Office of Career Management team and will be providing customized career services specifically for Working Professional MBA students.  I have worked at The Ohio State University for seven years in a career services capacity, and have a great deal of experience helping students with all stages of career development, including initial self-assessment, career exploration, networking, job searching, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and evaluating offers.

My hours are 9:00-6:00 Monday through Wednesday, and 8:00-5:00 Thursday and Friday.  You can contact the Office of Career Management front desk at (614) 292-6024 to schedule an appointment, for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, according to your needs.  If it would be helpful to meet outside of these hours, contact me directly and we can set up an appointment. If you have a quick question, I have walk-in hours on Mondays 12:00-1:00 and Wednesdays 5:00-6:00. 

If you have any questions for me or if you have ideas for career-related events or resources that would be helpful, please let me know.  I look forward to working with you!



Simplifying Systems: Apply Yourself vs. BuckeyeLink

If you have created an application account for the MBA program and have started working on your application, you have been using a system called Apply Yourself (“AY“).  This screen shot should look familiar when you log in:
















Once you submit your application to the MBA program, you will continue to visit AY to review your application checklist – this will tell you whether we have received your transcripts, your test scores, your letters of recommendation or any other application materials that were not submitted with your online application form.

Soon after submitting your application, you will receive an email from The Ohio State University that provides your OSU ID and OSU ID password.   This information will be used to log into the BuckeyeLink to check your application status as it pertains to a DECISION on your completed application.  This site will be updated to indicate whether your application is in review, been approved for admission, been denied, or whether a decision has been deferred until a later date (wait listed):

For Fisher MBA applicants, this application status button on Buckeyelink is not where you go to make sure we have received your application materials.  This is where you go to check on the status of your completed application.

To summarize:

Check AY to check the status of your application that has been submitted but not yet complete.

  • In other words, until your application is complete, check AY.

Check BuckeyeLink to check the status of your application that has been submitted and is complete.

  • In other words, after your application is complete, check Buckeyelink.


GMAC Essential Prep gets you MBA ready

For those of you that are looking to brush up on a few skills prior to starting the MBA program,  GMAC’s Essential Prep Collection may be a good option.  The entire collection comes with tutorials in Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Skills and Statistics and gives you access to online materials for an entire year.  If you don’t need the whole collection, you can just purchase the tutorial that you need most.

Other suggestions for getting MBA-ready?

*Read the Wall Street Journal

*Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office products

*Read Accounting for Dummies or any other book that will introduce you to business terminology

*Enroll in undergraduate classes such as Statistics 1430 or Accounting 2300 prior to enrolling in MBA level courses.


OSU Library ranks 5th in nation

As you are thinking about returning to school to pursue your MBA, I am guessing that you probably aren’t thinking back fondly about the days spent studying at the library into the wee hours of the night just before a final exam.  Perhaps the library isn’t the number #1 place you look forward to visiting (unless, of course, you mean The Library on N. High Street – not exactly a place intended for studying or conducting research, at least not in the traditional sense).  The library may rank #2 or #3, right after The Shoe or The RPAC – maybe #4 if you add in the Union.  It should definitely make your top 5 list, however.

Here’s why:  The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Investment Index ranks the OSU Libraries (OSUL) fifth among public university libraries, a jump from 12th place just one year ago.

Thompson Library



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