Don’t forget the video essay!

Since we don’t get the opportunity to interview every WP MBA applicant in person, we introduced a new element into the application process this year – the video “essay.” It is not so much an essay as a two-minute peek into your personality.  It is your chance to introduce yourself (at least your virtual self!) to the Admissions Committee in a way that can showcase your communication skills, presentation skills, and individuality.  It adds that missing third dimension to a rather two-dimensional application process.

The video essay is completed through a different system than the one you use to submit your online application yet it is still a required part of the application process.  We are noticing that many of our applicants are showing “incomplete” for the video essay – you can complete this part either before you submit your online application or right after, but in either case, please don’t forget it!

We look forward to “meeting” you soon!



Making sense of the transcript requirements

On the application checklist, you might think securing transcripts would rank among the easier steps to “check off” – on the contrary, we find that this step can be confusing so I am going to explain a few things which will hopefully help to eliminate some confusion.

  • In order for the admissions committee to review your application, we at Fisher need a copy of an official transcript – this means that you either have a transcript that you kept after you graduated or you requested to have one sent to you.  You can then scan and upload it through the online application so we can review it.
  • A copy of an official transcript is NOT a grade report, an advising report or anything else that is not technically an academic transcript.
  • We need to see transcripts from every institution you attended where you received graded credit. Even though your summer school or study abroad coursework may show up on your primary institution’s transcript, Ohio State needs to see the originating transcript for these courses.
  • Once you earn admission to Ohio State, you will need to provide official transcripts to the university in order to enroll.  Some institutions have an electronic transcript exchange agreement in place whereby the school can directly have your transcript(s) sent electronically to Ohio State.  You will have to check with your institution to evaluate the best way to request official transcripts.
  • If you earned an undergraduate or graduate/professional degree from Ohio State, you do NOT need to request transcripts as we can access them already.


More questions? Review the application requirements online and if you are still unsure, email 



GMAT, GRE, standardized tests, oh my!

I know, I know – the thought of taking a standardized test after years of being away from the classroom can certainly be daunting.  One of the responsibilities of the admissions team is to evaluate whether a candidate (YOU) has the academic aptitude that is required to complete the rigorous coursework in the MBA program.  Many times an undergraduate academic record is not the best indicator or predictor of success in the MBA classroom – you may have graduated college without ever taking a math class, for example.  Or, perhaps your grades in quantitative courses were sub-par because you were working to pay for school and couldn’t put in as much studying time as you would have liked OR you were a college athlete OR you were just less motivated and mature than you are today (we have never heard anyone claim that one 🙂 ).  That is where the GMAT or the GRE can come to the rescue.

The GMAT/GRE can help us evaluate whether you have the requisite quantitative, verbal, analytic and integrated reasoning skills to be a successful student in the MBA program here at Fisher.  Here are three important things to consider:

1) You may take either the GMAT or the GRE but if you have not yet taken either, our preference is the GMAT.

2) If you take the test more than once, we will use your highest score.

3) If you meet specific criteria, you may be eligible for a waiver of the exam.

There are numerous test prep resources available as you study for these exams.  Here are some that we know about:

Good luck!


Secure your letters of recommendation early

While this may not be the first thing you think about when getting ready to apply for the MBA program, it probably should be.  If you think about it, the letters of recommendation are the only application requirements that are not exclusively within your control to provide to us.

Within the online application, there is a section that enables you to identify your references, provide their email addresses and send them a link to submit a recommendation on your behalf.  This process can happen independently from your application submission as well as before you actually submit your application.  The people that you will be asking to write letters of recommendation for you are likely busy working professionals who need quite a bit of advance notice to complete this assignment.  Ask them early and give them a deadline so your letters of recommendation are not the items holding up your review process.

Keep in mind:  We require 2 letters of recommendation and we prefer that they are professional rather than academic references, unless your experience is limited to an academic environment.  We would like to see a letter from your supervisor, who will likely be supporting your pursuit of the MBA degree.  If you are not able to secure a letter from a current supervisor, you may want to ask a previous supervisor, a colleague, a client, or anyone with whom you have worked in a professional, service,  or community organization.

Tip- to-write-a-good-reference_letter

Quick application checklist

Since we process applications on a rolling admissions basis, it is always advantageous to apply early – as applications are submitted and become complete, we will review them and make admissions decisions. The application is now live for both spring semester (January 2015 start) and autumn semester (August 2015 start).  The deadline to apply for the January start is October 15, so you still have plenty of time to get ready.

Here is your quick checklist:

1) Request an official copy of any transcript you have from an undergraduate or graduate institution where you received any credit.  A scanned or electronic copy of an official transcript is all you need to submit for application review purposes.

2) Register to take the GMAT or the GRE.  The GMAT is still our preferred test for the MBA program if you have not yet taken either test; however, we will accept the GRE and you will not be at any disadvantage if you choose to take the GRE.  You may be able to waive out of the test if you meet certain requirements.

3) Request individuals to serve as your references.  We require TWO letters of recommendation.  We prefer letters of recommendation from current or previous supervisors, followed by letters from colleagues, clients, professors, or anyone you may work with on a professional board or community organization.

4) Update your resume.

5) Start thinking about and drafting your personal statement and completing your video essay.

6) International students only – register for the TOEFL or IELTS.

Stay tuned for more advice on application requirements in upcoming posts!

Application for Autumn 2015 now live

The Autumn 2015 application is now live with one major change this year – a brief video essay.

In an effort to get to know you a little bit better through the application process, we are asking you to record a two minute video response to the following prompt:

Share something interesting about yourself that we would not otherwise learn from your application.

The online application includes a link to the video essay platform.  You will be given specific, step-by-step instructions for completing the video essay.  While you do not have to complete the essay the first time you log-in to the video platform, we do request that you complete the essay prior to submitting your final application to the WP MBA program.

Have fun with this – it is an opportunity to showcase your personality in a way that doesn’t always come through your written personal statement.  We look forward to getting to know you.

Good luck!


The new application will soon be live

coming soon







We know you are all anxious to start working on your MBA applications for next fall.  We are in the process of making changes to the new application for Fall 2015 and anticipate that it will go live here on Monday, July 14th.

Please come back to this blog throughout the next several months on announcements and tips/strategies for applying to the Fisher MBA program for Fall 2015!

Meet the newest member of the MBA Recruiting and Admissions Team

Meet Rebecca Zurek, Assistant Director of Recruiting and Admissions!

BS Psychology – SUNY College at Cortland, 2010

Master of Labor and Human Resources- The Ohio State University, 2012

Prior to joining the Admissions team at Fisher, Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science from SUNY College at Cortland and a Master of Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University. While working at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in their Global Training & Development department following graduation, Rebecca found herself drawn back to the Ohio State campus for recruiting events. She soon realized that her passion was to help recruit for the very programs that made an impact on her while she was at the university!

Prior to moving to Ohio, Rebecca grew up living on opposite sides of the country in both central New York and the lower part of Alaska. While completing her undergraduate degree she worked in a Psychophysiology Research Laboratory and ran intercollegiate Track & Field as a multi-event heptathlete. As a runner who is from small towns, Rebecca now enjoys jogging around town and exploring all of the wonderful things that Columbus city has to offer!

A few of her favorite things:

Place in Columbus: The Ohio State University Oval, The Short North District, Goodale Park

Restaurant: Ray Ray’s Barbeque Pit, Wildflower Café, Skillet

TV Show: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Skins

Food: Both coffee and cheese play large roles in her diet

Book: City of Glass by Paul Austere, 1984 by George Orwell, and anything written by William Shakespeare


New this year – upload your own transcripts

As an enhancement to this year’s online application, you now have the ability to scan and upload your own unofficial copies of your academic transcripts.  This will expedite your application review process, as the admissions team will not have to wait for official transcripts to arrive in the mail before reviewing your candidacy for the MBA program.  A few key things to keep in mind:

  • Unofficial transcripts are scanned copies of both sides of your official transcripts.  They are NOT web-generated advising reports or advising reports.
  • If you are offered admission to The Ohio State University, you will then need to submit official hard copy versions of your transcripts prior to enrollment.  The only exception to this is if your undergraduate institution sends “official” electronic transcripts directly to The Ohio State University.

Good luck with the application process!  The deadline for January 2014 enrollment is rapidly approaching – October 15, 2013!

Apply now!


New this year – GRE or GMAT

Beginning this year, the MBA program is accepting either the GRE or the GMAT to be considered for admission to the Working Professional MBA program.  That being said, the GMAT is the only standardized test that was specifically designed to help predict success in core MBA classes.  If you have not taken either test and you are debating about which one to take, we do prefer the GMAT.  If, on the other hand, you have already taken the GRE, by all means feel free to submit those scores with your MBA application.

Since we have not been accepting the GRE for a long time, we do not have historic data to provide with respect to class averages or score ranges.  What I can tell you is that the average GMAT of the class that entered in 2012 was a 621.  If you take a quick look at the comparison tool below, you can get an idea of how GRE scores compare to GMAT scores.  This is obviously just a rough guide, but may help to give you some insight into the score ranges we will be looking for.  For additional information on Fisher’s test score requirements, click here.

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