Finessing My Sales Internship at Marriott International

Hey everybody! Thanks for opening my blog! Today I am going to give you a little background on myself and how I obtained my internship for the summer with Marriott International.

First, I want to start by saying finding an internship can be HARD. It is not a simple, straightforward process with an offer on the first try. Although you may see everyone on LinkedIn accepting offers, keep in mind there were probably countless rejections leading up to the accepted offer. Do not compare your journey to others’ because usually only the highlights are shown on social media. That may sound like something you already consider but I cannot stress that enough throughout the job search process since it is a common dilemma for students, myself included.

The second thing I want to emphasize is how lucky OSU students are. Really. With one of the largest alumni networks in the world and the Office of Career Management (OCM; un-shameless plug), you have SO many resources at your disposal. USE THEM. You never know where it will take you. The OCM has so many tips for interviewing, resumes, you name it, and the staff is very friendly. Best of all, these resources are essentially free. Allocating them might be that extra thing that gives you a competitive edge. These resources were certainly helpful for me during the internship search process and I hope they will be for you too.

For those who may not know, I will be entering my senior year in the fall with a specialization in Marketing and a dual minor in International Business and Spanish for Business. This stems from my diverse family background, which finds its roots in Egypt. Having the opportunity to travel to visit relatives made me very interested in culture and adapting this to my career. I also loved the arts growing up and got my start in marketing at 7 years old by designing the logo for my dad’s campaign to be on city council. With this in mind, I wanted to tailor my passions for culture and creativity to my career. My end goal is to work abroad on an expat assignment using what I have learned in college for a career in global marketing.  I have been fortunate enough to have participated in the Summer Global Internship Program offered by Fisher. Through this, I had the opportunity to intern for CBRE in Madrid, Spain last summer. This was an amazing opportunity that gave me so many unforgettable memories. I highly recommend pursuing something like this even if you are only a little interested. How many people can say they worked in another country as an undergraduate?!

My interest in travel, adventure, culture, and language was what brought me to the hospitality field. That and who doesn’t want to work where people pay to vacation;). In order to fund my Spain experience and to dip my toes into this field, I started working at the Fairfield Inn and Suites (one of Marriott’s many brands) near campus as a Front Desk Agent. This position was really demanding and taught me how to work effectively with those from other cultures, balance an almost full-time job with a full class schedule, teamwork in a busy environment, and ultimately, that I love the rush and connections to people I have made in this industry. Even as a Front Desk Agent I had many benefits, the best, of course, being significant hotel discounts.

Once I began to search for internships, I started to recall how much I loved working at the Fairfield and decided to pursue it. Since Marriott is in the hospitality industry, the recruiting primarily occurs in the hospitality school at OSU. Due to this, I had to do some research and connecting on my own. It seemed very daunting at first but eventually things started to fall together. Just by simply looking up their website, I was able to find the recruiter’s contact information and reached out to her to introduce myself. After my initial email,  she responded soon after. She offered to call me to talk more about the opportunity-just from me reaching out! When we spoke, she told me the dates she was coming to campus and that the Sales Internships were more competitive since there are not many of them. After that, I thanked her for her time and periodically kept in touch with her until her visit to campus several months later. When I attended her event on campus, she remembered exactly who I was! Later that week, on-campus interviews were conducted and eventually I was offered the position.

I honestly think I was able to obtain this opportunity because I reached out and stayed connected. This showed my deep interest in the position. My prior experience in the field helped too, but this just goes to show the power of taking initiative. The biggest lesson I got from this is that it doesn’t hurt to ask/reach out- what a difference it makes! You just never know what will happen!

Thanks again for choosing to read my article of all the millions of things online you could have spent the last five minutes reading. My next article will be about what it is like to work in the sales office side of hospitality (there are even chickens involved!).  Attached below are some links to a few of the resources I mentioned in this article. Thanks for joining and BE GREAT!




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My first day as a Front Desk Agent at the Fairfield near OSU-January 2018. Who would have thought I would stay with this company and end up across the country (with shorter hair) a year and a half later!
Me as a Sales Intern at Marriott’s Southwest Regional Sales Office in Irvine, California-June 2019.

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Cisco’s Intern Events

One of the perks of being an intern includes company provided events. Cisco has not disappointed me with their fun incentives. On our last day of training, we were rewarded with two hours of laser tag at Hard Knocks and concluded with dinner. Interns and those in the finance rotational program were invited as a way to form friendships outside the office and take a load off the office pressures. I did not get home that night until almost ten, but it was worth it because I got to know the people I worked with while doing something fun.

A week after, all finance employees were able to attend a Durham Bull’s baseball game. The game was at one in the afternoon on a Wednesday, so we all left after lunch to head to the game. After about an hour of watching the baseball, we moved to seek shade, because the sun was bearing down on us in ninety degree heat. I ended up talking to the first year employees and managers in the finance rotational program. After another hour we all went home; I was quite relieved to get home early compared to when I work in the office.

Last week we had two events back to back. One afternoon we had a bowling event after lunch that included finance interns, employees in the finance rotational program, and our managers. This event included arcade games, bowling, food and raffles. Sadly I did not win any prizes, but I did get to network with managers of the rotational program that I could potentially work for full time. This event allowed me to be on a team with a VP of Finance, who is the finance leader at the RTP location. I emailed him a few days after the event, saying it was nice to meet him and that I would like to hear more about his position in Treasury. We have a meeting this week to talk more!

The next morning we had a volunteer event at a day care and spent time with special needs and typical peer children. After playing with the kids for a few hours, the interns and some of the people in the finance rotational program went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. Then we headed back to work. That afternoon I attended another event in a large conference room with games, snacks and drinks, which included all of the finance department employees. I ended up winning a gift card for having the fastest time in one of the games.

Throughout the internship there are a lot of Speaker Series, along with Lunch and Learns. Some weeks there are as many as three events showcasing important speakers. Being in a technology company, many of these meetings are over WebEx, Cisco’s telepresence platform that is similar to Skype. These talks are usually with Vice Presidents, but sometimes they can be with people higher up. Last week, finance interns in my location had a meeting over WebEx with the CFO, Kelly Kramer. This week Chuck Robbins, the CEO, will speak to all interns and answer questions. These sessions are a great way to learn more about the company leaders and form connections with executives.

Cisco is open to suggestions, as well. I pitched an event to my program manager, and will soon be putting on an event of my own in three weeks!

The Art of the Networking Coffee Chat

Everyone knows the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that counts.” Networking is certainly an important skill in the business world, and my internship this summer at Cardinal Health has helped me tremendously in building that skill.

The culture at Cardinal Health is very supportive of networking within the company. Everyone that I have encountered so far is more than willing to share about their role in the company, their career path, and any helpful insights they may have. As an intern, you have a “free pass” to learn as much as you can about other functions within the company.

I quickly discovered the concept of the “coffee chat,” a quick, usually 30-minute, meeting with someone who has a background or role you would like to learn more about. And of course, the chats are normally held in the comfortable chairs around the Cardinal Health coffee shop, Crimson Cup.

Throughout my internship thus far, I have scheduled coffee chats with other employees from a variety of sources. I attended Cardinal’s Finance Open House, which is like a career fair for internal employees. Here I spoke with someone in the tax department, who gave me the name of a director I could chat with to learn more about opportunities in tax.

My intern mentor has also helped connect me with a few networking contacts. Having expressed interest in a finance role, he directed me to a manager in Financial Planning and Analysis who gave me valuable insight into his day-to-day role. While chatting with the FP&A manager, he connected me with another employee who provided more information about full-time employment opportunities and the hiring process at Cardinal Health. The networking chain continues!

Whether you are in an internship role, a student, or just reaching out to family and friends, never be afraid to utilize your network. Even a 30-minute chat over coffee can be a great learning experience and lead to potential opportunities in the future.

5 Pieces of Advice to Use in 5 Days!

Written by Career Events Intern, Courtney Russell

Fisher Fall Career Fair

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

  1. Don’t forget to bring your BuckID! You will need this to swipe in at the fair.
  2. Bring dollar bills- especially if you are coming straight from class you will want to coat check your backpack for $1. Seriously though, suit + giant backpack do not look good.
  3. Your phone – don’t text while talking to employers, but DO download the OSU Career Fair Plus mobile app to access Company Major Charts and the Career Fair Map! …Trust me, there are over 175 tables, and 3 completely filled ballrooms, this will be a life saver.
  4. Resumes – emphasis on the S. Even if you only research and plan on talking to a few companies, be prepared for anything.
  5. Lastly, put your resumes in a professional padfolio. If you didn’t graduate from FCP as a freshman and are still in need, Ohio State’s bookstores have them as well!

10 Tips and 10 Days until the Career Fair!

Written by Career Events Intern, Courtney Russell

Fisher Fall Career Fair

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

  1. Double Check! Pull your suit out and check to make sure it’s in great shape. Did you just buy a new suit? Please, please, please remove the threaded “X’s” from your suit jacket or skirt in the back and cut open the pockets on pants or a jacket if they are sewn shut. Check out this YouTube link before you ruin your new suit
  2. Do bring positive energy! Don’t act tired or like you don’t want to be there. You may have just raced over from your very boring two hour lecture and it’s extremely hot outside, but don’t let that show.
  3. When you talk about your work experiences, describe your accomplishments rather than your duties.
  4. REMEMBER NAMES! Nothing is worse than going in for an NDI (Next Day Interview, for those who don’t work in the best office ever…cough cough… Office of Career Management…cough cough), being asked whom you met with yesterday, and having absolutely no clue except that you think he was wearing a red tie. Pay attention to their name tag, ask for a business card, use their name while you are talking, and jot it down in your padfolio once you leave their table.
  5. Always ask for a business card at the end of your conversation, the best way to contact them, or what the next step would be. I have an app called “SamCard” which is a business card reader. I just take a quick picture of the card and it automatically uploads their information to your phone’s address book.
  6. Don’t interrupt a conversation. If an employer sees that you have no problem being rude to a fellow Buckeye, they definitely don’t want you being rude in their office.
  7. Don’t spend time with companies if you have no interest in working there. Yes, their free pens look super temping, but it’s not worth your time when someone else may be impressing the company you’ve always wanted to work for while you hunt down the place with the cool magnets.
  8. Don’t be intimidated; THEY aren’t going to walk up to the nervous looking students an awkward distance away from the table and introduce themselves, that’s YOUR job (they already have one)!
  9. Don’t use a loose fish grip as a handshake. Nothing says I have no idea what I’m doing like a terrible handshake. Make sure to practice before hand if you’re worried about this part. Also, make sure to make great eye contact. Walk up with confidence and make a killer first impression!
  10. GET EXCITED! Follow @FisherCareerMgt for last minute information about the fair!