Oh Hey, Let’s Blog…


Well hi there! I’m Monica and I’m a rising senior from Springboro, Ohio majoring in marketing. This summer I have the amazing opportunity to intern at Marathon Petroleum in Findlay, Ohio. I will be working in their Business Development field. It is pretty awesome how I ended up working for a Fortune 33 company in the petroleum and oil industry! I took a chance on them at the Fisher Fall Career Fair and the recruiters took an even bigger chance on me by offering me an interview and then extending me an offer a week later!

I am so excited to learn more about the field of business development. I was not really sure of that particular career path coming into college, but when I started to learn more about it, I could really see my analytical skills and my personable skills fitting in well with the job. Marathon is a fantastic company and I have heard some fantastic feedback from their internship program. I cannot wait to develop myself both personally and professionally this summer!

At first, I was a little hesitant about living in Findlay for a summer. Having grown up all over the world, I have not spent too much time in Ohio and I do not know anyone around in the Findlay area. However, Marathon was super helpful in providing me with a list of housing options in Findlay perfect for young professionals. I chose to live in a six-bedroom house with other Marathon interns. While I do not know them and have not met them yet, I figured that living with strangers and getting to know new people is part of the fun about being in a new area. Plus, a main lesson I have learned at OSU is learning to live and coexist with all sorts of crowds.

All in all, my start date is June 2nd and I am so excited to begin working! I had the whole month of May to unwind from finals and travel to North Carolina with some friends for a weeklong beach trip. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to share my summer with others through blogging. I cannot wait for what awaits for me this summer in both my professional and personal life and getting to share my story with Fisher community makes it all the better.

Bring on the corporate life!

– Monica