How to Stay Motivated

“Gosh, I just love being freezing cold all the time!”

~ said no one, ever.

Here in Ohio we are having our fair share of extreme temperatures. And I am one of those people whose motivation level directly correlates with the outside temperature. 75 degrees out? That means I am 75% more likely to complete a task. -11 degrees? Yeah, good luck with that.

All joking aside, it can be very difficult to stay motivated during this time of year. So, here are some ways to keep your career search inertia going:

1) Take this time to ramp up your LinkedIn presence – update your profile, take a new professional headshot, find new connections, or follow new companies. Special bonus points for following beach resorts and suntan lotion distributors.

2) Research companies you’re interested in; bookmark their job boards and follow them on LinkedIn.

3) Update your resume with your most recent work experience, activities, and newly acquired skills. Skills like snow-shoeing, bobsledding, and navigating the icy sidewalks without falling. That kind of thing.

4) Go out for fresh air. Take a walk in the cold with flip-flops on. That’ll wake you up.

5) Plan at least 3 informational interviews with contacts you would like to add to your network. Invite them for coffee. Caffeine + Warm beverage = Great conversation!!!

So these are just a few (mostly) helpful tips to keep that job search momentum going, even when you’re freezing cold. Just don’t show up to an interview in sweatpants, please.