2015 Leadership Summit


Want to stand out for job opportunities? The 2015 Leadership Summit is an annual, all-day experience that seeks to bring together aspiring student leaders from across Ohio State’s campus. This event will allow you the opportunity to uncover your leadership strengths and network.  The itinerary includes a VP of UPS opening speaker, break-out development sessions held by industry professionals and dinner with company recruiters.

The 2015 Leadership Summit will be held at the Ohio Union on January 31st from 1-7 PM.

Deadline to register is December 15th.

Find out more information and register online http://www.osuleadershipsummit.com/student-registration.html!

Of Speed-Meeting and ICAB-Leading

One of my favorite things about interning at Marathon this summer is the opportunity to lead my intern class by serving on the Intern/Co-op Advisory Board (otherwise known as ICAB) as the Chair. I know I’ve talked a little bit about this in my previous posts, but we finally had our first official ICAB social event last week!

After a week and a half of hard planning, we were finally ready! Last Friday, we had about 70 interns gather in the auditorium for “Intern Speed-Meeting.” We sat the interns down at tables of six and gave them five minutes to introduce themselves, state what department they were working in, and answer two questions on the screen before rotating a few of them. The questions weren’t the typical “What’s your favorite movie?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?” questions, but rather thoughtful invocations such as “If all 50 states went to war with each other, which state would win and why?” and “What is the most useless superpower?” to make everyone step out of their comfort zone and think outside the box.

I think the event was a success! We had a few logistical errors that popped up when we got there such as deciding where to seat everyone and figuring how to rotate the interns, but it all worked out in the end! I’ve heard some great feedback about the event and I feel like everyone had a good time getting to socialize with their fellow interns. After all, we are all future potential employees of Marathon and happy company makes a happy company!

Our next ICAB event is a “Lunch and Learn” with one of the refining experts in the company to learn more about the refining process and the backbone of Marathon. I am so proud of my board and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with them this summer! Serving as ICAB Chair is one of the highlights of my internship thus far and it really has taught me much about leading a team and the importance of staying organized and making yourself available to others. For all future interns/co-ops at Marathon, I definitely recommend applying for one of the board positions. Not only is it a great way to meet people and a nice resume-booster, it is also fun and extremely rewarding.

As a side note: I had breakfast with Donald Templin (the CFO of Marathon!), a senior VP of Corporate Planning, a VP of Finance, and the finance interns last week! Starting the day off with a talk about leadership, the importance of fully grasping every opportunity, and a delicious breakfast casserole was definitely an experience to remember. I am so thankful to have had that opportunity.

I can’t believe I’m on my fourth week of my internship. Time certainly has flown by!

Until next time, everyone!


Third Time Around

It’s hard to believe that I just finished up my second week with Marathon Petroleum! I’ve been learning so much, meeting so many people, and having just an all-around fantastic summer. I am so blessed and thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given this summer from the projects that I have been working on to the chance to be the Chair of the Intern/Co-op Advisory Board and so much more!

Due to confidentiality matters, I can’t go into too much detail about my projects here at Marathon, but you can rest assured that I am loving going to work everyday and learning more about the importance of competitive intelligence in the field of business development. My supervisor, my mentor, and my co-workers are all incredibly helpful and always willing to answer any questions that might come up. It’s pretty cool how they instill so much trust in their two interns to work according to our own pace and produce high-quality results.

A project that I have been working on that I can actually talk about is a case study with the finance interns regarding the ROI of a $40 million acquisition simulation. This is based on a past business deal in Marathon’s history. Being a marketing major who might not have done too well in Jay Wellman’s 3220 finance class, I was and still am a little worried about this project since finance isn’t the area of my expertise. My team and my supervisor know that I am ready to learn and willing to help out where I can, but recognize that this isn’t where I feel the most comfortable so I am thankful for their understanding.

I’m a little shy around new people, so I’ve really been trying to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and make friends since I knew almost no one coming to Findlay. Thankfully, my roommates are fun to be around and like to hang out. We always have interns sending out emails for “Wing Night Wednesdays” and get-togethers at various houses so I try to go to what I can to meet as many people as possible. Everyone has been so friendly. After all, we’re only here for three months so why not try to make the most of it?

Finally, being the Chair of the Intern/Co-op Advisory Board has been an amazing experience. I organized and ran my first board meeting earlier this week and I’d like to say that it was a success! I even got a reservation for the fancy director’s room with the big plasma TV so that was kind of cool. We conducted a productive brainstorming session to come up with ideas for social, business, and community service related events for the summer 2014 intern class. Getting to develop my leadership skills while getting involved at Marathon Petroleum is a fabulous experience and I am so glad to have that opportunity here!

Ten more weeks! I feel like it’s going to fly by before I even realize it, but I’m ready for the ride of a summer.

Until next time!

Student Organizations: More than just going to meetings

By Mark Wilson, Director of Employer Relations & Technology

Recently, I had a great meeting with a second semester freshman about transitioning from engineering to business. This student was seeking information on what he could be doing right now to make himself more attractive to employers and get ready for the job search.  He was asking all the right questions and I wish we all had the self-awareness he has to seek information early whenever take on a new challenge in life.

One of his questions was what are employers looking for in college students.  There is a list of things every employer wants, and at or near the top, leadership always makes the list.  For many of us, looking for leadership is interpreted as I need to be president of a student organization.  However this in not the case, leadership should be interpreted as meaning involved and making a difference.  That is the key to joining a student organization to help build your resume.  When you join, get involved and do something.  Sadly, many students join organizations and barely attend the meetings while thinking this is what being involved means.  Any recruiter can read between lines of your resume and see the difference between true participation and simply showing up.

If you are going to join a student organization to build your resume, get involved and gain some leadership experience.  For example, a student described to me how as freshman she took on the role of concessions chair for a fund-raising event.  As chair, she organized volunteers to work the concession stand, planned a menu and shopped for food, and managed a million other details for the concession stand team.  In the end, her work raised almost $2,000 for her student organization.  This is a great example of leadership through involvement and will be very appealing to employers when they see it on her resume or when they hear her talk about it in her interviews.  Remember, you do not have to be the president of a student organization to gain the all important leadership experience employers are seeking.  Simply get involved and find a way to contribute.

Accenture SLC at the Q

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet over 200 Accenture interns from across the country, Canada and Puerto Rico. For the past 22 years Accenture has hosted the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) for rising senior interns. This three day conference is full of team building activities, speakers, and fun activities such as talent shows, scavenger hunts, cosmic bowling and sand volleyball.

The Q-Center located in St. Charles, IL

The three daylong conference took place in St. Charles, IL at the Q center. Since I am out of the Chicago office it was just over an hour drive, everyone else flew. The Q center is an old women’s college that is now used as a training facility. When you are hired on as a full time consultant at Accenture you spend 4 weeks training at the Q center. It had a great dining facility, super nice rooms, and a great campus complete with golf course Greene. While the facility was amazing, I was not there for vacation.

The trip consisted of listening to senior executives career paths and their views on leadership, technology (such as SAP, Oracle, Cloud), and break-out sessions where we learned how to better work as a team and be an effective leader. My favorite part of the whole weekend was all the team building activities which ranged from trust exercises to scavenger hunts. My team consisted of 16 people from all over the place. One specific activity required some people that could not talk, some who could not see and the rest tied together. We then had to complete a series of activities and puzzles while working together. After spending 45 minutes trying to help someone who could not see throw a ball into a bucket and lead them over stepping stones in a lake, new appreciation and friendships were built along with quite a few laughs. However the hardest part was working with 15 other motivated, type A, leaders. It sometime becomes difficult to let other be in control and take the lead, especially for me.
All in all it was a great weekend that taught me a lot about my leadership style and personal brand. Not only did I get to hear different intern experiences and client projects, I gained better insight into what a potential career would be like with the firm. Opportunities like the SLC are present in most big companies, don’t be shy and timid but really branch out and try and meet as many people as possible.

Here is the 2011 SLC video.  The 2012 isn’t up yet but I was featured in it.  So be sure to keep an eye out for it!



Until next time,