My Internship in Texas: The Trip Down South


It’s hard to believe it, but I am currently over a thousand miles away from home, living on my own, and awaiting my first day of my summer internship with a financial institution. I was lucky enough to be one of 193 students nationwide to be selected for their summer financial advising internship. When selected, students can essentially select whichever city they would like to work in, as long as there is a proper mentor within a reasonable radius. Being the rather adventurous and impulsive person that I am, I chose someplace that would be far outside of my comfort zone. This takes me to where I am currently sitting; in an off-campus house, near Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

The 20 hour trip over the course of 2 days took more than a little self-motivation on my part to get through and helped me gain a fair share of stories and experiences. Most notably, I spent the night after my first day of travel at my close friend’s house in St. Louis. This was coincidently the same city as my internship employer’s headquarters. I thought about how neat it would be to stop by and check it out. Furthermore, my boss would surely be pleasantly surprised to see that I am taking such an active interest in the company. I did not, however, consider that my unannounced visit would create a sense of alarm for the company’s hired security.

I walked around the building taking pictures and staring in awe at the breathtaking sight. Eventually, I noticed a security guard staring at me suspiciously so I approached him and said hello. After responding, he put his radio up to his mouth and said “Yeah, I’m with him now.” The internship had yet to start and I already found a way to make a name for myself. He talked to me for some time and it became clear security had become suspicious and he was going to follow up with my mentor later on to make sure that my story was true.

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I can only imagine that my boss will have a good laugh about this on Monday, and perhaps he will be impressed by my active interest in the company. I’ve always been a firm believer that it is wiser to risk embarrassment than to risk regret. I would be lying if I didn’t admit how overwhelmingly nervous I am for this summer, but just like my trip down here, I plan to put myself out there and do my best to succeed.

My Empire State of Mind

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nick Palmiotto and I am a 3rd year student from Oceanside, NY majoring in finance and economics at The Ohio State University. Since I was young, I’ve aspired to live and work in New York City doing something in finance, and I made the decision to come to Ohio State after doing a lot of research on the programs Fisher had that would help me make that happen. After thousands of hours of preparation, hundreds of emails and phone calls, dozens of meetings and interviews, a few key people who believed in me, and even one lucky break, I couldn’t be more proud and excited to be interning for JPMorgan Chase at their global headquarters in New York this summer.

One of my favorite pictures I've taken of New York.
One of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of New York

How I got here was pretty untraditional from normal campus recruiting. Being a part of the Fisher Futures program, I leveraged the credibility of the program and tried to connect with as many people who worked on Wall Street as possible on LinkedIn to try to schedule phone calls and coffee meetings with them. My hope with doing this was that they would give me helpful insight about their jobs, help me get better connected with other smart and important people, and help me earn interviews with their companies if they liked me enough and believed I was capable. I landed interviews with Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and JPMorgan Chase’s Columbus office. My first interview was on campus with JPMorgan for a summer financial analyst position in Columbus, and I was offered the job three days after my interview. With a job offer already in my pocket (despite not being my most preferred offer), I went on to interview for investment banking positions with Goldman and Barclays. These interviews were awesome experiences and I am proud of the effort I gave, however the offers just didn’t come through with how competitive the selection processes are for these jobs. I knew however that I wanted to work in New York regardless of what function of finance I was doing, so I scrolled through the connections I’ve made, crafted some more carefully worded emails and LinkedIn messages, and went out to make it happen.

After getting my JPMorgan offer in Columbus, I made my passion for working in New York known to my interviewers and recruiter. One of my interviewers luckily was a Fisher Futures alum, and he was able to get me very well connected to friends he had in the company’s New York office. After speaking with bankers in New York and having an open and honest dialogue with my Columbus recruiter, I flew out to New York to grab coffee with the people I connected with, and I was able to get the offer I really wanted in the New York office.

I value the opportunity I have now to be among some of the smartest and most successful people in finance at JPMorgan in New York. While I am still unsure about what exactly it is I want to do in finance after graduation, being in a big bank will allow me to learn about a lot of different areas and have access to a ton of inspiring and insightful people. This summer, I’ll be working in JPMorgan’s investor relations division and I’m extremely excited about the role.

I’m really excited to be able to share my experiences this summer here. Thank you so much in advance for reading and following my journey this summer. Take care and best of luck!