Tip Tuesday: Handling Early Offers

Written by Undergraduate Career Consultant, Sheri Sheffel

Congratulations! You networked, did your research, and had a superstar interview. You did it! You received an offer and the school year has barely begun….. but now what? Are you sure you want to take it?  Still interested in other companies, but you don’t want to lose this one?  Here are a few pointers to help you down that road!

  • Don’t accept it right away. Make sure you take some time to sleep on it, talk with family and friends, and make sure that it is actually an offer that makes sense to you. Will you be doing work that you enjoy? Is it a company that you respect? Do you align with their mission, vision, and values?
  • Be honest with the company. Talk with your key contact to find out when your decision must be made.  If you feel that isn’t enough time, let them know as soon as possible. If you have upcoming interviews, let the first company know so that they understand why you are asking for an extension.
  • Fisher also gives companies a guideline of November 1st as the baseline for having students make a decision. Talk with your contact about this date and the guideline that is set for them. Remember that this is just a guideline… not a concrete rule.
  • It is okay to let other companies know that you have an offer. This lets them know your timeline and may urge them to give you an offer sooner or let you know that their decision will not be made by your decision day.
  • Don’t know how to word it or what to say?  Review this article in The Muse and/or make an appointment with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management to talk through your situation. We are here to help!

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The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair – THIS WEEK

The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair

September 12-13, 2017 | Ohio Union | 1 -5 pm

September 14, 2017 Interview Day

Join Buckeye Careers for a campus-wide fair, connecting students across all majors, graduate programs and degree levels with employers seeking to recruit for career employment and internships.

Review the student information page to learn more about the event and the employers attending.

Questions about this event? Contact careerfairs@osu.edu

OCM Staff Spotlight: Margie Bogenschutz

Margie Bogenschutz works as the Senior Director of Undergraduate Career Management and Recruitment.  In her work, she enjoys the impact the Office of Career Management has on students to help them be successful in their career choices as they pursue opportunities to launch their careers!  Outside of work, Margie loves hanging out with her grandbaby (in picture), cheering on her college sports teams and Cleveland Indians, walking her dog, taking care of her flowers, scrapbooking, and reading fiction.  If she could be anything, she would be a dog trainer for assistance dogs.  You might not know that Margie has a twin brother, who is a graphic designer in Chicago!  Margie’s advice to Fisher undergraduate business students is, “do your QUIC interview your sophomore year!”