First Week @ JPMorgan Chase (Investment Banking)

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Anthony-Wood and I’m a rising senior at tOSU in The Fisher College of Business pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in finance. This summer, I will be blogging (my first time ever) about my experience interning for JPMorgan Chase in their Corporate Investment Banking division that is located in NYC, along with my experience of living in the wild concrete jungle that is New York.  Now that you have a little background info on me and what my role is this summer I’ll get into the details of my first week here in the city & at work.

Orientation/Background Info on the Program: The program I am in is the Global Finance & Business Mgmt. (GFBM) program and I am under the Corporate Investment Banking (CIB) division of JPMorgan working as a summer analyst. Basically there are 100 or so interns (2% acceptance rate) in this program dispersed across 4 LOB (lines of business) that JPMorgan employs. These 4 LOB are CIB, Asset & Wealth Mgmt., Commercial Banking & Consumer Banking. For the first 3 days all 100 interns went through orientation together before we met with our official teams on Thursday, which is who we will work closely with for the rest of the summer.

Orientation was located in Manhattan at JPMorgan’s HQ for Monday & then the following 2 days were in Jersey City so there was lots of traveling around the city and I got very comfortable riding public transit quickly (more by force than willingly). Side note- NYC Subways are everything and more you have ever heard…it did not disappoint haha. The subway is kind of confusing, but once you get it down, its really not that bad considering you usually ride the same 2/3 lines after you get into a routine. The first 2 days of training were focused on explaining what each LOB does and what the organizational charts for each look like (who is your boss & their boss & so on), along with everything we needed to know as far as JPMorgan corporate goes. Wednesday however was different..very different as we sat through a 10 hour excel class. Fellow FCOB students, please PAY ATTENTION TO CSE AS IT IS BY FAR THE MOST APPLICABLE CLASS TO OUR CAREERS. I’m not kidding, I’d be willing to bet that 80% of my day consists of V/Hlookups, Pivot Tables and running Querys to provide the traders with the information and analytics they need.

First Real Days in the Office: My first day in the office was Thursday, June 6. First, the offices are huge (20+ floors) and contain everything one could want including common areas, fridges, snacks, teas/coffees and a whole cafe floor. Although the offices are large, it is surprisingly easy to communicate with everyone on your team and in your LOB as rather than cubicles JPMorgan employs an open desk floorpan where you can see everyone you work closely with. My desk consists of 3 monitors that I am able to open applications & complete work on. My direct team consists of 7 members, which is made up of myself, 3 full-time analysts, 2 VP’s and our ED (my manager) who we directly report to. There are also 2 MD’s (Managing Director’s) on our floor who oversee the day to days of the whole floor and report directly to the Board Members.

Thursday & Friday consisted primarily of a few more informational sessions, while I also tried to crank out all of my mandatory trainings so I could start my real work come Monday the 10th. Sprinkled in on these days I got a little taste of what I was to be doing for the rest of the summer and boy was it intense. My first project is one that consists of an 80,000 row Excel spreadsheet to which I have to run reports on in order to find the discrepancies and differences from the main database. The Excel spreadsheet hasn’t been so bad, but the difficulty lies in trying to learn the 3 other software programs the company uses (I was told practice makes perfect on learning these), so hopefully by the end of the week I will feel better about manipulating the data.


Outside of Work/Exploring NYC

So this is my first time in NYC so every free moment I have had over the first 1.5 weeks here has been spent exploring. So far, I have seen many of the monuments and main attractions in the city (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, etc.) while also being able to explore some of the boroughs as each is incredibly unique. I look forward to seeing what each has to offer over the course of the summer. Along with sightseeing, I have made several close friends and have gotten close with a group of 15 or so interns who I have gone out with to happy hours after work and on the weekends. This has been great as it has allowed me to network while also having fun and learning the city all at once. I highly encourage trying to give your internship a social aspect as it will help in networking, while also making the internship as enjoyable as possible.

While the first week I had some extra free time to explore, the rest of the summer will not be so kind to me as during the week I am pretty swamped with work, if the summer continues to go this way a typical weekday schedule for me looks like:

6AM: Wake up, eat breakfast, shower/shave, iron clothes for work

7AM: catch the 2/5 or the Q (subway lines) to work depending on which is quicker

7:30AM: arrive to work

7:30-12:30: check emails, attend meetings, run reports for traders, anything my manager asks of me

12:30-1 (sometimes 1:30): eat lunch-usually pack but sometimes go to cafe

1:00-5:30/6:00PM: rerun reports with new metrics, compile and analyze data, make sure report with the days ending numbers are on managers desk before I leave for night

6:15-6:30PM: Get home, change, organize stuff for next workday

6:45-8:15: Workout/run

8:30: Shower, eat dinner

9-11PM: finish up any tasks still remaining, any leisure activity (TV, XBOX, hang with friends, etc)

11PM: Bed


That is all I have for now, but I’ll be posting again at the end of the week to update everyone on how my first full week in the office went! See you guys then!

First Weeks at Amazon

Hey guys! I just got through my first 2 weeks interning at Amazon. It was definitely a very interesting experience! I learned a lot about the culture, the expectations, and the people that are working in my fulfillment center. It was a great start to my 10 weeks here.

Amazon has a really great introductory week for its incoming interns and managers: Associate Experience Week (AEW). For the first week, we go around and train in the associates’ jobs at the fulfillment center. This is SUCH a great idea; I loved being able to develop an understanding of the roles that I will be leading. It was super informative and a great opportunity, but it was also exhausting! I’ve never done anything remotely close to factory work. The only “physical” work experience I have is waitressing. The associates work 4 days of 10 hour shifts (which I started after AEW), but I was working Monday through Friday and only worked an 8 hour shift that week. Being on my feet, moving, and lifting heavy things at high intensity for that long was pretty killer to say the least. I think this is a great process to have new leaders go through, because I earned even more respect for the associates. Those jobs are TOUGH and the rates at which they do them are so impressive! I enjoyed getting to know everything, and I relished a bit in getting paid for a daily workout, but I was definitely happy to see Friday come to a close. Over the week, I learned how to do jobs receiving packages from the dock, scanning them into the fulfillment center, stowing them in the aisles, picking them for orders, and packing them into boxes to be shipped. All these different roles are equally challenging, but the associates that trained me were all so encouraging and fun, making it lots easier.

There were a few more administrative things to get done in that first week, too. I learned how to drive PIT (Power Industrialized Trucks), and getting my approved PIT license was pretty fun. My trainer was really awesome and then embellished it with the OSU logo. Go Bucks, even from New England! I received my work laptop, which is nice but unusable outside of the Amazon network since I’m hourly. I was also able to meet the managerial staff, including my area manager (AM) and the other AMs, as well as the operations manager, senior operations managers, and general manager of the facility. Everyone was very friendly and accepted me with welcoming arms, which is a great feeling. Amazon is a very young company, which helps keep me comfortable. My AM, who I’ll be working with closely all summer, was an intern 2 years ago. In addition to everything else I learned that first week, I started to understand how the work day flows. There’s morning standup – led by the AM with general best practice tips, daily expectations, safety tips, and input from associates – first thing, a 15 minute break, lunch, afternoon standup after lunch, then another 15 minute break in the afternoon. Before each break and lunch, the AMs sync up with their process assistants and other AMs in their section of the fulfillment center (inbound or outbound). Days at Amazon are long and fast-paced, so it’s been difficult to adjust, but I really enjoy the challenge!

The second week was much more relaxed than AEW, but still long and demanding. Not to mention my first day in operations came with a power outage and the second day saw the last day of our inbounds operations manager. Yeesh. I began my actual schedule, which is Wednesday through Saturday, 7am-5:30pm. Amazon has pretty funky schedules: front half works Sunday through Wednesday; back half works Wednesday through Saturday; donut works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; and wrap works Friday through Monday. There are days and nights for each of these schedules, as the fulfillment centers function 24 hours a day. I’m on back half days to follow what my manager was assigned. In these four days, I was able to spend two of them shadowing an AM and the other two working on my project. As an intern, I am assigned a specific area to work on for my 10 weeks. I’ll be learning the area to develop an understanding of it then finding a way to improve its efficiency/flow/productivity. Once I develop my project, I pitch it to the upper manager staff at my fulfillment center and they decide if they want to implement it. Working on that has been quite the experience. I worked closely with associates, questioning them about processes that could be improved, eliminated, etc. They were super helpful, and I could feel them start to open up a bit more to me. Win-win! My project is still in the very beginning phases, as expected, but I like how well it’s going thus far.

Going forward, I’ll keep working on my project, getting to know my associates, getting a better understanding of the daily AM schedule, and trying to take it all in. As one of the senior operations managers describes it, it’s like “drinking out of a fire hose.” Regardless, I’m really enjoying getting to learn all of this and accommodate to the pace it takes to run a huge facility. I’m still enjoying the New England area and have used my three day weekends to take in some of the sights, so I might be able to put out a post about that fairly soon!

Go Bucks, and #BePeculiar 🙂

Orientation at Meijer!

Hi everyone!  I’m in week three of working as a retail intern at Meijer.  These past three weeks have been very busy and I’m excited to share all of the details with you!  First off, you may be wondering how I got my internship.  I knew a little bit about Meijer as a company, but wasn’t too familiar with it since I’m from the Cleveland area and they had not opened stores in the Cleveland market until a few weeks ago.  If you’re from the Cleveland area and Meijer is new to you, too, go check it out!  This past Christmas, I was looking for internships on the Handshake website, and found Meijer’s page and the description of the retail operations internship and it instantly sparked my interest.  I have worked in retail for a few years now, but wanted to be able to see retail from more of a broad perspective as I work in one of the stores, but will be working on a project that I will later present to corporate to see if they can implement it into their other stores, too.  I applied, had a phone interview and an in person interview, and then was very excited to find out I got the job.  A few weeks ago, I flew to Chicago and then to Grand Rapids for a welcome event at the Frederik Meijer Gardens, which is a 158-acre botanical garden and outdoor sculpture park.  There were about ten interns on the same flight to Grand Rapids, so we were able to meet each other before the event.  At the welcome event, we were able to network with Meijer professionals and meet the other interns from all of the departments.  There are 137 of us, which is Meijer’s largest intern class so far. It was nice to be able to make friends with the other interns and to learn more about their career interests and what brought them to Meijer.  We then had a lot of free time that evening, so a few of us Ohio State interns decided to check out a restaurant downtown.  The next two days, we went to the corporate office where we had orientation.  It was very informative and useful, as we got insights into what Meijer is all about. Meijer has a unique culture that could be felt as soon as I walked in the door.  People truly care about and treat each other like family, and it was a great experience to be a part of this.  Meijer is also incredibly focused on their customers, because they know that their business would not last without them.  This contagious culture made us interns all feel welcome and at home, and I knew from the start that I would really enjoy working for a company that cares so much about its individuals.  Throughout the two days, we got to hear from many speakers, including owner Hank Meijer, and President and CEO Rick Keyes.  They spoke mostly about Meijer’s vision, values, culture, and focus. One of my favorite speakers talked about your personal brand, which is how people perceive you and how you present yourself.  As interns, we have a unique experience because we have not built our professional or personal brand yet, but we are now starting to.  I really enjoyed talking about this because we focused on how we want people to perceive us and how we want to perceive ourselves, which is important to reflect upon.  We learned so much about the history of Meijer, too, and even did some Meijer trivia. Fun fact: Hendrik Meijer emigrated here from the Netherlands and opened the first store in Greenville, Michigan, in 1934!  Today, there are over 200 stores and Meijer keeps opening new stores in new markets. When orientation was over, we flew back home late that night and I started work at my store a few days later. I learned about my project and what I’ll be doing throughout the summer, but I’ll save that for my next post!  I’m so excited to continue learning more about retail and to share my journey at Meijer with all of you!

New Jersey to California

Hi everyone!

My name is Reilly Newsham and I’m a rising senior from Summit, NJ studying Finance at Fisher. This summer I’m working at eBay in San Jose, California as a Finance & Analytics intern on the Markets FP&A team and just finished up my second week of work. I’m looking forward to this series Fisher put together for all the students and am hoping I can provide even a little value to some of the readers.

The start of the internship so far has actually been really smooth.  eBay does a really awesome job of trying to take down the barrier of coming out to the West Coast for their interns and fortunately set all of us up with corporate housing and flights to get here.  Aside from the relocation aspect, the people that I have started working with have all been super nice and the HR team definitely has their process down to make everyone feel as welcome as they can.  Starting with orientation, the first day was mostly filled with just a lot of introductory activities and giving us interns a rundown of the company, expectations, and what they have planned for us for the summer.  On top of this, we’ve had a lot of different training sessions in the first two weeks ranging from eBay related information to applications like Excel and PowerPoint. These first two weeks have been pretty busy filled with just trying to learn as much as I can about the insides of the company and the specific teams while trying to meet as many people as I can. I’m definitely expecting and am excited for the work to pick up and to hopefully be trusted with more responsibilities down the road.  All in all, I’m very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work for such a great company and am happy to be here.

I want to put it out there that if anybody has any questions about eBay, the interview process, OSU, or really just anything I’m more than happy to help.  Please feel free to reach out (email, text, connect, etc.) at any time. More to come in the next few weeks about my process and some of my experiences I’ve had.


Reilly Newsham


(908) 723-3954


I didn’t have to make some big adjustment to a new city or walk through the doors of a terrifying (in my opinion) Fortune 500 company this summer. Instead I opted to intern with a nonprofit sector relatively close to my house. It’s a branch of Ohio State Extension that runs programs that I grew up through – so I’m excited to help organize and run them from an administrative side.

It may not compare to Wall Street and a private car doesn’t come with the job description, but the tight-knit community and office that I work with has given me more room to grow than I feel would be given to me in a larger company. I like being handed big-girl jobs (*cough cough* app development) and adapting on my own, rather being the intern that just grabs coffee orders whenever summoned upon by the boss people. I also love being able to directly see the effect that my work has on the community, and knowing the people around me so well.

Working for a small nonprofit in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio has given me the opportunity to be a photographer, video producer/director, program assistant, marketing coordinator, matador of angry copier machines, boss lady of a (fairly large & important) board of committee members, Tech Changemaker, and so much more just in a few short weeks. I wouldn’t want to intern anywhere else!

Included in the app we created are a couple photo filters that I designed for kicks & giggles to be had everywhere – modeled by Stephanie (left) & myself! 😉