Vaishali Thirwani @ General Mills

Vaishali ThirwaniI am a third year majoring in Logistics and Finance, and minoring in Spanish.  This summer (2009) I will be interning with General Mills as a Logistics Management Associate (LMA) Intern!  For this, I will be interning out of a plant location in Covington, Georgia.  I networked with General Mills associates at the TLA Career Fair in the Fall of 2008 and dropped my resume [in] Fisher Connect, which led to my first interview here in Columbus.  I was then flown out to Minnesota to their HQs for a second round after which I was offered the position for the summer.

I am looking forward to being in a new city, learning about the company, the position, working [in] a plant and also seeing what other kind of people I will be interacting with [and] if I am able and choose to work with them in the future.  Of all of these things I am looking forward to; [simultaneously] I am a little anxious of being in a smaller place working at a plant.  I am also curious to find out the living culture of the south and the kind of people I will meet!

To share my learning – including the joys and glitches – will make me enjoy this experience more.  I can look back and see my growth over the course of my ten weeks interning.  I think a lot can be learned from the doings of others, and I would like to be the source of this learning.  For this reason, I am looking forward to blogging.