My Fisher Internship 2016

What’s life like as a summer intern?  Fisher undergraduate students share their experiences working at companies across the country and abroad through the My Fisher Internship blog series.

Contributing authors for the summer 2016 internship blog include:

John BrowneJohn Browne (posts)

Major: Finance, Real Estate
Graduation Date: December 2017
Internship Company: KeyBank
Internship Location: Cleveland, OH

I want to blog about my internship to provide insight into the world of banking, specifically real estate banking. In addition to touching on my own experiences this summer, I also want to open up students’ minds to the opportunities that exist in this industry and within the real estate division.

Emma GalassoEmma Galasso (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2017/May 2018
Internship Industry: Film Production
Internship Location: Atlanta, GA

 As a business major looking to enter the film industry, my goals at Fisher are a bit outside of the norm. However, I feel Fisher has provided me invaluable skills and knowledge to take into film production. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences in film where networking, unconventional hours, and strange tasks are vital to success. I’m also a Columbus native moving away from home for the first time, so there will be plenty of new experiences all around!

Luis Garcia-Fuentes (posts)

Major: Accounting, Finance
Graduation Date: May 2017
Internship Company: PwC
Internship Location: New York, NY

I want to share with other Fisher students what is it like to work for a Big 4 in the Big Apple, so that they can have a better idea of how to get there and what the expect when they do so. I also want to provide tips through out my internship, so that students, particularly international ones, can have a successful recruiting process too.

Trevor Kononenko (posts)

Major: Information Systems
Graduation Date: May 2017
Internship Company: Fidelity Investments
Internship Location: Merrimack, NH

The most important thing I want to take of my internship will be the learning. I’ve never had an internship before, and working in a company with a renowned internship program like Fidelity makes me feel extremely fortunate. I feel fortunate because I know their program presents their interns with a lot of responsibility from the get-go, and also treats them with respect and a degree of equality beside the full-timers. I plan on coming to work everyday knowing how lucky I am to be in this position, and to have the mindset of learning something new each day on the job. I worked so hard for this chance to be on an actual team of professionals, and I’m not going to slight this experience by not giving it my utmost attention.

Melanie March (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2017
Internship Company: OhioHealth
Internship Location: Columbus, OH

After spending the past semester studying abroad in Bangkok, Columbus is calling me home to start my internship at Ohio Health. I will be focusing on digital marketing and I am excited to learn more about this firsthand while working for the largest healthcare system in central Ohio.
I have interned for a small-sized company in the past so it will be a fun change of pace to move to a large company and learn about the work culture there. I am lucky enough to have an internship that will last through the school year and am ready for the challenges that lie ahead. I hope to not only learn about digital marketing but also about where my passions are. This is a field that has always interested me throughout college but is often hard to teach in a classroom. I am looking forward to the relationships I will make this summer and as well as the first-hand experience in digital marketing. This internship will be an adventure and a learning experience that I am excited to begin.

Ellie McCabeEllie McCabe (posts)

Majors: Finance, Economics
Graduation Date: May 2018
Internship Company: Boenning and Scattergood
Internship Location: Cleveland, OH

My name is Ellie McCabe and I’m a rising junior studying finance and economics at Ohio State. I’m interning at Boenning and Scattergood as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst this summer. I chose to blog about my experience to provide my peers with insight about working in financial services, as well as perspective on professional development and making the most of an internship. I’m very excited about this opportunity and look forward to reflecting on my experience through blogging!

Christin Meiburg (posts)

Major: Marketing, Strategic Communication
Graduation Date: May 2017
Internship Company: Target
Internship Location: Cincinnati, OH

To be honest I am not really sure what to expect from this internship experience. I have heard so much about this internship from people who have had this internship and from people who have not but work in the same industry. Everything I have heard has made me nervous but also beyond excited. When it is all boiled down, from this internship experience I want to see what working in the business world is really like, see how what I am learning in my classes can be applied to the real world, and have an open mind to learn so much from my mentor and the others that I will be working with this summer. I would love to be able to share my summer and my experience interning with Target is with other Fisher students and help others navigate the interning world.

Courtney Russell (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2018
Internship Company: DSW
Internship Location: Columbus, OH

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk, and instead of annoying my family and friends about the events of each day, I chose the internet! I started blogging for OCM as the Career Events Intern where I have previously mentioned tips about how students can prepare for the career fair. So, I figure the next step is to write about what happens after you land the job. Hopefully my experiences (and probably mistakes) can be helpful to the Fisher community! I am blogging not only to share about Marketing and PR in DSW, but also behind the scenes intern experiences like company trips, social interactions, do’s and don’ts and much more. Enjoy!

John Strayer (posts)

Major: Finance
Graduation Date: May 2018
Internship Company: Fisher Investments
Internship Location: Portland, OR

I’m interested in blogging because in my career search I often find myself asking “So what does XYZ role at XYZ company actually entail as far as day-to-day tasks go?” This is an important question for me when considering where I want to take my career, so I hope that by blogging I can answer at least one person’s question of “What does someone in wealth management at Fisher Investments do on a day-to-day basis?” In my blog I want to provide a day-to-day outlook of my job, as well as describe other activities and notes about the culture that really stand out and might be of use to other students.