My Fisher Internship 2018

What’s life like as a summer intern?  Fisher undergraduate students share their experiences working at companies across the country and abroad through the #MyFisherInternship blog series.

Contributing authors for the summer 2018 internship blog include:

Ryan Barry (posts)Ryan Barry

Major: Finance
Graduation date: December 2018
Internship company: Wells Fargo
Internship title: Sales & Trading Summer Analyst
Internship location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Excited to give other Fisher students interested in the Banking career field an inside look!

Alli Esker (posts)Alli Esker

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  December 2019
Internship company:  Cisco Systems
Internship title: Advanced Services Product Management Intern
Internship location:  San Jose, CA

My interest in blogging for the My Fisher Internships Series stems from my passion for professional development and personal branding. Personally, I believe blogging will help me document my experience and reflect on how I’ve grown and what I’ve learned through my internship. But more so, blogging about my experience will give me a way to help Fisher students and prospective students learn about what it’s like to intern at a company that they themselves may potentially be interested in.

Austin Hennig (posts)Austin Hennig

Major:  Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company:  Unilever
Internship title:  Marketing Intern


Seeing Fisher students with internship experiences at all types of companies was a big reason why I chose to come to Columbus, and I believe that sharing some of those experiences through blogging can both motivate and educate others to pursue their career interests.

Alexis Hooker (posts)Alexis Hooker

Major:  Accounting
Graduation date:  May 2018
Internship company:  EY
Internship title:  Client Serving Internship – Taxation
Internship location:  Chicago, IL

My internship experience has been a bit different from others: I started working with EY as a freshman through scholars programs and summer conferences. I have now had TWO internships with them and will blog about my third this summer! I would love to outline to others interested in public accounting what a Big 4 Company has to offer and hope to share with students the insight and knowledge I have gained from EY.

Alex Ikezawa (posts)Alex Ikezawa

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  AMEND Consulting
Internship title:  Summer Analyst
Internship location:  Cincinnati, OH

One of the unique aspects of Fisher is the helpful culture that it cultivates. I’ve been provided countless opportunities through Fisher’s internal programs and resources, and I have also received an incredible amount of advice from generous upperclassmen and peers. I’d like to give back to the community by sharing my own experiences, and hopefully impact those who will undertake internships in the future!

Marie Klein (posts)Marie Klein

Major:  International Business & Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company:  Quicken Loans
Internship title:  Mortgage Banking Development Program Intern
Internship location:  Detroit, MI

I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never got the chance! I have been using social media for about ten years and I think the My Fisher Internship Blog is the perfect opportunity for me to jump into blogging. I am really excited for my internship this summer and am so glad I have the chance to blog about my experience! Hopefully reading my blog will help underclassmen searching for internships figure out what they are looking for.

Shelby Kohmann (posts)

Major: Accounting
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company: Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS)
Internship title: Accounting Student Trainee
Internship location: Cleveland, OH

Hi, my name is Shelby Kohmann, and I am a junior, studying accounting with a minor in environmental science. I’m in the Accounting Honors Program and I work at the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) as a fiscal associate. This summer I have the opportunity to serve our country’s military as a DFAS or Defense Finance and Accounting Services intern. I’m working at their office in Downtown Cleveland, and I’m excited to share my experience with you all.

Jess Steiner (posts)Jess Steiner

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company:  EY
Internship title:  Business Advisory Summer Intern
Internship location:  Columbus, OH

My interest in blogging can be explained in two-fold. First, it allows me to look inwardly and discern my experiences and remember the challenges and rewards faced along the way! Second, it gives me the opportunity to share my own experiences to other students on the same path. Blogging is a great way to connect, inspire, and teach others through my own professional and personal experiences!

Audrey Wanstrath (posts)Audrey Wanstrath

Major:  Business & English
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company:  Reynolds & Reynolds
Internship title:  Summer Sales Intern
Internship location:  Dayton, OH

I am a rising senior studying international business and English at Ohio State. Combining my passion for writing and interest in business has been a journey itself, which is why I couldn’t have been more excited to blog for Fisher. Undergrad is a crazy time where your path seems limitless. I hope that my experiences with Reynolds & Reynolds can help Fisher students decide if sales (specifically traveling sales) is a good fit for them. On campus I am an RA and Peace Corps Ambassador. My previous internships have been through AmeriCorps, Folli Follie (Madrid), and Target.

Hunter Wise (posts)Hunter Wise

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  May 2019
Internship company:  Dana Corporation
Internship title:  Finance Intern
Internship location:  Maumee, OH

“Either write something worth doing or do something worth writing” -Benjamin Franklin. Writing is one of my greatest passions. Whether it’s working on my fiction novel or writing blogs about college and my travel adventures, I truly believe writing is one of those things that everyone should invest in. Like Benjamin Franklin, quoted above, I think that everyone is doing something or has an idea about something that is worth writing about. Our peers are some of the people who we can learn the most from in this world and the only way we are going to learn from them is either through talking in person or reading about them. Blogging, for me, is a way to share my experience and advice with people who I may never meet. It’s a way to cast a wider net in hopes of making a difference in a few more lives. It’s a way to make sense of this crazy whirlwind of a thing we call life.