My Fisher Internship 2017

What’s life like as a summer intern?  Fisher undergraduate students share their experiences working at companies across the country and abroad through the My Fisher Internship blog series.

Contributing authors for the summer 2017 internship blog include:

Cara Armstrong (posts)

Major: Finance, Leadership Studies Minor
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: Cisco Systems
Internship location: Raleigh, North Carolina

I am interested in blogging about my internship experience because I want others to get the feel of what an internship is like.  I want others to get a feel for what Cisco is like and what living in a new city is like.  I am excited to share my experience with others.

Sarah Bowe (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: December 2018
Internship Company: Shorts International
Internship location: London, England

I have always enjoyed free-writing, and I’m excited about the opportunity to write about my personal experiences.  I hope that I can inspire others and create a meaningful blog for those that read it.

Clara Davison (posts)

Majors: Business Special Area – Development and Fundraising, Arts Management
Graduation date: May 2019
Internship Company: Wild Goose Creative
Internship location: Columbus, Ohio

Growing up in Kansas City, I fell in love with the arts. I played cello with the Youth Symphony of Kansas City, performed with the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and created teen programming at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Ohio State enabled me to pursue my interests of Arts Management the Department of Arts Administration, Education, and Policy and Fundraising in the Fisher College of Business. This summer, I’m synthesizing these passions in a trio of arts administration opportunities. I hope my experience will encourage others to pursue their interdisciplinary goals in Fisher and beyond.

Cassie Edelstein (posts)

Major: Accounting
Graduation date: May 2020
Internship Company: Weight Watchers Health Solutions
Internship location: New York, New York

Oftentimes college freshmen hear the word “no” in numerous manners. For me, this word was most heard this past year at career fairs or as an answer to the multitude of internships I applied for. Finally, a “yes” came my way when I received an internship with Weight Watchers! The only catch is that it is not in the Accounting Department, the department that corresponds directly with my Accounting major. Instead, I will be working in the Sales and Account Management Department for the Health Solutions team. The purpose of my blog is to show those, who either think that they will not receive any offers or those who have no interest in stepping out of their major for the summer, that by putting yourself out there through applications and trying something new, there is the possibility for an educational and great experience.

Rebekah Engler (posts)

Major: Logistics Management
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: General Motors
Internship location: Warren, Michigan

I want to blog about my internship experience to help others learn how to find and what to expect from an internship program at a large company.

Kate Garrett (posts)

Majors: Accounting
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: Cardinal Health
Internship location: Columbus, Ohio

I would like to share my internship experience in order to provide an inside look at a real-world accounting position.  I hope to utilize this blog as an outlet for my internship projects, connections between the corporate world and my Fisher coursework, and tips and tricks I learn along the way.  I also intend to share my explorations of Columbus in the summer and how I plan to apply my internship experience to my future career.

Ryan Linker (posts)

Majors: Finance and Real Estate
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: L Brands
Internship location: Columbus, Ohio

I have always enjoyed writing for my classes but have drifted away from this passion of mine due to my business classes not requiring me to write essays anymore. I look forward to getting back into writing and experiencing what it is like to be a blogger.

Bria Mosley (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: PepsiCo – Frito-Lay
Internship location: Plano, Texas

I am interested in blogging because I love to share my experience.  I am passionate about helping others and I feel like telling my story could do that.

Jenn Ruder (posts)

Major: Finance
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: Keybanc Capital Markets
Internship location: New York, New York

I hope to be as insightful as possible to those curious about the realities of an internship/career path in investment banking. I hope to bring a unique female perspective to a commonly male-dominated industry and encourage more girls to enter the field.

Keval Sheth (posts)

Major: Information Systems, Public Health Minor
Graduation date: May 2019
Internship Company: Reynolds American Inc.
Internship location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

I am interested in blogging to share my experiences with fellow Fisher students; primarily, Information Systems students because as a MIS student myself, I feel there is a lack of resources or mentors for MIS students to turn to for career or scheduling advice.  I would like to provide a day-to-day insight on what a career in MIS would look like.  Another reason I would like to blog is to distinguish how the Fisher College of Business has prepared me for the working world and to impart wisdom on underclassmen entering Fisher.

Landon Slomovitz (posts)

Major: Finance
Graduation date: May 2018
Internship Company: PNC
Internship location: Cleveland, Ohio

I want to blog for Fisher because I strongly believe in the power of internships and what they do for students.  When applying for a full-time job after college as well as building your overall business skills in an analytical and interpersonal way, it is vital to stay ahead of the game.  Throughout my career at Fisher, I have always taken pride in being as active as I possibly can when it comes to networking. Whether it be through LinkedIn, events at Fisher, or just making conversations with colleagues, I think it is important to get your name out as much as possible. I truly believe that students should know what an internship is all about and not just assume the bias descriptions supplied on websites or by recruiters.  The Fisher College of Business has unlocked an unlimited amount of doors for myself and I want to express my gratitude to others and show the opportunities that I have been given and earned, as a result of this outstanding institution.

Jennifer Su (posts)

Major: Accounting
Graduation date: May 2019
Internship Company: Guangdong Development Bank
Internship location: Guangdong, China

I am interested in sharing my internship experience with others who are interested in similar work.  I hope other students can gain insight through my internship and learn from my experiences.