My Fisher Internship

What’s life like as a summer intern?  Fisher undergraduate students share their experiences working at companies across the country and abroad through the #MyFisherInternship blog series.

Contributing authors for the summer 2019 internship blog include:

Michael Anthony-Wood (posts)Michael Anthony-Wood

Major: Finance
Graduation date: May 2020
Internship company: JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Internship title: Summer Analyst – Global Finance and Business Management
Internship location: New York, New York

I am contributing to #MyFisherInternship series to inform and inspire others on what to expect and what is difficult about interning in New York, and confirm or deny any presumptions. It will be a great way to take a step back and ask myself what I am doing and how it is impacting me daily and weekly. Also, I enjoy giving back to the Fisher community as it has helped me get where I am at today.

Diana Gibson (posts)Diana Gibson

Major:  Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  Marriott
Internship title: Sales Intern
Internship location:  Irvine, CA

I am contributing because I can relate to the struggle my fellow students have applying for internships. I think it is important for them to know that it does not matter how soon they get an internship; rather it is about getting an internship that works well with their interests. I also want to share my experience working within hospitality, a field that does not have a lot of Fisher representation, and to spread awareness of these career opportunities.

Jennifer Maroli (posts)Jennifer Maroli

Major:  Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2021
Internship company:  Meijer
Internship title:  Retail Operations Intern
Internship location:  Dayton, OH


I am contributing to the #MyFisherInternship series so I can help other Fisher students better understand retail. Retail internships are not as common as other fields in business such as accounting or finance, so it would be a unique opportunity for other Fisher students to be able to read about my internship this summer. I think that sharing my journey this summer will allow me to fully grasp and understand not just my own thoughts about my internship, but also the impact I have on others.

Reilly Newsham (posts)Reilly Newsham

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  eBay
Internship title:  Finance & Analytics Intern
Internship location:  San Jose, CA

With all of the students and alumni that were consistently eager to help me during my job search process, I have always been very grateful to have access to the type of community Fisher has created. I would like to give back and if my blog could help even one student decide that they could see themselves in my shoes — or see that they’d never want to do what I’ll be doing — I would call it a success.

Reed Phillips (posts)Reed Phillips

Major:  Human Resources
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  Highlights for Children
Internship title:  Human Resources Intern
Internship location:  Columbus, OH

I’m contributing to the #MyFisherInternship series because I am hoping to expand my skills as a writer. Additionally, I think it would be helpful for students to gain more insight into what HR really does and understand how HR intersects with their careers.

Jocelyn Robertson (posts)Jocelyn Robertson

Major:  Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  Chick-Fil-A
Internship title:  Marketing Intern
Internship location:  Atlanta, GA

As a member of the Fisher community, I find that there are many great resources for students to find internships and enhance their professional experience. However, I have also found that some students who may be dreaming of opportunities outside of the Fisher network feel boxed in and that they can’t attain an experience that will align with their passions. I am hoping that by sharing my professional journey, it will encourage others to reach out to expand their network when chasing their passions.

Jenny Sedlatschek (posts)Jenny Sedlatschek

Major: Marketing
Graduation date:  May 2021
Internship company: Ohio State University Extension
Internship title: Junior Marketing Coordinator
Internship location: Lebanon, OH

My internship will cover a company that is not well-known among business students; oftentimes smaller companies or non-profits are not given enough of a voice or stake in a business student’s mind when considering the experience or possible career paths that are available. My participation in the #MyFisherInternship series could be eye-opening into this area, as well as offer input into how an intern can (almost) single-handedly develop a marketing department.

Audrey Shreve (posts)Audrey Shreve

Major:  Operations Management
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  Amazon
Internship title:  Area Manager Intern
Internship location:  Boston, MA

As a contributor, I will give other Fisher students an insider’s look at my experiences. I personally had no idea what to expect in an internship, and resources like #MyFisherInternship have greatly helped to inspire me to look for a great internship, as well calm my nerves now that I have one in place. I would like to do the same for present/future Fisher students that may have the same worries that I did.

Dana Ward (posts)Dana Ward

Major:  International Business
Graduation date:  May 2021
Internship company:  Clever Ecommerce
Internship title:  Marketing Intern
Internship location:  Madrid, Spain

My internship is different from other typical internships in the United States in that I can present a unique view of what it is like to work as a professional in another country, and the challenges and experiences I face. Also, I can demonstrate my perspective to other Fisher students who are in two different colleges with double majors/dual degrees and how my internship builds on both.

Siwei “Vicky” Xu (posts)Siwei Xu

Major:  Finance
Graduation date:  May 2020
Internship company:  Dana Corporation
Internship title:  Finance Intern
Internship location:  Toledo, OH

As an international student who’s going to work in the US for the first time, I would like to share my perspectives with other peers who are interested in the American business culture and corporate finance role. For myself, I’ve never tried a corporate finance role before. Therefore, I regard this opportunity as a reflection to myself so that I can keep a record of what I learn and my emotions during the internship.