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What’s life like as a summer intern? Read posts by Fisher undergrads sharing their experiences working at companies across the country and abroad.

Contributing authors for the summer 2015 internship blog include:

Megan Winter (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: North High Brewing
Internship location: Coumbus, OH

My motivation to blog this summer is to show students you don’t need to travel far for a great internship. There are plenty of opportunities in the Columbus community to gain experience and grow as a business professional. Also, out of pure excitement I wanted to share it with others because interning at a local craft brewery is pretty cool.

Ali Scullion (posts)

Major: Marketing & Logistics
Graduation date: December 2016
Internship Company: Impact Economics
Internship location: Columbus, OH

I am eager to share my summer internship experience with the Fisher College of Business professional community. I am interning with Impact Economics, the master distributor of PackH2O a transformational solution to the complex global problem of safe and healthy drinking water. My role is to work with IE alongside Greif, PackH2O, and NGO – Partners For Care to implement a micro business model in Nairobi, Kenya! This business model’s main focus is to build a successful entrepreneurial opportunity for women in Nairobi in hopes that they will be able to manufacture PackH2O themselves to make a profit and have positive long term outcomes such as sending their children to school to earn an education. Of course, the eventual goal is for this micro business model to be put to use in other developing economies around the globe. Thus, I’m thrilled to have this opportunity and I’m excited to share my experience and the success of PackH2O this summer.

Heather Schroeder (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Luxottica Retail
Internship location: Mason, OH (Cincinnati)

This summer is going to be an adventure, and that’s why I chose to blog.  This summer is going to be something so different and exciting compared to what I’ve done in past summers; I want to document my entire experience.  Not only that, but I want to share my experience with anyone who wants to hear it.  I want students who are looking to find an internship in the near future to learn from my experience and maybe gain some perspective on what an internship all entails, and I want to share all of the fun things Cincinnati has to offer. (I’m working on making a Cincinnati bucket list, so I don’t miss out on anything this summer in Cincinnati.)  I chose to blog in hopes that it could become my ‘memory book’ of the summer, if you will, and because it’s no fun making a memory book unless you share it with people.

Jordan Ross (posts)

Major: Operations Management
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: PepsiCo
Internship location: Chicago, IL

I chose to blog for Fisher this summer because I believe I had a unique perspective on the internship experience. I already have had two summer internships with two different companies and think I can pass forward some helpful hints and experiences to my peers.

Nick Palmiotto (posts)

Major: Finance and Economics
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Internship location: New York, NY

I chose to blog to provide insight and a first-hand perspective on what working in finance in New York City is like. I know there are many students at Ohio State who share the dream of working on Wall Street with me, and I hope my blog gets students motivated and excited to pursue these kinds of jobs in New York.

Sean Newman (posts)

Majors: Finance
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Edward Jones
Internship location: Waco, TX

I chose to blog for many reasons. I am very excited for my experience with Edward Jones in Texas this summer and I want to share it with my peers at Fisher. This summer will no doubt be equally challenging and rewarding and I want to make the most of it!

Justin Lu (posts)

Major: Marketing & Logistics
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Macy’s, Inc.
Internship location: Cincinnati, OH

I chose to blog with My Fisher Internship this summer because it provides me a unique platform to share my experiences at Macy’s, Inc. this summer to those who are interested in Macy’s, the retail industry, life in Cincinnati, or all of the above. I believe in the power of storytelling and I hope to tell stories that will educate, engage, and motivate students in our Fisher community and beyond!

Stephanie Demos (posts)

Major: Logistics
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: L Brands
Internship location: Columbus, OH

I chose to blog about my internship this summer to not only reflect on my own experience, but also to share with others what working at L Brands is really like!

Hannah Cedargren (posts)

Major: MIS & Marketing
Graduation date: May 2017
Internship Company: KeyBank
Internship location: Cleveland, OH

I am blogging to share my experience with the Ohio State and Fisher College of Business communities. These blogs will also serve to document my professional development throughout the summer. I hope that through my blogs, I can give others an idea of what it is like to intern for the very first time.

Jessica Buchberger (posts)

Major: Human Resources
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Inditex
Internship location: Madrid, Spain

Blogging allows me to have a tangible way to share my experiences with friends, family, and Fisher peers. It will become a portfolio of my time, that tells the adventures of not only working, but also living abroad, and will allow me to reflect on what I see and learn from these new experiences. Ultimately, however, I hope that my words transcend my own benefit, and can guide other students searching for or facing an opportunity similar to my own this summer.

Allison Brown (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Ariel Corporation
Internship location: Mt. Vernon, Ohio

I chose to blog this summer because I’ve always been passionate about writing and I want to share my love for Ohio State and Fisher with others. My internship at Ariel this summer is one of the thousands of opportunities Ohio State has helped me achieve, and I can’t wait to share the experience with everyone.

Jennifer Bresnahan (posts)

Major: Marketing
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: Kohl’s Corporate Office
Internship location: Milwaukee, WI

I am blogging this summer to share about one of the numerous opportunities that Fisher and Ohio State have exposed me to. I am so excited to be sharing my experiences in a new city with other Fisher students, who I hope will feel inspired to do something out of their comfort zone as well!

Kyle Brackman (posts)

Major: Accounting
Graduation date: May 2016
Internship Company: The Dow Chemical Company
Internship location: Midland, MI

I chose to blog because I wanted to share my internship experience with others as well as continuously reflect on my internship.  I hope that my blog will guide others looking for an internship as well as guide me in choosing my future endeavors.

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