Andrew Hopkins @ Ernst & Young

fisher-blog-picHello fellow Fisher students. I’m excited to get started blogging for you guys about my summer internship for Ernst and Young in their assurance department in New York City. Before I do get started, it might be helpful if you guys know a little bit about me and how I got my internship. I am a finance and accounting major. I came into Fisher knowing that I wanted to major in finance. All throughout high school, I loved following the stock market, and I knew I wanted to work with money. I added an accounting major during my sophomore year in order to supplement my business education and because I enjoyed Accounting 211.
I was fortunate to meet a lot of companies this year through my Fisher Futures and Honors Cohort programs and was really interested in what Ernst and Young had to say to me. I spoke with them at the fall career fair about pursuing both finance and accounting opportunities within their company. Once I traveled to New York and met the people in that office, I knew that was the best fit for me, so I accepted their offer to intern as an auditor.

Since I accepted my offer, I have been looking forward to tackling the challenge of working for a Big Four accounting firm in New York City. New York is a great place to launch a career, and I am excited about utilizing the business skills that I have learned in my three years at Fisher. I am a little anxious about the high level of work that will be required in a fast-paced environment such as New York, but I am confident that I have prepared myself well for the upcoming challenges and that Ernst and Young will give me all the training I need to succeed.

Finally, if you guys are wondering why I volunteered to blog this summer, I think it will give me the opportunity to continuously reflect on my internship and analyze how my internship experience is going. This will be invaluable when, at the conclusion of my internship, I will hopefully be able to decide whether or not I would like to work full-time for Ernst and Young in New York City.

What to Blog About

touchtypistMargie and I brainstormed a few topics to help you find experiences to blog about over the summer.  We are hoping that you find additional topics and feel inspired to blog beyond the minimum of 8 posts.  Our list of topics to get you started is below.  Out of the list of  11 topics, you are required to write about four.  The required topics are indicated by an asterisk.  At the same time, you can write about these topics in any order and we encourage to come up with your own ideas for writing your posts.  What we want to avoid is everyone writing about the same topics at the same time.

Ideas for blog posts:

  • First day or the on-boarding experience*
  • Connecting w/ other interns
  • Describe internship location and lifestyle
  • Coursework connected to internship work and projects*
  • Describe the internship work or projects*
  • Typical day at work
  • Developing relationship with supervisor and coworkers
  • Advice for students thinking about doing internships OR the most important thing you learned while working at your internship*
  • Mistakes or challenges during the internship
  • Building a network of people to help you get your work done
  • How does attitude make a difference with your internship experience

*required topic for posting

Vaishali Thirwani @ General Mills

Vaishali ThirwaniI am a third year majoring in Logistics and Finance, and minoring in Spanish.  This summer (2009) I will be interning with General Mills as a Logistics Management Associate (LMA) Intern!  For this, I will be interning out of a plant location in Covington, Georgia.  I networked with General Mills associates at the TLA Career Fair in the Fall of 2008 and dropped my resume [in] Fisher Connect, which led to my first interview here in Columbus.  I was then flown out to Minnesota to their HQs for a second round after which I was offered the position for the summer.

I am looking forward to being in a new city, learning about the company, the position, working [in] a plant and also seeing what other kind of people I will be interacting with [and] if I am able and choose to work with them in the future.  Of all of these things I am looking forward to; [simultaneously] I am a little anxious of being in a smaller place working at a plant.  I am also curious to find out the living culture of the south and the kind of people I will meet!

To share my learning – including the joys and glitches – will make me enjoy this experience more.  I can look back and see my growth over the course of my ten weeks interning.  I think a lot can be learned from the doings of others, and I would like to be the source of this learning.  For this reason, I am looking forward to blogging.