It’s the first day of school and you still rule

On behalf of the entire staff in the Office of Career Management, WELCOME (BACK)!!!

Some of you may be new to campus, new to Ohio, new to this country, and I know I speak for everyone at the University when I say, we’re SO happy you’re here!

Isn’t it amazing to be a part of the best college at the best university in the country???? And no, we’re not biased or anything….

As you head to class (hopefully on time) today, take a minute to ponder the energy and enthusiasm you feel today. Today is the brand new start to a brand new year. A clean slate if you will. Let go of everything that held you back last year and charge forward. Come February, when we’re all wondering why in the heck we live in Ohio because there is snow up to our eyeballs, when we all enviably lose our steam, just remember that you made a promise to yourself today to seize the energy you feel and channel it into something that will last longer than the month of August.

And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Fisher students have this gorgeous view to welcome them today.


Happy Autumn semester everyone! We look forward to seeing you this year!

From Nashville to Columbus… The End.

Nashville, TN Skyline

Wow! As I look back at my internship at Crowd Surf, LLC in Nashville, I realize how much I was able to learn, the influential people I was able to meet, and the fun times I was able to have. I interned for a total of 12 weeks and I can honestly say I have developed so much as a professional and as a person. I will start off by reiterating what the company specialized in and what my responsibilities were. Crowd Surf, LLC is a social media marketing firm that also offers management, publicity, and web design services just to name a few. I ended up being one of only six interns, with each of us being placed on separate teams. Each team was made up of a project manager, content coordinator, and an intern, and was assigned approximately six to eight of the company’s clients to manage. As an intern I was responsible for tracking the three month growth of our clients’ various accounts, assisting in the creation of bi-weekly reports, and helping develop content for new marketing campaigns.

During my last few weeks, I made sure to schedule an end of the summer review meeting to get honest feedback on my overall performance and get pointers on how I can improve going forward from this experience. My manager told me that I brought positive energy into the work place, and that I performed all tasks given to me successfully and in a timely fashion. My manager’s ways I could improve were to utilize my resources (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) before asking questions about a given assignment and to never feel anxious about asking your manager for more work. Learning to not only accept, but grow from criticism is a very important skill and I am grateful I had the opportunity to develop myself in such a supportive environment.

My experience at Crowd Surf, LLC was absolutely a positive experience because of the incredible work culture, the kindness of my coworkers, and the location being in such a vibrant city like Nashville, TN. Even though I realized social media marketing is not something I am passionate about, I was able to acquire a set of valuable skills that will prove useful in today’s heavily digital marketing industry. I plan to take away from this experience meaningful friendships with people in the entertainment industry, a better understanding of what I want to do after college, and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Now it’s your turn to GO BEYOND by interning at the company of your dreams, and sharing your experience with the rest of our driven, diligent and diverse Fisher Community! 🙂

Cincinnati to Columbus to Crowd Surf, LLC!

My home for the next 12 weeks! #Adventures2Come
My home for the next 12 weeks!

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ll start off by telling you the slightly complicated, but entirely enjoyable story of how I got this exciting opportunity to intern at Crowd Surf, LLC in Nashville, TN. It all started after I transferred to the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, and auditioned for the Musical Theater program led by Drew and Lea Lachey. Once accepted into this program, they required that participants attend an annual, week-long summer intensive put on by Lachey Arts in order to learn some of the upcoming year’s signature numbers and choreography combinations. The summer following my high school graduation I was hired as a student worker to assist with camp operations, provide needed support for the high-caliber instructors, and stage manage the final showcase.

As a worker, I was invited to the after-party which was thrown to celebrate the showcase’s success and allow the Lacheys to catch up with old friends from the entertainment industry. While there I found myself speaking with a woman named Jade for 20 minutes about her journey thus far, her accomplishments, and my own personal aspirations. At the conclusion of our talk she said to me, “If you are ever looking for an internship, definitely reach out and I’d be glad to set something up for you at one of Crowd Surf’s offices.” After my first semester at Ohio State, I reached out to her and found out there were two office locations: Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. I decided on Nashville because it was less expensive and not as far from home as CALIFORNIA! Maybe next summer though… 🙂

Crowd Surf, LLC. is a company that provides a variety of services to its clients including social media strategy consulting, digital brand development, and innovative online marketing. Monday, May 12th, was my first day! I will tell you more about my experiences in future posts but what I will tell you now is that my coworkers are absolutely amazing, I already have a special project I get to work on, I met Jamie Lynn Spears on my first day, and that my apartment is quite literally perfect!

I promise my next posts will not be this lengthy!


A Day at Abercrombie & Fitch

On May 2nd, myself and 6 students were welcomed into the Home Office of Abercrombie & Fitch for a corporate site visit.

photoA&F, founded in 1892, has called New Albany, Ohio it’s “home” since 1988. Driving up to headquarters, I felt like I was driving into a state park. Beautiful trees everywhere. If I hadn’t just come off of Route 161, I would have thought for sure I was about to go camping in the wilderness.

Melissa (2011 graduate from Fisher and Honors Cohort alum) was there to greet us and provide an overview of our day. It began with an introduction to the Home Office and the company. A&F is a powerful company with revenues of over $4 billion that also owns Abercrombie Kids, Hollister Co, and Gilly Hicks. They see themselves as a “Casual Luxury” lifestyle brand, and I could see that brand embedded into every aspect of the Home Office. No detail was left unnoticed – the structure, the design, even the lighting embodied the brand perfectly.

From there, Melissa and 3 other campus recruiting representatives gave the students an overview of their internship programs. During their 10 week program, interns gain exposure to the multi-billion dollar retail industry through Merchandising, Inventory Management, Finance or IT. I highly recommend that Fisher students check out these unique opportunities! I could tell a great deal of thought and careful planning went into the design of their internship programs. Though competition is fierce for these highly coveted positions, working for such a well-known brand would be a great way to kick start your career.

From there, we met with 3 Fisher alumni who came through one of A&F’s Leadership Development programs, specifically Merchandising, Inventory Management, and Finance. It was so fascinating to hear first-hand how these Fisher graduates have taken their education and training and turned them into rewarding, fast-paced careers.

A&F Leadership Development Program from AnF Careers on Vimeo.

Then, we went on a tour to different parts of the campus, which included their IDC and a mock Flagship store. The IDC had me pretty geeked out, because I loved learning about the different ways they make their clothing, and all of the details that go into making every single garment. And touring their mock Flagship store, designed to be a reflection of their Flagship store in Milan, was was a truly unique experience as well. The company also has exclusive Flagship stores in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo.

After the tours, A&F kindly treated us to lunch in their AH-MAY-ZING cafeteria. I will try not to put all of the focus on this aspect of the tour, but oh my goodness… talk about a perk of working there. (For those curious, I had Creole Crabcakes and they were delicious). If I worked there, I’d probably go overboard in that cafeteria, but mercifully, there’s an on-site gym for employees. Good call. We had lunch with a few other Fisher alums who helped explain the corporate culture to the students. From what I gather, employees at A&F have a unique combination of drive, attention to detail, and optimism. The alumni we spoke with gave us a very positive impression of the company and their individual roles.

Finally, we gathered together to wrap-up and discuss the day. The students on the tour were all sophomores, so they will be candidates for the internship program interviews this fall. I would like to think these students will have a great advantage in the interviews, since they’ve been on site and know some great insider details now!

photo1Thank you Melissa and A&F for having us – it was a great day!

To learn more about corporate site visit opportunities for Fisher students, contact Audra at


Tell me about yourself…

Sounds like the perfect interview question, right? Open ended? You can talk about your life, your dog, your favorite color and who makes the best pizza in Columbus, right?


This is one of the hardest and most common interview questions. With some simple preparation, you can avoid this feeling after the interview:

Think about this question as a movie trailer. It’s a 2-3 minute preview of what’s to come in the interview. It gets the recruiter excited to “watch the movie” a.k.a. sit through the rest of the interview with their metaphorical popcorn on the edge of their seat.

Here are some tips to make your trailer successful:

1. Think chronologically. Start from the “beginning” (which is usually the end of high school) and work your way up to today. Recruiters want a brief timeline of your significant experiences over the last few years that leads up to why you’re sitting in a chair across from them.

2. Give an overview of your background, don’t tell them your life story. Think big picture – an overview of the greatness that is you. You will walk them through your resume, highlighting things that are unique or significant but if you find yourself telling them what you’ve had for breakfast today, you’ve gone too far.

3. Tell them why you chose OSU. Recruiters love hearing about your decision-making process for choosing this university and your major. Pro tip: Don’t say discounted football tickets as your one and only reason. Trust me.

4. Connect your activities and experience to relevant skills. Don’t just say “I played soccer.” Instead, discuss how playing soccer for 4 years gave you a strong sense of teamwork and work ethic, and how being captain of the team your senior year gave you superior leadership and motivational skills. Mention things that you’re proud of and skills you possess that you know the recruiter is looking for.

5. Be confident and genuine. Your introduction should not be scripted or forced. For all you sports fans, it should be a “highlight reel” of what you’ve done or are doing that shows you in the best light. And it should be natural and fluid.

6. PRACTICE. For some people, the only way to balance having appropriate content with perfect execution is to practice saying it out loud a few times. Then you’ll see what stands out and what sounds fake or forced.

Remember, if you need help making your movie trailer sound like a Hollywood blockbuster, stop in the Office of Career Management and set up an appointment with a career consultant. We’re here to help!