OCM Staff Spotlight: Susan Geier

Susan Geier is the Recruiting Coordinator in the Office of Career Management.  She has held this role for 12 years.  In her role, Susan enjoys building relationships with the employers that recruit Fisher students and likes connecting with them while they are visiting campus for career fairs, interviews, and other recruiting events.  Fall semester is a very busy time for her because this is when the majority of these events take place!  Susan’s first job was working as a student assistant in the Office of Human Resources while she attended The Ohio State University.  Outside of the office, Susan spends time with her husband and three daughters.  She is also an early bird – you might not know that Susan works out almost every morning at 5 am!  So if she’s a little sleepy after lunch, you might know why.  Susan’s advice for Fisher undergraduate business students is, “get your QUIC interview done before fall of your junior year, but don’t wait until the fall semester to schedule it.  Spring semester is the best time to complete your QUIC interview!”

OCM Staff Spotlight: Audrey Bledsoe

Audrey Bledsoe is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Career Services and Education in the Office of Career Management.  She has held this role for the last four years and even worked in the OCM as a GA during her Master’s work in Higher Education and Student Affairs!  Her favorite part about her work is teaching BA2601 and supervising the Peer Career Coaches – she learns so much from Fisher students!  Outside of the office, Audrey enjoys spending time with family, baking, and playing Euro strategy games.  If Audrey could be anything, she would be a magazine editor, graphic designer, or owner of a Bed & Breakfast.  You might not know that Audrey is a thrill seeker – she has held a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass for 6 straight years because she loves roller coasters.  The bigger, the better!  Audrey’s advice for Fisher undergraduate business students is, “get involved on campus … and do it early!  But don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.  Find one or two things you’re passionate about and dedicate time to those!  Find ways to improve a process, be a leader, or make some sort of impact.  Then, learn to communicate these accomplishments to an employer.”

OCM Staff Spotlight: Margie Bogenschutz

Margie Bogenschutz works as the Senior Director of Undergraduate Career Management and Recruitment.  In her work, she enjoys the impact the Office of Career Management has on students to help them be successful in their career choices as they pursue opportunities to launch their careers!  Outside of work, Margie loves hanging out with her grandbaby (in picture), cheering on her college sports teams and Cleveland Indians, walking her dog, taking care of her flowers, scrapbooking, and reading fiction.  If she could be anything, she would be a dog trainer for assistance dogs.  You might not know that Margie has a twin brother, who is a graphic designer in Chicago!  Margie’s advice to Fisher undergraduate business students is, “do your QUIC interview your sophomore year!”

OCM Staff Spotlight: Alison Sabath

Alison Sabath works as the Career Events Intern in the Office of Career Management.  She supports the coordination of our two annual career fairs, the Fisher Fall Career Fair (happening next week on September 6 https://i.pinimg.com/736x/31/fb/09/31fb09b4799d8d5ba2821d93303517b5--omg-face-wallpaper-iphone.jpg) and the Spring Internship and Job Fair.  Alison previously worked as the Marketing & Social Media Intern for the Office of Career Management.  Her favorite part about her work is knowing that she can help her friends and fellow Fisher students find their dream job or internship!  You can typically find her at her two favorite spots on campus, the Thompson Library and the Oval when it’s nice.  Outside of work and school, Alison enjoys listening to music and attending concerts – if she could do anything in the world, she would help organize and promote music festivals (backstage passes would be a plus)! Her advice to Fisher undergraduate business students is, “as a student and employee, I have learned that the OCM knows so much – get to know the staff and the office!”

OCM Staff Spotlight: Sarah Steenrod

Sarah Steenrod works as the Director for Undergraduate Career Consultation and Programs in the Office of Career Management.  She meets with students for appointments and QUIC interviews, coordinates the Fisher Fall Career Fair, and leads the Fisher Emerging Consultants (FEC) class in the spring, among many other responsibilities.  Sarah has worked in the OCM for 10 years!  Her first job was working as a receptionist at a hair salon https://s3.amazonaws.com/pix.iemoji.com/images/emoji/apple/ios-10/256/woman-getting-haircut.png and her dream job is to serve as a critic of fancy restaurants and hotels. https://ih1.redbubble.net/image.269705275.0820/st%2Csmall%2C215x235-pad%2C210x230%2Cf8f8f8.lite-1u1.jpg Outside of the office, Sarah enjoys spending time with family https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/b1/f5/40b1f5266817710ef519b2d42ecb6b85.png, running https://emojipedia-us.s3.amazonaws.com/thumbs/120/apple/96/woman-running_1f3c3-200d-2640-fe0f.png, cooking http://www.emoji.co.uk/files/phantom-open-emojis/food-drink-phantom/12563-cooking.png, and traveling https://www.emojibase.com/resources/img/emojis/apple/x2708.png.pagespeed.ic.jPRMSFZUGH.png.  Her guilty pleasure is eating candy!https://images.emojiterra.com/emojione/v2/512px/1f36c.png  Sarah’s advice to Fisher undergraduate business students is, “take advantage of all of the resources and people who want to help you succeed and achieve your goals!”