Tip Tuesday: Interviewing Guide Resource

Written by Undergraduate Career Consultant, Jeremy Cantrill

Interviews can be a daunting process to undertake for an unexperienced interviewee! However, with this guide, you’ll be well on your way to being the best interviewer you can possibly be.

The theme for a confident interviewee is one of preparedness. The overall goal of this article is to prepare you so that you are ready to put your best self forward.

1) This may seem like an intuitive thing, but you need to be familiar with the company and position you are interviewing for. You can research the news for the company on many different news websites, or even just a general google search is a good start. Also, use the company website to your advantage. Research things like their values, quarterly reports, employee interviews, and social media. This can tell you a lot about what the company stands for and company culture.

2) Use the Office of Career Management! There are various coaches and consultants all available for both undergraduate and graduate students to use. Schedule a meeting with us if you have questions or concerns you would like feedback on.

Also, there are many useful handouts and resources to use on our webpage, specifically our Job Search Handouts page.

3) Use other resources available on the web. Websites such as GlassDoor can provide an “insider’s” viewpoint of the firm you are interviewing for. Doing research outside of the company’s official website can give you an idea of the culture and interview style for each company. It is important to remember that individuals may post biased views and opinions on the web, without any review. So, be sure to take the information you read with a grain of salt and seek to gain an overall picture of the company.

4) Use the University system as a whole to network. It can often seem daunting to make connections at a company you otherwise do not have an existing relationship with. OSU has a wonderful resource entitled AlumniFire (osu.alumnifire.com) where you can network with OSU alumni who work at various corporations across the globe. The great thing about AlumniFire is that each person listed has chosen to make themselves available for contact. So, use that resource to reach out to them! Give them emails or calls when appropriate and get your questions answered.

Overall, remember a few key points:

1) A prepared person is a confident person.

2) OSU and the Office of Career Management (OCM) have resources available for you, use them!

3) Reach out, both to us in the OCM and to alumni and other contacts. It doesn’t hurt to put a face to a name!

The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair – THIS WEEK

The Ohio State University Career and Internship Fair

September 12-13, 2017 | Ohio Union | 1 -5 pm

September 14, 2017 Interview Day

Join Buckeye Careers for a campus-wide fair, connecting students across all majors, graduate programs and degree levels with employers seeking to recruit for career employment and internships.

Review the student information page to learn more about the event and the employers attending.

Questions about this event? Contact careerfairs@osu.edu

Fisher “Networking” Fair

Written by Career Fair Pro, Benjamin Haller

Fisher Career Networking Fair

There’s a misconception about career fairs. Students attend career fairs with the intentions of finding an entry-level job or an internship, which makes sense, right? The issue with this mindset is that students think that because they are underclassmen and less qualified, there is no point in going because companies won’t hire them. While it’s true that many companies typically recruit upperclassmen for internships or entry-level positions, career fairs are just as valuable, if not more, for underclassmen.

As a senior who has been to each Fisher Career Fair since my first year at Ohio State, I can say that there is huge potential for underclassmen to set themselves up for the future, even with minimal qualifications. Think of it as the Fisher Networking Fair. Visit companies you are interested in your first year and stay persistent with those companies through the following academic years. Two years ago, I decided to visit the booth of one of my dream companies, General Motors. I was a sophomore and I had no logistics or supply chain experience, but I talked with Devan, a recruiter, about my career aspirations as well my interest in the automotive industry. From that point, I made Devan a part of my professional network and I became a part of his. The following year, I visited the General Motors booth once again and was lucky enough to score an interview. The following day, I went to the interview and Devan was one of the two representatives conduct the interview. Because we networked together the previous year, he remembered me, which gave me a huge advantage when it really mattered. I was confident in the interview because I was talking to someone I knew and I was able to get an internship offer, which has now turned into a full time job upon graduation in May.

A vast majority of companies bring the same recruiters to campus each year, so get to know them. You may not be qualified for a position at this time, but take the opportunity to advertise yourself and, once you do have desired qualifications, it will pay dividends. Employers are looking for standouts. Be a standout underclassman and take advantage of the Fisher Networking Fair this week.

Tip Tuesday: Job & Internship Search Strategy

Now that autumn semester is officially underway and recruiting season is upon us, you might be thinking, “what steps should I take to find an internship or full-time job next summer?”

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We have a few ideas for you:
  • Reflect on what you want –
    • What is your major?
    • Do you have any industry preferences?
    • Are there any companies that would be dream employers for you?
    • Do you have any geographic targets?
  • Make sure your job search documents are updated – visit our Peer Career Coaches during walk-in hours to review your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Attend the Fisher Fall Career Fair on Wednesday, September 6 from 11:30 am – 4:30 pm in the Ohio Union!  This event kicks off the fall recruiting season.
  • Complete the QUIC program!  Passing the QUIC interview provides you access to on-campus interviewing opportunities.  Over 4000 interviews took place in the Office of Career Management last year for internships and full-time positions, so this is definitely an opportunity to participate in!
  • Apply to job postings on FisherConnect and Buckeye Careers Network for positions that look interesting to you.
  • Expand your network by leveraging the Buckeye Alumni Network!  Connect with alumni all over the world on LinkedIn and AlumniFire.
  • Check out our Job and Internship Search handout for additional tips and advice!

Fisher Fall Career Fair 2017

The Fisher Fall Career Fair is the largest recruiting event Fisher College of Business offers, and we’re excited to announce its return for the upcoming school year.

The Career Fair will be Wednesday, September 6 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Ohio Union. Employers will be located in four rooms — the Great Hall Meeting Room and Performance Hall on the first floor, the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom on the second floor, and the Cartoon Room on the third floor.

The Fisher Fall Career Fair helps students find internships and full-time employment through networking with recruiters and company representatives. Prior to the Career Fair, each student is highly encouraged to research the 178 participating companies by searching for the ‘2017 Fisher Fall Career Fair’ event on FisherConnect. There, students can filter their search by position type, job category, major and degree.

The event is also published in the OSU Career Fair Plus mobile app. The app contains a list of companies, registration details, company booth numbers — which you can locate on the “Fair Map”— and a “Notes” section in which students can jot down information while at the fair.

Undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates are all invited to attend. Dress code is business professional attire, and bring your BuckID for entry.

This year we are also hosting the Fisher Graduate Student Career Fair, which will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on September 6th in the basement of the Ohio Union. This fair is exclusively for Fisher graduate students and will provide a smaller, more intimate setting for employers focused on recruiting graduate candidates.

For the latest updates on all things related to the Fisher Fall Career Fair and Fisher Graduate Student Career Fair, follow the Office of Career Management on Twitter and Instagram (@FisherCareerMgt) and like our page on Facebook. Don’t forget to use #FFCF17 in any social media posts.

For a list of Prepare for the Career Fair Workshops and Coffee Chats held in the Office of Career Management (150 Gerlach Hall), click here.

See you there!

Questions? Contact Alison Sabath at FCOB-fcobjobfair@osu.edu or Sarah Steenrod at Steenrod.5@osu.edu.