Tip Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Use FCDC

Written by Margie Bogenschutz, Senior Director of Undergraduate Career Management and Recruitment

You probably want to know what FCDC is, before learning about why you should use it! Fisher Career Data Central is a platform for collecting data from students about their job and internship offers, plans for graduate school and more. AND – it provides YOU with a lot of good information to use for your own job/internship search. Here are 5 reasons to use FCDC:

1) You can find average salary data on former Fisher students in your major – see what students in your major averaged in the past year, or 3 years or 5 years. Using last year’s class salary data could be helpful for you to determine realistic expectations about competitive salaries for your own job search.

2) You can find average internship salary data for your major from previous Fisher students.

3) You can learn what the top companies are that hired Fisher students in your major over the last several years. This can be helpful for targeting companies that have a rich history of hiring students in your major.

4) You can get geographic information about both job and internship offers from previous Fisher classes – learn where most Fisher students landed with their jobs and internships.

5) You can report your own internship and/or job – or other post-graduation plans – and help future Fisher students!

To learn more about FCDC and how to use it, go to:


5 Extra Tips After the Fair!

Written by Career Events Intern, Courtney Russell

Fisher Fall Career Fair 2015

  1. Discover the company you love won’t hire a freshman or sophomore for their summer internship positions? Find an alumni contact from LinkedIn or the Office of Career Management to help you land a shadowing.
  2. Even if it won’t help you at this career fair, you still have the Fisher Spring Internship & Job Fair 2016, so make sure you are involved outside your school work. Join a Fisher organization or take a leadership role in which you are already a member.
  3. Make a great connection with a recruiter? Put that business card you received to use and send an email, write a letter, or make a phone call to follow up on your conversation. Remember to thank them for simply coming to the fair and speaking with you!
  4. Keep in touch with past professors, your boss from a past summer job or internship, and others that may be able to help you in the future as a reference on an application.
  5. Make sure your voicemail box on your cell phone is not full. The message should be quick, clear and professional. Hopefully you will get a call to come in for an interview!

#tbt Career Management Style: Let’s Get Personal (NOT).

Written by Undergraduate Consultant, Marlina Frederick

How to Find a Job

With recruitment season in full swing, our office is all business, all the time! In the midst of recruitment events, career fairs, and interviews we stumbled across this gem. How to Find a Job: A Plan that Works was published in 1950 and contains tips for job seekers. Believe it or not, some of the advice is still relevant! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite throwbacks from this pamphlet and the do’s and don’t’s of the job search process. Enjoy!


How to Find a Job recommends that in a “blind” letter of application, candidates provide certain personal data: “your age, whether married or single, whether you have children, whether you are in good health.” These qualities were thought to provide perspective employers with an understanding of the candidate’s character. For example: married, family man = reliable, responsible. Today, it is illegal for employers to ask you about your marital status, family life, or health. Volunteering information that employers are legally not allowed to ask for may put the recruiter in an uncomfortable position. When in doubt, DON’T get personal!



5 Pieces of Advice to Use in 5 Days!

Written by Career Events Intern, Courtney Russell

Fisher Fall Career Fair

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

  1. Don’t forget to bring your BuckID! You will need this to swipe in at the fair.
  2. Bring dollar bills- especially if you are coming straight from class you will want to coat check your backpack for $1. Seriously though, suit + giant backpack do not look good.
  3. Your phone – don’t text while talking to employers, but DO download the OSU Career Fair Plus mobile app to access Company Major Charts and the Career Fair Map! …Trust me, there are over 175 tables, and 3 completely filled ballrooms, this will be a life saver.
  4. Resumes – emphasis on the S. Even if you only research and plan on talking to a few companies, be prepared for anything.
  5. Lastly, put your resumes in a professional padfolio. If you didn’t graduate from FCP as a freshman and are still in need, Ohio State’s bookstores have them as well! http://goo.gl/AnepWM

Technology & the Job Search

Written by our Undergraduate Career Consultant, Kaitlin Bressler

Technology is transforming how companies hire and recruit their top talent. Therefore, it is important to understand how recruiters are using technology to source new candidates, and also understand how you as a job seeker can use technology to your advantage.

Fisher Fall Career Fair App


Because there are so many companies registered for the Fisher Fall Career Fair, it is a good idea to map out exactly which companies you’d like to visit at the career fair. Through the app, you can pull up a map with each company’s specific location at the career fair. To download the app, search for OSU Career Fair Plus on the App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you will be able to see a list of all companies attending, view an interactive floorplan, see additional event details, receive real-time announcements, and even view career fair tips.

Social Media


LinkedIn is a great online tool for you to use in searching for jobs as well as networking with alumni. Ohio State and the Fisher College of Business have large alumni networks, and LinkedIn makes it easy to sort by industry, location, or even company.  Connect with people who share similar interests with you by sending them personalized messages asking if they would be willing to conduct an informational interview with you to learn more about their career path.  Make sure you’re also aware of how your public profile looks on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and that you are mindful of how that could potentially impact your interviewing process with employers.  Additionally, be sure to follow the Office of Career Management’s Twitter handle @fishercareermgt and Instagram account fishercareermgt for updates on happenings in the Office of Career Management and tips!

Video Interviewing


At some point in your job search, you might be asked to do a video interview. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get set up, and if possible, test out your internet connection before your interview occurs. You should also dress in professional attire, like you would for an in-person interview. Although it is sometimes a challenge, do your best to maintain good eye contact with the person on the other end of the video conference. As always, if you need a quiet space to do your video interview, you can reserve an interview room in the Office of Career Management in Gerlach.

Good luck with your job search! See you at the Fisher Fall Career Fair on the 9th!