PNC: Final Post

Amazing summer, short and simple.

PNC is a company that invests a lot in its talent because after all, that is the backbone to most, if not all companies.

The final weeks of my internship went by like a blink of an eye.  All of the interns had a final presentation we had to put together for dozens of employees in the audit department.  All the interns did an excellent job with the project.  I will say, what I learned in 2292, HELPED me out a TONI took Ty Shepfer’s class my sophomore year and I utilized all the tactics I learned in that class for group projects and presenting.

Interning at PNC as a whole was an experience that I loved from start to finish.  PNC does a great job at nurturing each intern and being so positive to any questions anyone may have.

Being a finance major, I always had a interest in banking and I was able to really experience all the aspects of banking this summer while being in audit because audit allows you to see the ins and out of the whole bank.

On the last day of the internship, my hard work finally paid off:

I received a Full-Time offer from PNC

I accepted the offer about a week later.

Now, I will be starting my career off with a top bank in the country and I couldn’t be more excited.

I plan to participate in recruiting events for PNC at Ohio State. I know how much I enjoyed the recruiting process with PNC and I want to let other students have that same opportunity.

Blogging for MyFisherIntership Series is a great experience not only because it makes you reflect on what you have done at your internship but it gives others the opportunity to see what you do at your respective company day in and day out.  Student feedback from an internship is more valuable than trying to navigate a company’s website in my opinion.

A huge thank you to the Fisher College of Business for letting me share my experiences this summer!

Landon Slomovitz

PNC Intern Events

You want to talk about fun? That is what PNC makes of an intern’s summer. The Internal Audit department makes sure every intern leaves the summer with an excellent experience.  Culture at PNC is something that I haven’t seen replicated by another company.

Throughout the summer, PNC puts on several events for the interns that include the following:

Cleveland Indians – The team that us Clevelanders cherish so much, especially after last October! PNC provided a happy hour with all the interns in Cleveland as well as full-time employees for a networking event on a rooftop bar followed by tickets to the Indians game!  Regardless of what department you work in for PNC, you always have opportunities to speak with other interns and employees.

Stanley Cup Parade- Being a native to Cleveland, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing the Pittsburgh Penguins hold up the trophy.  With the constant travel from Cleveland to Pittsburgh we got lucky and were in town in Pittsburgh for the parade.  It was great to go out during the work-day with all the other interns in Internal Audit and experience this all together.

Volunteering Activity- PNC has a program called “Grow Up Great” where PNC gives back to its communities.  Grow Up Great is an outstanding program that every intern participates in throughout the summer, as well as full-time employees.  A few interns and myself got to experience our first Grow Up Great event together this summer!  We participated in a food bank where we gave out thousands of fruits and vegetables to anyone that came!  It was 90 degrees out so we were having a blast finally being outdoors during the day.  Unforgettable experience!

These are only a few examples but PNC has many more events throughout the summer.  PNC does a great job of packing in 10-weeks full of breath taking experiences for all of the interns! Each and every day is unique!

A Day in the Life

What is a complete day like as an Internal Audit intern with PNC?

To help answer that question, I picked a day of the week that all of the interns value most: Our weekly trip to Pittsburgh.

About once a week, the interns from Cleveland travel to Pittsburgh for the day to have a meal with an executive or a high-ranking manager.

This is what one of my days look like from beginning to end:

5:30am – Wake up to shower and get ready

7:00am – Arrive at a pickup location and wait for a shuttle to pick us up

9:15am – Arrive in Pittsburgh, PA

9:30am-10:00am – Catch up on emails and go over schedule for the day

10:00am-12:00pm – Meetings and work on projects/assignments

12:00pm – Lunch with an executive or high-ranking manager where we get to have lunch as an  intern class and listen to the speaker

1:00pm – Meetings with manager

2:00pm – Work on projects/assignments

4:00pm – Hop on shuttle back to Cleveland

6:00pm – Arrive back in Cleveland

6:30pm – Finally home for the day

What could be considered an exhausting 12-hour day is actually everyone’s favorite day.  The two-hour shuttle ride is actually great experience to bond with your intern class.  Being in Pittsburgh is awesome because instead of using Skype for Business for everything, you are able to really enjoy your fellow interns that are in Pittsburgh and interact with your managers on a whole new level.

Hopefully this helps enhance the view of what a day is like as a PNC Internal Audit Intern!

Start of Something New


My name is Landon Slomovitz, and I am an incoming senior at The Ohio State University. In the Fisher College of Business, I specialize in Finance with a minor in Economics.  Over the summer I will be interning with PNC in Cleveland, Ohio!While I am in Columbus, Ohio throughout the school year, I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio.  It is very relieving to intern in the city I grew up in and still live today. As a result, I won’t have any extra headaches throughout the summer by living in the comfort of my home and working in a city so close to my heart. I am working in the Internal Audit department, and I started on May 24th with a Three-Day Summer Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A big reason I chose to intern at PNC is not only for its prestigious name but, because of the people I met along the way in the interview process.  The recruiters for PNC were the most approachable and friendly people out of any company that I have been fortunate enough to encounter.  The recruiters are genuinely interested in everything the candidate has to say including dense and knowledgeable answers to questions I had. The main aspect that drove home my interest was how transparent and honest the recruiters were. They never wanted to mislead or sway anyone in making a decision; they allowed us to think on our own.

The questions I constantly get is:

Why write for My Fisher Internship when you already have an internship? Do you think it will affect your resume at this point?  Why waste your time?

I wanted to write for My Fisher Internship because I wholeheartedly believe it will help future students. Whether it be deciding what company to intern at or what to expect day-to-day throughout an internship, I am here to help.  Fisher does so many wonderful things when it comes to preparing students for internship programs, and I believe this is another excellent example.

These next ten weeks are going to have a ton of obstacles, early mornings, and stressful moments but even more wonderful opportunities with excellent people.  I am so glad to have taken this internship with PNC, and I cannot wait to see how it goes!