What its Like to Work at J.P. Morgan

It’s hard to believe that 4 of my 10 weeks of work at J.P. Morgan are already complete. Coming into the job, I had some expectations about the kinds of people I’d be working with, what the job would be like, and how I would like it, yet every day I am still so fascinated and amazed by what happens in the headquarters of the biggest bank by assets in the world. My expectations are continuing to be exceeded, and I love everything about my job.

To start, it’s amazing how smart every single person I work with and meet is in this company. There is so much to learn every day about finance, about the bank, and even about your career and what it takes to be successful. The bank also really encourages employees to build a wide network within the company and spend time getting to know people, and I’ve done so by getting coffee with 3 different people in the company every week. It’s also inspiring how proud people are to work for J.P. Morgan, and I’ve come to appreciate even more what it means to work at a firm that is so systematically important in the global economy. By working here, I feel as if I am a part of a family in that people care about each other, want to see each other succeed, and always do what’s right and best for the company rather than for themselves. Regardless of where you work, getting to know the people in your group, on your floor, and those who are doing roles that may interest you is important in showing you care about your role and are committed to working well and succeeding with the people around you. People are impressed by an intern who isn’t shy to get to know people and is eager to learn.

I’ve also enjoyed the high level of responsibility I’ve been given as intern. I may only be here for 10 weeks, but everyone knows that I’m really aspiring for a full time job offer, and I am treated and expected to act like a first year analyst. I’d imagine this is similar for a lot of rising seniors doing internships, and it’s important to understand that while the stakes are high and you’re learning so much so fast, it’s okay to make mistakes, and your co-workers know that you are adjusting and learning every day. With that, it’s also important to try to learn as much as possible about how the first year guys are doing their jobs, since ideally you’ll be doing it when you graduate. A great habit is to carry a notebook literally everywhere you go in the building and write down as much as possible. People take notice when you write things down and show you won’t forget things and won’t make the same mistake twice. I also think it’s important to be confident in your talent and don’t be shy to speak up or ask a question. At JPM, I’ve definitely felt intimidated at times by all of the smart and successful people, but overall I know I’ve earned my spot here, and to earn one for after graduation I need to be sharp and on my game at all times.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my internship experience thus far at J.P. Morgan. I’m excited to continue learning, continue getting to know people in the firm, and continue to put my career in the direction I want it to go in. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a great organization, and I’m convinced that if I receive a full time offer at the end of my internship, I would definitely accept it and work here after graduating from Ohio State.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey this summer. I’m excited to continue to share some of my experiences in the greatest city in the world with you all!


Living in the Big Apple

As a part of my internship experience, this summer I am living in Manhattan in a residence hall at New York University. I’m so glad I did this for so many reasons. First, the area around here is almost entirely college students living in New York for the summer. Not only have I met a lot of kids in my dorm building working at J.P. Morgan with me, but I’ve already met a bunch of really smart and successful people working at other banks as well as other awesome companies in areas other than finance. Everyone here is doing something great and goes to a great school, so it’s been really cool to have the opportunity to constantly meet students similar to myself from all over the country. By living at NYU, I also have the chance to explore and experience New York in ways I wouldn’t be able to if I was commuting from home back on Long Island. I value this because I’m so passionate about New York and the culture here. I’m already convinced that I am going to have the summer of my life these next 10 weeks.

My dorm building at NYU for the summer
My dorm building at NYU for the summer
My dorm is located right in the heart of the amazing Union Square
My dorm is located right in the heart of the amazing Union Square

If you are aspiring to do an internship and/or spend a summer in Manhattan, I highly recommend living in the NYU dorms. The location is prime, the people are awesome, and NYU offers a great deal relative to other ridiculously priced summer rents available to interns in New York. Being a student, it’s also great to be around as many other students as possible for hanging and going out and networking as well. There are 7 other Ohio State students living with me at NYU that I know of or have met here, and I’ve also had no problems so far meeting other kids who want to hang out after work, explore the city, etc. I’ve been having a blast however telling people I go to Ohio State and it definitely feels great to walk around the area and go to the gym with my Ohio State shirts and represent. I always get a few looks and double-takes from people when I’m wearing my gear around the city, and I can always count on at least one person yelling O-H at me which is so cool. Although, I haven’t hesitated yelling go Buckeyes at other people I see wearing Michigan or Oregon apparel either!

I’m having the time of my life being in the city I’ve always wanted to live and work in. I’m excited to continue sharing my experiences with you all.

Cheers to the summer!


My Empire State of Mind

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nick Palmiotto and I am a 3rd year student from Oceanside, NY majoring in finance and economics at The Ohio State University. Since I was young, I’ve aspired to live and work in New York City doing something in finance, and I made the decision to come to Ohio State after doing a lot of research on the programs Fisher had that would help me make that happen. After thousands of hours of preparation, hundreds of emails and phone calls, dozens of meetings and interviews, a few key people who believed in me, and even one lucky break, I couldn’t be more proud and excited to be interning for JPMorgan Chase at their global headquarters in New York this summer.

One of my favorite pictures I've taken of New York.
One of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of New York

How I got here was pretty untraditional from normal campus recruiting. Being a part of the Fisher Futures program, I leveraged the credibility of the program and tried to connect with as many people who worked on Wall Street as possible on LinkedIn to try to schedule phone calls and coffee meetings with them. My hope with doing this was that they would give me helpful insight about their jobs, help me get better connected with other smart and important people, and help me earn interviews with their companies if they liked me enough and believed I was capable. I landed interviews with Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and JPMorgan Chase’s Columbus office. My first interview was on campus with JPMorgan for a summer financial analyst position in Columbus, and I was offered the job three days after my interview. With a job offer already in my pocket (despite not being my most preferred offer), I went on to interview for investment banking positions with Goldman and Barclays. These interviews were awesome experiences and I am proud of the effort I gave, however the offers just didn’t come through with how competitive the selection processes are for these jobs. I knew however that I wanted to work in New York regardless of what function of finance I was doing, so I scrolled through the connections I’ve made, crafted some more carefully worded emails and LinkedIn messages, and went out to make it happen.

After getting my JPMorgan offer in Columbus, I made my passion for working in New York known to my interviewers and recruiter. One of my interviewers luckily was a Fisher Futures alum, and he was able to get me very well connected to friends he had in the company’s New York office. After speaking with bankers in New York and having an open and honest dialogue with my Columbus recruiter, I flew out to New York to grab coffee with the people I connected with, and I was able to get the offer I really wanted in the New York office.

I value the opportunity I have now to be among some of the smartest and most successful people in finance at JPMorgan in New York. While I am still unsure about what exactly it is I want to do in finance after graduation, being in a big bank will allow me to learn about a lot of different areas and have access to a ton of inspiring and insightful people. This summer, I’ll be working in JPMorgan’s investor relations division and I’m extremely excited about the role.

I’m really excited to be able to share my experiences this summer here. Thank you so much in advance for reading and following my journey this summer. Take care and best of luck!