My Time With L Brands

My eight months with L Brands has come to an end, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience that I had. I built lasting relationships with interns, fellow employees, and people outside of our company. I grew as an individual and expanded my knowledge of the real estate industry, an industry that I now know for certain that I want to build a career in. 

This was my first time working in a corporate office, and to be honest I was extremely skeptical at first. I was worried that I wouldn’t like working alongside hundreds of people in a head corporate office, but as I became more comfortable with my job and the people around me, I began to really enjoy my experience and those fears went away. The department that I worked in was roughly 30 people, which helped to make the huge corporate office feel small and much more manageable.

The corporate office also became more manageable when I began my onboarding process. I had about 25 meetings with fellow employees from different areas of L Brands. I met with people from finance, construction, store design and much more. Each meeting lasted over an hour, which gave me plenty of time to form a solid relationship with my peer. This was an amazing experience and something that I recommend every intern should do when working for any company, especially one as large as L Brands. Relationships are huge in the business world, and I suggest that interns take every step possible to build them.

By the end of my internship I was truly sad that I had to return to school and finish up my senior year. I grew very close with my fellow employees, and leaving them was definitely tough for me. An experience like the one I had with L Brands is truly a gift and I hope that all Fisher students get an experience just like it! I highly recommend working for L Brands!


This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Pelotonia here in Columbus. Pelotonia is an annual fundraiser in Columbus that raises money for research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Wow what a name for a place! The event is a 3 day long extravaganza where the main event is a 25/45/100 or 180 mile bike ride. Riders are responsible to raise a certain amount of money based on the mileage that they sign up to ride. For me, I was responsible to raise $1500 because I signed up to ride 45 miles.

Some of the largest corporations in Columbus put together teams that competitively try to raise the most amount of money for Pelotonia. L Brands, the company I intern for, takes this very seriously! Every year we have tons of riders and volunteers. I joined the L Brands team and rode with 16 of my fellow associates from the Real Estate department. L Brands represented 1,686 riders out of 8,000 total riders, and as a whole raised 2.7 million out of the 15.2 million that was raised for Pelotonia.

The week started off with all kinds of fundraising events in our office like corn hole tournaments, rubber duck races, a carnival, raffles and various other things. I ended up winning the corn hole tournament which was pretty exhilarating! Friday night consisted of a kick off rally downtown with thousands of people in attendance; I would guess around 10,000 people. We registered our bikes, ate a fantastic complimentary dinner, grabbed our Pelotonia apparel swag bag, and then listened to Joe Biden speak to the crowd!

The next morning was the day of the big ride, which was an overall great experience. The day started at 6:15 AM where I quickly grabbed my gear and headed to a fellow associate’s house near downtown Columbus. She had a huge breakfast for everyone in Real Estate that was riding/volunteering Pelotonia. We ate breakfast, snapped a few group photos and started riding around 7:45.

We then rode for 25 miles as a group, which was a great bonding experience with my associates. We rode for a little over 2 hours. The coolest part of the ride was all the random acts of support from locals. Locals sat on their front lawns and congratulated riders and thanked them for their efforts! This was particularly rewarding for our whole group. It felt amazing to be appreciated by so many people.

The finish line of the event had all kinds of special goodies; hundreds of people cheering/thanking, Bob Evans breakfast, and free massages! It was great sitting down with the group and talking about the ride while enjoying a delicious breakfast!

Overall, I had a fantastic experience with Pelotonia and loved the entire event. Riding for L Brands was a great experience and something I would love to do again. I plan on training a little more and maybe riding 100 miles next year!



I originally planned on blogging about my daily tasks in this post, but I have decided to skip this because my daily tasks are always changing. Instead, I will highlight one thing I did this week that I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from!

This week I went on a two day market tour to my home town of Cleveland, Ohio. I accompanied the Director of the Mid-Atlantic region, the VP of the Eastern US, and a fellow intern. The tour was an excellent opportunity for me to better understand how Directors become “masters of their territories”, as I mentioned in my last post. It was also a fantastic opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of how my role as a support function is a benefit to the Directors. I had plenty of “Ah, ha! So that’s why we do this…” moments.

A “market tour” is an opportunity for our Directors to travel to an area which they oversee and give it an in-depth analysis. The director visits every shopping center in the area that our stores operate in within the specific market, and they try to understand how the center, and how our store, is performing.

The director also visits new opportunities within the market that have been on their radar. These are shopping centers that our stores currently do not operate in, but are strong considerations for us. When evaluating a new center, the Director has detailed criteria that help him/her understand whether or not this new center would be a good fit.

One big thing that I learned during this market tour is how, “seeing is believing,” holds incredibly true within the retail real estate industry. Though we have extensive knowledge of our stores that is portrayed in written and photographed forms, nothing beats going to the center and actually experiencing it. I saw aspects of a shopping center that could never be captured on paper.

My favorite part of the experience was visiting shopping centers that were my home town and childhood shopping centers. I had specific memories in many of the shopping centers that we visited, and it was awesome to reminisce on those experiences. It was also interesting to look at these centers through a completely different set of eyes. Of course I had my own biases about each center we visited, so it was fun to drop those biases and look at the mall through a new lens.

Halfway Point

I have somehow already reached the halfway point of my internship as a Leasing Coordination Intern for L Brands. For anyone unfamiliar with the company, it is a fashion retailer whose brands consist of Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath and Body Works, La Senza and Henri Bendel. L Brands was started by a well- known Ohio State University Alumni, Les Wexner, and is headquartered right here in Columbus!

I am 1 of 150 other interns that work for L Brands, and I am the only Leasing Coordination Intern. More specifically my title is: “Leasing Analyst”. My position is within the Real Estate department of the company, and I work alongside about 30 other people in our group.

Most people don’t automatically realize that a fashion retailer would have a Real Estate Department, so I will explain what we do. Simply put, since our stores have thousands of physical brick and mortar locations within malls, strip centers, etc… We need a department to communicate with land lords and manage our stores. Our team negotiates lease payments with land lords, identifies new locations for our stores, organizes any store remodels and much more.

Our department is structured quite simply, so I will explain where I fall in to the group. Though we have stores internationally, I only work on our North American locations.

We have a President of Real Estate and a Senior Vice President of Real Estate, they make final decisions on any of our deals in North America.

Under them are two Vice presidents, one controls all stores on the eastern half of North America, and the other controls the western half. They are masterminds of their territories and have extensive knowledge regarding every shopping center in their geographical area. They approve all deals that eventually get pushed up to the Senior VP and President.

The Vice Presidents each have four Directors, or people that make deals, under them that control a specific portion of their territory. These deal makers have strong relationships with land-lords, and they identify specific locations within a shopping center where we might desire to be located. Once a location is agreed upon, they negotiate with the land-lord aspects of the lease such as annual lease payments, land-lord charges, construction allowances, and co-tenancy/kickout rights.

My job as a Leasing Analyst falls under the Directors. I work as a support function, organizing and providing Directors specific information that they use to make a deal. We have an extensive resource database that I continually update. This database is filled with information regarding shopping centers, developers, population and history of our store performance. This is all information that our Directors rely upon when making deals.

In my next post, I will give a more specific explanation as to what my daily tasks are!