From Nashville to Columbus… The End.

Nashville, TN Skyline

Wow! As I look back at my internship at Crowd Surf, LLC in Nashville, I realize how much I was able to learn, the influential people I was able to meet, and the fun times I was able to have. I interned for a total of 12 weeks and I can honestly say I have developed so much as a professional and as a person. I will start off by reiterating what the company specialized in and what my responsibilities were. Crowd Surf, LLC is a social media marketing firm that also offers management, publicity, and web design services just to name a few. I ended up being one of only six interns, with each of us being placed on separate teams. Each team was made up of a project manager, content coordinator, and an intern, and was assigned approximately six to eight of the company’s clients to manage. As an intern I was responsible for tracking the three month growth of our clients’ various accounts, assisting in the creation of bi-weekly reports, and helping develop content for new marketing campaigns.

During my last few weeks, I made sure to schedule an end of the summer review meeting to get honest feedback on my overall performance and get pointers on how I can improve going forward from this experience. My manager told me that I brought positive energy into the work place, and that I performed all tasks given to me successfully and in a timely fashion. My manager’s ways I could improve were to utilize my resources (Google, Yahoo, & Bing) before asking questions about a given assignment and to never feel anxious about asking your manager for more work. Learning to not only accept, but grow from criticism is a very important skill and I am grateful I had the opportunity to develop myself in such a supportive environment.

My experience at Crowd Surf, LLC was absolutely a positive experience because of the incredible work culture, the kindness of my coworkers, and the location being in such a vibrant city like Nashville, TN. Even though I realized social media marketing is not something I am passionate about, I was able to acquire a set of valuable skills that will prove useful in today’s heavily digital marketing industry. I plan to take away from this experience meaningful friendships with people in the entertainment industry, a better understanding of what I want to do after college, and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Now it’s your turn to GO BEYOND by interning at the company of your dreams, and sharing your experience with the rest of our driven, diligent and diverse Fisher Community! 🙂

Networking in Nashville!

I had the pleasure to speak with the Executive Director of the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy. The Recording Academy puts on the annual GRAMMY Awards Show!
I had the pleasure of speaking with the Executive Director of the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy. The Recording Academy puts on the annual GRAMMY Awards Show!

Hello everyone!

It is quite strange thinking about how I have only 20 days of work left at Crowd Surf, LLC. This summer has gone by quickly, and I am extremely happy I have learned so many new things through this incredible experience. I look forward to returning to campus this fall and putting these skills to work in the classroom, in the organizations I am involved in, and eventually in my career. In addition to the new skills I practice daily in the office, I also have been practicing a very important skill emphasized at the Max M. Fisher College of Business: Networking.

Before I moved to Nashville I found out its nickname was, “Music City, USA”, and learned about some of the major record labels, publishing groups, talent agents, and artist-focused marketing firms located in the area. I was so excited to be interning in a city with companies such as Universal Music Group, Creative Artists Agency, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Brothers Records, and Big Machine Records all located in an area known as Music Row. I made it a point to try to meet with as many professionals in the entertainment industry as I could in order to learn about their role in the industry and how they got to where they are.

I had three different strategies to accomplish this goal because I knew it would not be easy to set up these meetings with professionals. My first strategy was to have one-on-one meetings with people who worked at Crowd Surf as to hear their stories and get their advice. My second strategy was to attend professional mixers, and arrange meetings with people who were doing things I would love to learn more about. My last strategy was to randomly email companies in hopes of them arranging for me to meet with an employee. The last one rarely worked but was definitely worth it because it’s how I met the Executive Director of Nashville’s chapter of the Recording Academy.

Even though the confirmed meetings didn’t start happening until five weeks in, I am honored to tell you I have met with people from varying sectors of the entertainment industry. I’ve met with the Creative Director of a record label, CEO of an international audio branding firm, and the founder of an event promotions and management company. Every single person I met with, when I asked them for both personal and career advice, eventually told me these three things: find your passion in life, work efficiently and diligently, and to remember business is all about relationships.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

-Michael Inman 🙂

Nashville at its Finest!

Hello everyone!

As I promised, this post will be entirely devoted to my social and extracurricular experiences over the past five weeks. When I first arrived in Nashville I knew I wanted to explore the city so I got on my bicycle and went on an adventure. I live near a beautiful place called Centennial Park and it’s known for having the world’s only full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon and Athena statue. Also near where I live is Vanderbilt University, one of the prettiest historic campuses I have ever seen. Because Vanderbilt and Belmont University are in such close proximity to each other the surrounding area is home to independent coffee shops, unique clothing boutiques, and exceptional restaurants you can’t find anywhere else!

Vanderbilt University

The perk of both working and living right outside downtown Nashville is you are able to explore it whenever your heart desires. During my first three weeks, every evening after work I would ride my bike into the heart of the city to see what I could find next. One day I found myself exploring the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and meeting members of the Nashville Ballet. Then the following week I tried out a honey-cinnamon Latte from the coffee shop in the Omni, Nashville’s hottest new hotel. My latest discovery though has been the government buildings on the northern edge of the city. (No, I did not get in trouble!) These buildings are all eye-catching and were built using the Greek Revival architectural style. The War Memorial Auditorium building is also a humongous structure built to mimic the awe-inspiring feats accomplished in ancient Greece.

Capitol Building

Lastly, I must tell you about the friends I have made over the past few weeks! The first group of people I met were of course the employees of Crowd Surf and the other interns. All of them are very kind, but I have really started to hit it off with a fellow intern named Aimee. We get lunch every Wednesday at a different place around the city. I immediately felt a friendship form between my roommate and I once we met and it has been great getting to know her for the insightful, patient, and funny person she is. Two weeks ago I met a wonderful girl named Jenny at a smoothie shop and we also made quick friends. After being introduced to her other friends, we now all go to Buffalo Wild Wings every Thursday. Finally, my birthday most recently passed and both my family and best friend, Amanda, came up to celebrate with me. We went to the one and only Pinewood Social!

Pinewood Social

That is all for now folks, so thank you for reading! 🙂


My 1st Day Experience to my VIP Experience

Hello Everyone! 🙂

It has been four weeks since my last post and my experience thus far has been great! I don’t know why but I, like many others, assumed my first day was going to be a highly traumatic experience where I would either, “Sink or Swim!” To the contrary I quite enjoyed my first day and it encompassed meeting the company staff, setting up shop near my program managers, and then signing some really cool paper work… well not THAT cool! (: My company orientation primarily consisted of being informed of the artists on my team’s roster and getting acquainted with both their music and various social media platforms. Most of the artists on our team’s roster identified as country artists so I realized from the get-go country music and I were going to become quite close this summer!


I am really happy to say the company’s culture is really supportive and engaging! The Nashville office’s Director of Operations is always extremely positive and encouraging. Throughout the day he complements the team as a whole, and he can always find the good in a situation. I believe he is a major factor for why the atmosphere in the office is rarely intense or negative. Another amazing thing is that at least once every two weeks someone will bring in donuts, cupcakes, or another form of sugary endearment just because! My personal favorite is the relaxed dress code which saves me dying from heat exhaustion due to wearing a suit for my daily bike rides to and from work.


Over the past few weeks I have gotten into the groove of how to efficiently complete all of my daily tasks in order to leave my last hour of the day for any special requests either from my managers or other project managers. Some of my daily tasks include recording growth numbers across the various social media platforms of our artists and helping create biweekly reports for our clients. This last week was quite the experience though because CMA Music Fest was in town! There were country fans lining the streets to see their favorite artists and I had the privilege to help out at a VIP Fan Appreciation Party. This allowed me to see our roster’s artists perform live!


In my next post, I will tell you about the various social excursions I have enjoyed here in the one and only Music City: Nashville, TN. (:

Cincinnati to Columbus to Crowd Surf, LLC!

My home for the next 12 weeks! #Adventures2Come
My home for the next 12 weeks!

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ll start off by telling you the slightly complicated, but entirely enjoyable story of how I got this exciting opportunity to intern at Crowd Surf, LLC in Nashville, TN. It all started after I transferred to the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, and auditioned for the Musical Theater program led by Drew and Lea Lachey. Once accepted into this program, they required that participants attend an annual, week-long summer intensive put on by Lachey Arts in order to learn some of the upcoming year’s signature numbers and choreography combinations. The summer following my high school graduation I was hired as a student worker to assist with camp operations, provide needed support for the high-caliber instructors, and stage manage the final showcase.

As a worker, I was invited to the after-party which was thrown to celebrate the showcase’s success and allow the Lacheys to catch up with old friends from the entertainment industry. While there I found myself speaking with a woman named Jade for 20 minutes about her journey thus far, her accomplishments, and my own personal aspirations. At the conclusion of our talk she said to me, “If you are ever looking for an internship, definitely reach out and I’d be glad to set something up for you at one of Crowd Surf’s offices.” After my first semester at Ohio State, I reached out to her and found out there were two office locations: Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. I decided on Nashville because it was less expensive and not as far from home as CALIFORNIA! Maybe next summer though… 🙂

Crowd Surf, LLC. is a company that provides a variety of services to its clients including social media strategy consulting, digital brand development, and innovative online marketing. Monday, May 12th, was my first day! I will tell you more about my experiences in future posts but what I will tell you now is that my coworkers are absolutely amazing, I already have a special project I get to work on, I met Jamie Lynn Spears on my first day, and that my apartment is quite literally perfect!

I promise my next posts will not be this lengthy!