Not Your Average Intern Advice

Eleven years ago my dad said “wouldn’t it be cool to work here” while we were vacationing at a Marriott in Myrtle Beach. This stuck with me, and to think I have just completed my sales internship on the West Coast with this same company makes me incredibly grateful that I was, in fact, able to pursue this dream! Looking back on the past few months,  I am thankful to say I have been many places and gained a lot of valuable insight on the sales field. It is with my final article that I would like to share some advice I have received and implemented during my time at Marriott.

1) Always ask questions 

Asking questions is not a bad thing! It shows that you are interested in doing things correctly and want to learn more about the job. There is no way to know everything right off the bat either. This is an inherent way that employers can gauge your interest in the position or willingness to learn new things.

2) Keep an ongoing list of your projects throughout the summer

This is the piece of advice I want to HIGHLIGHT THE MOST. I started doing this at my internship last summer and it helped tremendously. It does take effort to write down each STAR scenario you experienced at work, each project you did, or each skill you perfected. However, I promise it will be worth it 6 months later when you try to remember the exact scenario or dollar amount you were working with, for an interview.

3) Be a team player

The impact you make isn’t solely what “project-legacy” you leave behind for the office after you are done. To me, it is important to be a team player by helping out in the little ways. By this, I mean being the person who others can count on to lend a helping hand, even if it is not in your area. Be the person who takes out the trash when you see it is full instead of leaving it for someone else. Be the person to clean the fridge out before the weekend without being told to.  Be the unsung hero. Yeah, these tasks maybe aren’t the most glamorous but they are really appreciated by everyone else you work with and will get noticed by the right people. At my internship, being a team player in this sense involved helping out with the wellness committee (executing walks around the campus, sending emails on their behalf, etc.) as well as fundraising for our NextGen Business Council’s charitable efforts.

4) Add value to where you’re working

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I touched on this in my last articles but companies want people who will add value to the company. They want that employee to make the office better off than it was before. An easy way to add value is by completing a meaningful project but you also want to socially add value too (which I will mention below).

5) Don’t forget to have fun!

Employers do not only want productive employees but it is desirable to  have people they can socially connect with too. You want to be memorable and likable. Grab lunch with a coworker, talk to the people working near you, or go to the company picnic. CREATE MEMORIES. Just because you are only there for an internship doesn’t mean you can’t make those connections. At Marriott, us interns left our fun mark by using the toaster oven to make s’mores during our breaks. A lot of people caught on. Due to this, prior to our departure, the office set up a permanent s’mores station commemorating our breaks so that others may enjoy this activity in the future. We also inaugurated a contest for one of our charity projects to pie one of the office leaders in the face with a whipped cream pie. The office really enjoyed that event and will continue it into the future. We made $400 just from that initiative!

6) Do the job you hate

I have had several conversations with the leaders of my office about this topic. Many of them never thought they could have gotten to their director role without doing the job that was not particularly on their radar. They told me to try that job for at least a year. If you end up liking it: great, stick to it! Otherwise, it is only a year and you now have more experience if nothing else. It was by diversifying their experience that they were able to be qualified for their leadership roles. Be open to opportunity.

7) Gratitude is the attitude

Please say thank you whenever possible (especially to your housekeeper)! This really hit home when I worked with the housekeeping department. It was a backbreaking job to do, even for one day. These workers really appreciate it when people show them gratitude. Even outside of housekeeping, this is a good mindset to have because it puts others first. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

In short, this internship has been very beneficial for me in several ways. Through it, I have been able to see the beautiful state of California, experience the operations and atmosphere of the different Marriott hotels (including the Ritz!), and learn more about how sales functions within the hospitality industry. There was never a dull moment, the benefits even as an intern were incredible, and it was good to know that my project was meaningful since it will continue to be used by the office starting Q4. If you are ever thinking about pursuing a job with this company, I highly recommend it and am happy to provide my insights with you from my experience. Thank you for following along with me this summer! If you ever want to grab coffee or chat, I am happy to set something up ( :).


Exploring California!

Even with Marriott’s awesome office environment, having a work-life balance is still very important. To me, maintaining that balance means pursuing my interests outside of work. This includes working out, spending time on the beach, and traveling. Traveling has been one of the best parts of  my internship. I truly did not realize just how much there was to do in California (let alone how big the state is) until being here. There are still so many places I have not been, and I have lived here the entire summer! It is good to get to know the area you are interning in because it will help you to realize if you will enjoy the environment if a long-term opportunity presents itself. As I have learned from being here, there’s a reason people say “West Coast Best Coast.” If you are ever hoping to visit the bear flag state, here are some suggestions of my favorite things to do!

Orange County (OC)

My coworker and I spending the day at California Adventure Park

Even in Orange County, there is still a ton to do outside of shopping at high-end malls or dreaming of driving the Tesla you see next to you on the 405. The area is known for its great beaches and surfing. For these activities, I  recommend Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel. Visiting the original Disney park is an essential thing to do as well! You can easily spend two days at Disney since there are two awesome parks located right next to each other. At California Adventure Park, you can ride the iconic Mickey Mouse ferris wheel or take a stroll along Pixar Pier.
At Disneyland, you can experience classic rides such as It’s a Small World!, Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion. After a long day there, you can watch the beautiful fireworks display over the Disney castle while eating a dole whip or churro, as the locals do.

The original Disney castle is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but still such an icon.
Every sunset is different and somehow gets more beautiful! This is near where I live at Newport Beach, CA.






San Francisco (SF)

Dim sum aka dumplings

The “City by the Bay” has a tremendous amount of things to do as well! If you have never been there you have to check out what the city is known for by eating some amazing dim sum in Chinatown, seeing the seals at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, enjoying an authentic piece of Ghirardelli chocolate made in SF, getting spooky at Alcatraz, driving on Lombard Street, observing Painted Ladies (for any Full House fans out there), and of course, traversing the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge. Since it is costly to cross it via car, I recommend biking across for a really cool experience with much less traffic. If you have already visited this city, there is still a plethora of things to do! Northern California is known for its vineyards (Napa is not too far from SF) and colossal redwood trees (which can be seen at Muir Woods, a park not too far from the city). If you are looking for a fun, photographic, and tasty experience, visit the Museum of Ice Cream where you get some ice cream related item in every exhibit! They even have a sprinkle pool (seen on the right). Lastly, when in San Francisco, I would recommend trying some soup in a sour-dough bread bowl made at Boudin, which originated there.

Los Angeles

A view of LA and behind the Hollywood sign from my hike there.

Being only 40 minutes away from the 2nd largest city in the US, I frequented LA a lot and still was not able to do it all. My favorite part of LA was all of the hiking opportunities. There are various hikes near the Hollywood sign as well as Runyon Canyon, which provide an excellent view of the city. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen since it is very dry with minimal shade. Griffith Observatory also has plenty of hiking nearby and a great view of the city. An alternative to hiking would be to walk around Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see all of your favorite celebrity stars as well as the TCL Chinese Theatre. If you are hoping to enjoy some air conditioning and fine art on a hot day, I advise going to the Getty Museum, the Getty Villa, the Broad (for modern art), as well as the LACMA. Great food can be found at the Grove or Grand Central Market (which is featured in the movie  La La Land along with Griffith and Angels Flight). Across the street from the market is the architecturally famous Bradbury building, the Last Book Store (a buy/sell used-book store with awesome installations), as well as Angel’s Flight (the world’s shortest railway). Lastly, if you just want to relax on the beach there are still plenty of those around, just a short drive away on Pacific Coast Highway. These beaches include Santa Monica (and the recognizable pier), Malibu, and Venice Beach.


San Diego and Mexico

Views from the splash zone of the dolphin show at SeaWorld.
The sign at the entrance of Tijuana (also known as TJ).

An hour or two south of where I reside in Newport Beach is San Diego. Similar to the rest of these cities mentioned, there is a lot to do here as well! One of my favorite places I have been during this internship was SeaWorld. There is just something magnificent about seeing a 2 ton whale do flips! SeaWorld also has some great rides too and many other kinds of animals to observe. San Diego has a lot of Navy influence as well, so there are plenty of naval ships to see on display. For a chill beach day, you can check out Coronado Island and the famous hotel there featured in the movie Some Like It Hot. If you would like to walk around and see some neat architecture, Balboa Park is also the place for you. A good place for restaurants and drinks is anywhere in the Gaslamp Quarter and Little Italy. And lastly, I recommend to check out Tijuana, Mexico if you are in the area. It is within 30 minutes of San Diego but has so much to offer in terms of culture and authentic Mexican food. It’s also a good way to practice your Spanish:).

In general, there are still so many things in California to do, especially in “SoCal.” The food there is something else, ranging from In-N-Out burgers to the best and freshest fish you will have. Go out of your comfort zone and try poke, I guarantee you will enjoy it! California is definitely a place worth visiting. I am so grateful for my internship that has given me the opportunity to see what life is like on this side of the US!

Project SWAGS

Although I do spend quite some time out of the office doing Marriott related things, I spend a majority of time working in the office on my intern project-SWAGS.

On my first day, it was my mission to leave my impact on the office by improving it. I did not know what exactly that would entail from the get-go, so to gauge areas of improvement, I talked with each director and asked what the office needed the most help with right now. It was when I conversed with my supervisor and the GM that we determined the selling process was not as efficient as it could be.

Right now, the sales managers use “M-Drive,” which is a database containing folders for each region and property, with even more folders within that. The problem with M-Drive, however, is that there is so much information for each property, it can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate to the document you are trying to find. Due to the current drive not being the most organized, it can be hard for sales managers to locate the information the customer wants at the moment, over the phone. A lot of the files also contain a ton of information that is out of date. Ultimately, the group this effects the most are those sales managers working after hours or cross-selling properties that another person usually represents. It is difficult for them to find the information because each region also has its own section set up completely different than the rest.

In an effort to improve this, the intern team and upper management decided the best idea was to create a SharePoint in order to make each region’s properties a standardized “wiki page.” We also wanted it to have a fun acronym so we called it SWAGS which stands for Southwest Area/Group Sales. After much collaboration with my team and sales managers, we were able to narrow down the elements that were the most important for the selling process. From there, we made a template to use for each property that contained these elements and a quick glimpse of the hotel. This includes selling strategies specific to that hotel, meeting space dimensions/floor plans, catering and local restaurant menus, property photos, amenities, ownership information, etc. Making the template was a major feat since each hotel offers different things and is a different size and brand. To combat this, we decided to make a modified template for each type of property based on if it was a resort, full service, or select brand hotel.

From there, we had to scour the M-Drive to find the existing applicable information and manually input it for each page. We also had to comb through all the inaccurate and out of date information. Even after doing that we were still missing a lot of information for each property so we compiled a list of all the missing information we needed to complete the template for that hotel and then sent it to the leader of that region. After that, the leader would contact that hotel and have the property send us the missing information that we would input on the second time around.

Some properties, like resorts, are still gathering the information and will not be able to get back to us before our internship is over. To overcome this, we worked with the GM to select a cadre to carry on the project so that it can stay on track and officially launch for the entire office to use by the start of Q4. We will train the cadre on how to input the supplemental information, create pages, the process of collecting new information going forward, and how to edit the homepage. Prior to training the cadre, in order to collect the new information, we created a cadre email so properties can directly send the cadre information in the future. This will help the SharePoint remain up to date. The homepage contains resources other than property information that are useful to employees such as access to punching in/out, metric measuring tools, HR, and work-a-versaries, just to name a few. To prevent inconsistencies, only the 5 people on the cadre have access to editing it.

Since there were 3 interns and over 100 properties, this has taken a considerable amount of time thus far and is our main project. We also started with the more intensive properties to get the hard ones out of the way. This will let us end on select brand properties which share many similarities.

To break up this giant task, we also took on a philanthropy project as well. Since Marriott has a close partnership with Children’s Miracle Network, we conducted fundraisers for the annual Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Walk. With the money that we fundraised, we sponsored volunteers from Marriott to walk in honor of the kids. Participants in this event get to walk around and have early/discounted access to Disneyland. All proceeds benefit this hospital and its good works.  To raise money at our office we held several fundraisers including a 50/50 drawing, a trip to a Marriott in Hawaii raffle, BINGO for cool prizes, and my favorite: a penny war to pie the leader with the most money in the face (which ended up being my boss!). We also coordinated cool prizes such as free Marriott stays in San Diego, LA, and Arizona, movie tickets with candy, and even our GM’s VIP parking spot. In two weeks, we raised over $2000 to benefit this wonderful cause!

Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Hotels

Thanks for returning to my blog! Over the course of my internship, I have not only redeveloped the resources that our sales managers use to represent our properties but also had the chance to visit some of these beautiful and unique hotels. These hotels varied from luxury brands to full-service resorts.

The W Hotel-Hollywood

Many shows have been filmed at this hotel. This Is Us filmed in this very room.

I made the trek from Orange County to Los Angeles to visit the W located in Hollywood. Before getting into details of the visit, it is good to have a basic understanding of this brand. When W first started in NYC, there was no intention of it expanding the way it did but after wild, unexpected success, the brand now has hotels all over the world. The W brand is considered one of Marriott’s luxury brands, however, it is a different luxury than you would expect from the Ritz or St. Regis. Unlike the Ritz’s “ladies and gentlemen” suit and tie luxury, the W is more of an edgy luxury. To paint a picture, think of a young, executive, businessman who is business by day but after a long day of work, rolls up his sleeves revealing a sleeve of tattoos, orders a drink, is out the rest of the night, then gets up at 8 the next morning ready for work. To cater to this profile, W seeks to make its hotel modern with a good night-life scene. Another central element to the W is attention to detail, especially being local to the area in terms of décor and things to do. This makes each W one-of-a-kind from each other.

The chandelier in the lobby evokes an Oscar dress and the couch under it turns into a DJ booth at night where local DJs come to perform. Prince performed here, as did Justin Bieber and many other celebrities.

Since we visited the Hollywood location, this W was very glam. Red carpets, diamond-studded everything (even the room peepholes had diamonds around them), pictures of celebrities, and many chandeliers. The Destination Sales Executive giving the tour even mentioned that this was one of the few W’s that had a recording studio in it-truly a great fit for the VIP profile of most guests here. On the flip side, the biggest challenge for the Hollywood location is the VIP guests that have high demands and often come in on very short notice. To cater to these needs,

Recording studio in the hotel where artists such as Migos have recorded!

the hotel has an entire team dedicated to these “pop-up” guests and executing events on short notice. She also mentioned when your favorite celebrities come to visit, you have to remain professional at all times. Another thing unique to W are the terms used for the different departments. This is to keep up with the fun atmosphere, veering away from a traditional

Prior to being a meeting room, this area used to be a night club. This is very on-brand with the W nightlife culture.
To the left is a record case which serves as the room service menu to go with the music/Hollywood theme of this W. Above is the rug in the elevator that gets changed out every few hours. The W places a high emphasis on attention to detail

“boring” hotel. These terms include Beverage and Food (instead of food and beverage in order to emphasize the hotel’s cocktail culture), “Style” refers to housekeeping, wet deck refers to the pool, and W insider refers to the concierge. Just these little tweaks really add to W’s fun and vibrant environment. Overall, it was really neat getting to experience the place where celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Prince, Mary J Blige, and CeeLo Green have stayed. 



Fairfield Anaheim Resort- Disneyland

Us three interns at the Disneyland Fairfield Inn. We were even able to visit the park after our site visit!

On the flip side of the W, we were able to visit the Fairfield across the street from Disneyland. The Fairfield is considered a select brand, meaning it has just what a guest needs with no extra frills, since these hotels are usually allocated for a shorter stay. However, this Fairfield is unique from the rest due to its structure and capacity. Of the 1,000 Fairfields, this is the largest one with a 500-room capacity. It is also the only one to have a restaurant on site due to the fact that it is the only Fairfield that does not offer complimentary breakfast and parking. This poses a challenge for the hotel since many people expect these amenities. Since the hotel is located across from Disney, it has to compete with dozens of similar hotels nearby, so it just would not be profitable for the property to provide these complimentary aspects.
Another thing that makes this hotel unique is that it is one of the few hotels owned by the Marriott family and is part of their trust, thus there is a lot of pressure for this property to perform well.

On this site visit, we are able to get a taste of the different departments that help the hotel to run smoothly each day: housekeeping, loss prevention, and front desk. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before your hotel room is ready to go, with a TON of attention to detail. A housekeeper will first clean the room (which typically takes 30 minutes per room and housekeepers usually clean 15 rooms a day!).

As much as guests value good service, housekeepers value appreciation. Even a kind note from a guest holds a special place to the housekeepers.
One of HR’s proudest accomplishments is the wellness room designated to help employees relax during a hectic day (there’s even a hammock!).

If it is a room for a new guest, after it is cleaned a housekeeping inspector will come to double-check that there are no stray hairs, things left behind, etc. that the housekeeper might have missed. Once the room passes the inspection, the status of vacant ready is assigned to the room by the Rooms Controller who will keep an inventory of the all the room statuses for the entire property. This information is relayed to the front desk rooms controller who will actually assign the room to the guest according to the guest’s requests. The front desk agent is the one in charge of actually checking guests in and making this experience personalized. Lastly, loss prevention aka security serves to keep the property safe.  They will patrol the property and make sure there is no suspicious activity such as drug use or human trafficking. This is especially crucial at this location since Disneyland is the 5th highest terrorist destination in the world. They are also in charge of the lost and found and filing reports for these items. Overall the importance of their job cannot be overstated, however, it is challenging since they often have to deliver bad news but strive to be hospitable about it.

Marriott Newport Beach Resort and Spa

Tunnels like this connect different areas of the hotels. This is very similar to the tunnels under Fisher.

At this property, we were able to get more of a look at the business operations side of the hotel. We got to spend a lot of time with event planners and the Destination Sales Executive. These two departments function hand in hand because “sales makes the dreams while events create the nightmare.” Specifically, the position of DSE is in charge of selling their property by giving site tours and building that relationship face to face (versus the sales office that is more over the phone and for a wider area). The DSE also emphasized how important it is to have passion for what you are selling (in her case the beautiful resort) otherwise it’s just another person trying to sell you something.

This is the best room in hotel and is for the Marriott family when they stay here.

Another interesting point about this property is that it was actually the first property built AND owned by the Marriott family. The Marriotts also visit here often since they enjoy collecting cars and there are many luxury car dealerships nearby. Due to this, the hotel has designated the “Marriott Suite” for the family to stay in when they visit.

In short, everyone down to housekeeping loves and is very passionate about their job. This is on-brand with the Marriott culture. I hope you have enjoyed learning about everything behind the scenes that goes into making your hotel stay a good experience.

-Diana G.

The area where cleaning carts are kept when not in use. Storage like this is located on every floor.
Here is the “Housekeeping Headquarters” for the Newport Beach property. Each morning the housekeeping team will have a dance party to pump up for the day. This is led by the Director of Housekeeping who was 1 of 10 recipients in the entire company worldwide to win the Marriott Spirit award.
Storage for large kitchen items used for catering at banquets.

Working and Relaxing at Marriott!

Hi friends! After moving 1,967 miles and several weeks of work under my belt, I am finally settled in Southern California. Getting a taste of living in Newport Beach will surely make it difficult to move back to Ohio but fortunately, OSU is just THAT great. Right now, I could not imagine having the opportunity to work anywhere else. It’s kind of funny because if you would have asked me in September where I would be right now, I would never tell you it’d be in California.

The past weeks have been filled with a lot of training, shadowing, networking, and projects. The sales office serves as the sales hub for non-franchised, Marriott managed properties. This means when a customer wants to host a function in our event space or reserve a block of rooms for a meeting, for example, they will contact our sales office. Based on what region they are looking to host their event, the appropriate sales manager will assist them. The customer can also be put into contact with our office by starting a reservation on Marriott’s website. The way the business flows within our office starts with the lead catchers, who receive leads from our website or our area sales representatives who go out in the field and capture leads. The lead catchers highlight what the client is looking for and then assigns the lead to the appropriate sales manager (based on the location the lead wants and size of their request). The sales manager then reaches out to the client to negotiate different options with them. Each manager reports to their respective regional director who oversees the sales/properties for their region. The regional directors report to the GM of the sales office (who is in charge of managing the office) and the VP of the sales office who reports to HQ.

Many of our hotels, especially our luxury brands such as St. Regis, which was obtained when Marriott acquired SPG in 2016, and the renown Ritz-Carlton have sales representatives on sight for a closer relationship with the customer. The representatives in our office are still close to our customers, they just represent several properties instead of just one. The regions the Southwest Regional Sales Office covers are San Diego, CA Resorts, LA North, LA Downtown, LA South, Orange County, AZ/NV, and AZ/NV Resorts. To represent the rest of the US the sales offices have a similar structure, except they represent areas such as the Pacific Northwest, Southeast, etc. In order to represent these properties well, our managers get to stay in each of the hotels they represent as well as explore the local area. The role of a sales manager involves a lot of negotiating and working with the client’s budget in order to get them the best deal while still making the hotel profitable, so it is imperative that these managers know the properties inside and out. They also help the customer know their options based on the hotel’s availability, develop contracts, and conduct site visits.

Additionally, it would be impossible to describe the office environment in depth without talking about the core value driving everyone in the entire company. This philosophy has been in the company since it started (which began as an A&W root beer stand in the DC area) and it is “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customer and the customer will come back again and again.” This is known as the TakeCare policy and encompasses many things including awesome benefits like insurance, childcare, retirement plans, being able to work remote, and hotel discounts of course. There are still countless other benefits the company offers ranging from Rosetta Stone access to learn a new language to resources to lose weight or quit smoking. If you reach 25 years with the company, you earn free Marriott hotel stays anywhere in the world!

Overall, physical wellness is a HUGE part of this philosophy, especially in my office. Due to this, the office recently moved from its cubicle building to an airy, light environment with no cubicles and lots of open space. Many employees noticed a big difference in the community by being able to know the other people that work in the office better, even if it is in a different department. This new office also allows for employees to focus more on physical and mental wellness since there is an office gym and a courtyard that has basketball, golf, volleyball, an urban garden, and even a chicken coop (which is actually very therapeutic to watch)! Since there are not many clients that come to our office in person, our managers adopted an active dress code on Tuesdays and Thursdays to encourage exercise. There is even a wellness committee dedicated to organizing physical activities during our active workdays. From this, I have been able to take yoga, TRX, and group fitness classes during the workday! The wellness committee also makes Spa Water (fruit/veggie/herb-infused water) for these days and creates challenges to motivate employees to be active.

The view from my office! Pictured here is the courtyard with all those activities mentioned in my article. You can even see the mountains in the background. Great place to have lunch or just take a break!
In the patio area of the office, there are many activities to take a break and recharge during the work day. So far my favorite has been golf:).

Look at all those chickens! Featuring Princess Lay-A, Meatball, and Gizmo.
Spa water!


Many people hook up their computers to the treadmill in our office and take a walk while selling hotel rooms!


There is even an array of coffee selections to fuel my caffeine addiction.






Every employee I have met has been extremely nice, very motivated, has good numbers, and is willing to help. Even as an intern, I feel quite motivated and that what I do matters. In order to be well-versed in all of the Marriott brands, my first few weeks have consisted of extensive training on each brand. I have also learned and seen the sales call process in action, met with the directors of each region, shadowed employees, utilized the technology used every day in the office, and began working on my project.

After many meetings with my director to determine what is the biggest problem in the office right now, we have concluded that the sales process is not as efficient as it could be, due to the website currently being used. A lot of the information is incorrect and out of date, as well as being unorganized, making it difficult for sales managers to effectively help our customers. The project will consist of developing an entirely new SharePoint (the sight used to store information about each property) that the sales team can use with ease and efficiency. This will be a major undertaking gathering all the information and putting it in a standardized template so that it is easy to find the appropriate information for the varying  108 properties (which also have vastly different offerings from each other). It will also take a lot of communication with each sales manager and director to ensure the needed and correct information is on there for each property.

As I have learned from OCM, adding value to the company is one of the most important things you can do at your internship. Keeping this in mind has helped make this daunting project attainable. I hope any other interns reading this will remember that advice as well. To break up this task I have also decided to do a project for the wellness committee since this is something I have become passionate about. From this, I hope to help those in the office as well as get to know them better. This is what I will be doing in the coming weeks as well as conducting site visits, sales blitzes, and company-sponsored networking events. I am looking forward to sharing more with you guys but in the meantime, thank you for reading and don’t forget to BE GREAT!


Our relaxation room is a great getaway from a chaotic workday and always has essential oils.
The “Great Room” is meant to be a relaxing area where employees can feel at home while working. Sometimes our managers will even make everyone popcorn in the popcorn machine.